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Old Forks and Handleless Cups.

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Calendargirl Thu 16-Dec-21 15:55:39

Made some mince pies today. It occurred to me as I was baking that I use certain items even though they are old and imperfect i.e. one particular cup without a handle is the one I break eggs in, an ancient three tined fork is the one I beat the eggs with, an old saucepan is kept for boiling eggs in……

Is it just me?

Sparklefizz Thu 16-Dec-21 16:02:10

No grin

H1954 Thu 16-Dec-21 16:05:15

No, not just you. I use a butter knife that I kept when sorting out my late Dads belongings, I have three favourite mugs, two for tea and one kept specially for coffee, a favourite wooden spoon reserved for curry night and a delapidated fish slice for omelettes.

Kim19 Thu 16-Dec-21 16:06:34

Another no here!

MiniMoon Thu 16-Dec-21 16:07:43

No. My favourite vegetable knife is ancient. The wooden handle is rough and knobbly, and it's missing the tip of the blade. I use it every day and cannot test the potatoes for doneness with anything else.
I also have some patty/bun tins that came out of my mother in law's garage. They are nice and shallow and are used every year for baking mince pies.

Lincslass Thu 16-Dec-21 16:14:09

No I love using old things that belonged to family. Mums mixing bowl,and Be Ro book, Grandmas pickle fork, and a Victorian jam spoon, teaspoons from family home. Keeps them close.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 16-Dec-21 16:16:14

I tend to use newer items but I cannot throw the old ones away so my cutlery drawers are quite full. Some belonged to grandma and are quite old.

Calistemon Thu 16-Dec-21 16:28:50

^an old saucepan is kept for boiling eggs in^……
Just promoted a small saucepan to egg boiling - written on the side in indelible pen "Boiled Eggs Only".

I have an ancient bone handled table knife which is used for chopping carrots, potatoes etc as it's still sharp even though it must be 150 years old - and looks it!

MerylStreep Thu 16-Dec-21 16:37:09

I love old bone handled knives. Whenever they come into the charity shop where I work I snap them up.

Marydoll Thu 16-Dec-21 16:44:59

My vegetable knife is forty three years old and held together with string and superglue. It's a catastrophe when it goes missing, as it freqently does.

ginny Thu 16-Dec-21 16:55:32

Another vegetable knife here that was my mums and also her cake knife. At least 70 years old.

Dads spool string holder is used all the time in the garden. Probably around 60 years old.

My Grandmothers strong square cake tins used for Christmas cake and other celebration cakes for the last 80 or more years.

2 tablecloths embroidered by my Grandad , probably around 100 years old.

Visgir1 Thu 16-Dec-21 18:06:53

Nope.. Bin it or demoted to garden shed.

Lucca Thu 16-Dec-21 18:16:09

These aren’t broken at all but they were my mother’s possibly even my grandmother’s. Anyone else got these ?

Calistemon Thu 16-Dec-21 18:21:03

A lidless Pyrex casserole dish which was a wedding present. We drove miles to our new home, the back of the car piled with wedding presents.
I opened the back door of the car and a box of wedding presents fell out and landed in the gutter, the dish survived but not the lid!

grannyqueenie Thu 16-Dec-21 19:22:56

I use a rolling pin that belonged to my mums friend I’m guessing it’s old as I also have her engagement ring which is engraved with the date 3/1/22.

Coastpath Thu 16-Dec-21 19:27:56

The soup spoon I use for putting coffee in my moka pot is one I dug up in the garden of an old chapel I lived in years ago. I only ever use that spoon for coffee and to use it for anything else would seem totally crazy to me - I've no idea why.

Cold Thu 16-Dec-21 19:46:53

I'm still using my mother's rolling pin that was part of a child's set that she was given in the mid 1930s

Cherrytree59 Thu 16-Dec-21 19:55:37

My mum's Tupperware rolling pin that can be filled with cold water.

Camping knife, fork and spoon that clips together used by my sons when he went camping with the cubs and scouts (30years+)

Cherrytree59 Thu 16-Dec-21 20:00:24

I also keep a small wooden hammer from a toy peg bench
thingy, very useful for gently knocking tacks in to hang pictures or other art work.

Grannybags Thu 16-Dec-21 21:07:59

I still use a fork for beating etc that belonged to my Granny.

The prongs are all worn away into a slope on one side

kittylester Thu 16-Dec-21 21:09:33

I have a specific egg pan too but - why?

Urmstongran Thu 16-Dec-21 21:20:27

I came across this little Pyrex a few weeks ago. I’m 67y. This was the dish for my first ever domestic science lesson - cheesy mash aged 13y. I remember feeling so grown up smelling this potatoes cooking on the hob at school while I grated the cheese. THIS was proper cooking!

Also, years ago I remember my mum saying ‘anyone who goes through these kitchen cupboards will wonder why I keep one or two ‘odd’ items. They each have a specific purpose but known only to me. They will in time just get thrown out. But it makes me sad to think I’ll be gone before them and only I know why I kept them.’

With you right there mum. I have my idiosyncratic favs too.

Urmstongran Thu 16-Dec-21 21:24:19

Photo wouldn’t post.
I’ll try again.

CanadianGran Thu 16-Dec-21 23:22:36

I keep things that I still find useful, even if they are old, bent or mismatched. DH included!
For mugs, it depends on where the chip is; sometimes they need to be tossed. my DH is a bit rougher than me doing the dishes, so there are indeed a few chipped ones.

Ro60 Thu 16-Dec-21 23:50:57

Yes it posted! Urmstongran I've got the lid that I use for a small pie dish.😁