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Present wrapping

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Sallywally1 Thu 20-Jan-22 15:04:18

I had a good idea today. It’s three year old grandaughter’s birthday and I had three presents to wrap by this afternoon. Consternation! No wrapping paper at all in Sainsbury, but they did have a nice, fairly thick table cloth with some nice Beas in it (significant) which I cut up and used. They look quite nice and I think better than ordinary wrapping paper.

Wasn’t that clever of me!

Josieann Thu 20-Jan-22 15:08:00

Very clever, Sallywally1.
If the supermarket doesn't have any wrapping paper try going to the stationary aisle where they usually have brown parcel paper. I decorate it myself using felt tip pens.

Sallywally1 Thu 20-Jan-22 15:19:28

I thought of that but it’s only a small shop. In the past we have wrapt presents with brown paper and then stuck stars on them that looked lovely.

Any other good ideas?

Sallywally1 Thu 20-Jan-22 15:25:00

The table cloth was a disposable paper one btw

silverlining48 Thu 20-Jan-22 15:35:28

Cotton Tea towels or scarves work well too, and can be reused.

Jane71 Thu 20-Jan-22 17:30:10

Thats a lovely idea Sally.. We usually use brown paper but I'll try and use that where appropriate.

Serendipity22 Thu 20-Jan-22 18:07:09

Oooooooo Sallywally that sounds a RING-A-ME-DING idea .... I LOVE wrapping presents and titillating it up to look extra exciting.

Clever you, i will remember that because i have a disposable gold tablecloth that i use at Christmas time and for my yearly soiree ( Mrs Bucket )

Patsy70 Thu 20-Jan-22 18:14:09

I’m all for recyclable wrapping paper, and have used newspaper in the past, with colourful ribbon. Much of the gift wrap isn’t recyclable. Always good to hear of new ideas Sallywally1.