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Am I on a wrong site?

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WhiteElephant Mon 14-Mar-22 14:58:04

I am in the U.S. lol It appears to me this is a site in the UK basically. Love reading your posts, but since I am not in the UK was wondering should I be here. You'd think a Yank could find something as interesting as what you have going here in the states wouldn't you? hahahaha (blushing)

Baggs Mon 14-Mar-22 14:59:31

There have been other gransnetters form the US, White El. Have fun pottering about the site 🙂

Baggs Mon 14-Mar-22 14:59:41


crazyH Mon 14-Mar-22 15:02:28

Welcome WE. You’ll find a lot of topics that will interest you, yank or not. Feel free to give us your penny’s worth (or cent’s worth)…

poshpaws Mon 14-Mar-22 15:04:41

Hello from the north of Scotland ... so far as I've found, there are quite a lot of Americans on Gransnet, so you won't be an oddity! Welcome from me. wine

Rosie51 Mon 14-Mar-22 15:08:15

Yes the vast majority of gransnet is UK based, but all are welcome. Pull up a chair and dive in. Many of the topics are not geography dependent smile

rafichagran Mon 14-Mar-22 15:11:34


Marydoll Mon 14-Mar-22 15:15:35

Welcome from me too. It is certainly not exclusive, for UK grans only! You don't haved to post to start with, just feel your way about and get to know us!

M0nica Mon 14-Mar-22 15:16:51

Everyone is welcome on GN and we have regular participants from a wide range of countries from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and lots of countries in Europe - Join the party!

lavendermine Mon 14-Mar-22 15:18:05


SueDonim Mon 14-Mar-22 15:20:32

Hi, Whiteelephant! This is a British site but there are people from all over the world so make yourself at home here.

Quite a few of us, including myself, have family in the US. smile

Feelingmyage55 Mon 14-Mar-22 15:26:34


Forestflame Mon 14-Mar-22 15:43:13


Farmor15 Mon 14-Mar-22 15:48:27

Yes, it's surprising that this seems to be the only English speaking site for (mostly) grandparents. A while after I became a gran, I went looking to see what sites there were for general information and support, and this was the only one I found.
And I've found it useful and entertaining, so glad I joined.

NotSpaghetti Mon 14-Mar-22 15:50:06

Yes, welcome.
Some of us have family in America and some of us have lived there and maintain an interest.

mokryna Mon 14-Mar-22 15:54:58

Welcome, I live in France. It is very interesting to hear other people’s points of view from different countries.

sodapop Mon 14-Mar-22 17:13:41

Hi WhiteElephant you are welcome on Gransnet. We have people from all over the world on here. Like mokryna I live in France but have family in America.
I'm hoping to visit USA in a couple of months for my grandson's wedding. World situation permitting of course.

mrshat Mon 14-Mar-22 17:21:20

Welcome shamrock!

Parsley3 Mon 14-Mar-22 17:31:54

Welcome 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

maddyone Mon 14-Mar-22 17:35:03

Welcome WhiteElephant. Jump right in and join us.

Aldom Mon 14-Mar-22 18:01:36

Hello WhiteElephantand welcome to Gransnet. I have a Goddaughter in Texas, her sister is in Canada, also family further afield in Australia. So it's always interesting to hear from people in other parts of the world. smile cupcake brew

Oldbat1 Mon 14-Mar-22 18:11:51

The more the merrier! Welcome.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 14-Mar-22 18:35:05

Welcome from me too.

Plenty of posts of interest, whichever side of the world you come from.

Nannee49 Mon 14-Mar-22 18:53:41

Welcome! Great to hear all points of view flowers

Serendipity22 Tue 15-Mar-22 07:14:53

Hello WhiteElephant, come on it, there is a place for you on that lovely comfy sofa, kick your shoes off, tea or coffee? How about a nice slice of cake too?

Join in, enjoy smile