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I can’t remember doing …

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Tizliz Thu 31-Mar-22 11:02:02

Someone mentioned that you had to renew your driving licence every three years after you are 70. My OH is nearly 74 so panic ! He had left it at work, managed to get my hands on it last night. It is valid until he is 76 so I must (it wouldn’t have been him 😀) have renewed it last year. I do not remember doing this. What else have I forgotten? Better to have forgotten I have done it than forgetting to do it.

midgey Thu 31-Mar-22 11:33:48

My licence was mysteriously renewed in November even though it didn’t run out till January. I still haven’t had the card back though!

TwiceAsNice Thu 31-Mar-22 12:26:57

Just realised I’m 70 July 2023 so will have to re knew mine . How do you do that, so you send it back to DVLA . Had to do that recently to have change of address applied

Tizliz Thu 31-Mar-22 12:48:13

You can do it online. Think you wait for the new licence to come and then send old one back. How come I remember this but not remember doing it!

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 31-Mar-22 12:59:11

Thanks for the reminder, I’d forgotten I had to do this later in the year💐

silverlining48 Thu 31-Mar-22 14:20:37

Think they need renewing every 3 years after 70.

midgey Thu 31-Mar-22 14:33:30

Oops I know I didn’t renew mine yet it was done, I think it’s due to the Covid mess that the DVLA is in.