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HELP! another virus

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Witzend Thu 31-Mar-22 14:38:27

Paracetamol, hot honey and lemon, feet up on the sofa with a snuggly blanket or throw, plus a comfort read or undemanding telly.
Or much the same, but in bed.
Do hope you will feel miles better soon.💐

Sara1954 Thu 31-Mar-22 14:33:57

I’ve got the worst cold I’ve ever had, I have felt really rotten, even had to take a day off work.
Taken daily tests, fearing the worst, but all negative.

Chestnut Thu 31-Mar-22 14:20:58

I take Echinacea from Healthspan, two a day. They definitely boost your immune system and minimise symptoms. Colds don't make any progress! Best taken at the very first sign of a cold to nip it in the bud, but in your case just keep taking them for a month or two. I can't say whether other brands work but Healthspan are very good quality and I know they work.

Daisymae Thu 31-Mar-22 14:19:17

My DiL has has Covid, non vaccinated. Her symptoms were very mild which she puts down to the natural anti virals that she takes, including Vitamin D, Zinc and garlic. Of course I don't know if they help, but they she certainly thinks they do. I'm sure that plenty of fresh fruit and veg. will not do any harm.

JaneJudge Thu 31-Mar-22 14:18:44

Rest and plenty of wholesome food and fluids. I like the honey and ginger lemsip

Farmor15 Thu 31-Mar-22 14:18:37

There seem to be a lot of respiratory viruses around at the moment. Apart from having Covid, daughter has also had 3 nasty colds since November. She said that they were all worse than Covid!
Other daughter also got most recent one. These viruses seem to affect children more than Covid does.
No magic cures, I'm afraid Newatthis - just the usual paracetamol, honey and lemon and plenty of drinks.

BlueBelle Thu 31-Mar-22 14:15:17

My daughter who very rarely gets colds has had three bad cough/ colds now since she had CoviD a month ago My grown up grandson has had a throat or cough infection three or four times since he had CoviD last year

AGAA4 Thu 31-Mar-22 13:44:40

My son has some mystery illness but not testing positive for covid.
I hope you are better soon Newatthis 💐

timetogo2016 Thu 31-Mar-22 13:37:46

Hot lemonade and loads of greens works for me,plus if you like garlic,eat in abundance.
Hope you feel better soon Newatthis.

Newatthis Thu 31-Mar-22 12:43:19

Woke up this morning with yet again flu type symptoms, aches, pains, cough, etc. etc. This is the fourth flu like virus I have had since November including one bout of COVID. I have had 2 vaccines and a booster. My doctor is not much help 'because it's a virus' and the pharmacy just want me to buy some cold and flu remedy. Any suggestions on a miracle cure anyone?