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MerylStreep Thu 31-Mar-22 20:21:31

I think you’ll find that Google covers a wider area than Gransnet.

rosie1959 Thu 31-Mar-22 20:10:20

If you go on you can get the cheapest fuel station for your postcode But if you use one of the large supermarket forecourts you won't be far out on price

Septimia Thu 31-Mar-22 19:59:57

Petrol and diesel prices should be creeping down a little, or at least staying level, unlike gas and electricity. Can't help you to find the cheapest in your area, though, since I'm miles away.

Kate1949 Thu 31-Mar-22 19:36:07

I think by fuel going up they mean gas and electricity not petrol.

timetogo2016 Thu 31-Mar-22 19:19:57

Try to Google the cheapest in your area Lollipoplove.
I did that and filled my car up today.
I haven`t heard of fuel going up by the way.

Blossoming Thu 31-Mar-22 19:18:09

No idea, don’t drive, never been to Worcester.

Lollipoplove Thu 31-Mar-22 19:15:48

Hi is it true the prices of fuel are going up quite a lot tomorrow?
If so is anything else going up?

If so does anyone know where the cheapest station ( in the Worcester area) I can fill my car up with diesel from. I have a very long joinery this weekend. Kindest regards x