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Hot Cross Buns

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Atqui Mon 11-Apr-22 10:59:32

My husband misread the label and bought masala and chilli HCB by mistake. Imagine my disappointment when I grabbed the packet eager for my teatime fix ! I read an article in Times 2 today listing all the different varieties . All I can say is Leave our HCB s alone !!!!!

grandMattie Mon 11-Apr-22 11:02:12

Oh, absolutely. And keep them for Holy Week, not just after Christmas…
If they want to sell them throughout the year, call them “tea cakes” or something, not HCB.

AGAA4 Mon 11-Apr-22 11:15:00

Original HCB for me every time. If they aren't the usual recipe are they really hot cross buns?

MawtheMerrier Mon 11-Apr-22 11:15:44

Flavoured hot cross buns-yummy or an abomination? Gransnet › ... › Food

tanith Mon 11-Apr-22 11:15:44

I had trouble finding plain HCBs in Tesco last week I agree a HCB is a HCB any thing else is a flavoured bun.

Atqui Mon 11-Apr-22 11:21:24

Sorry MAW O didn’t know there was already a thread about this - but tbf it was started at beginning of March - much too soon for me to be considering. HCB 😀

MawtheMerrier Mon 11-Apr-22 11:22:12


Sorry MAW O didn’t know there was already a thread about this - but tbf it was started at beginning of March - much too soon for me to be considering. HCB 😀

Nonsense Atqui - you need time to do the research! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

loopyloo Mon 11-Apr-22 11:28:22

Tesco has sold out online.

mokryna Mon 11-Apr-22 11:40:06

Does anyone make their own and do you have a good recipe you can recommend please?

Squiffy Mon 11-Apr-22 11:50:13

Tesco Gluten Free HCBs are scrumptious! 😋 I think they’ve cut down on the fruit a bit this year, but still very good.

Atqui Mon 11-Apr-22 12:07:41

That’s worth knowing Squiffy , thanks

Joane123 Mon 11-Apr-22 12:15:53

Just eaten one of Tesco's! Little dog is not every keen however.

Witzend Mon 11-Apr-22 12:43:56

Yes, mucked up HCBs are grim!

Your dh sounds a bit like mine, OP - I have to impress on him to READ THE #@#*@# LABEL!!!!
This after he’s come home with e.g. pork mince instead of beef, and a joint of pork instead of gammon. (‘I thought it was gammon,’ he said, all injured.)

Before anyone asks, it’s not that he does it on purpose - he actually likes food shopping - especially buying expensive things in M&S when my usual shop is Asda.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 11-Apr-22 13:03:16

Another one here who doesn’t eat hot cross buns until Holy Week - and just the traditional ones!

JaneJudge Mon 11-Apr-22 13:04:31

I've just done my ocado shop for thursday and i had wade through loads of flavoured buns before i got to the just normal m&s ones!

Marydoll Mon 11-Apr-22 13:05:17

We eat them all year round here. I just miss out the cross, apart from Holy Week, when I bake them. wink

roganjosh Mon 11-Apr-22 13:09:22

Lidl super fruity ones are amazing, they have lots of dried red fruits in them. Freezing a few for when they are not available.

Kittye Mon 11-Apr-22 13:17:52

M&S golden blond choc and salted caramel…lush 😋

Vintagejazz Mon 11-Apr-22 13:33:59

Nah, leave hot cross buns alone and take your fancy flavours somewhere else.