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WATCH OUT in the car park !

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ALANaV Tue 12-Apr-22 12:50:41

Read today that a crime that has been happening in France a long time has now arrived here .....whilst packing your shopping in the car boot someone comes up and politely asks directions elderly lady was just caught out in Tesco car park ...the man was , she said, very polite and well dressed ....she stopped loading the shopping, stood and pointed out where they needed to go .......returned to the packing home to find her bank card had been stolen from her bag on the front seat ....must have been very quick as it was she said in her purse ...and within a day over £1,000 had been spent on it (several contact less purchases, and, she thinks they had watched her at the check out and had also withdrawn money using her PIN) beware !

Esspee Tue 12-Apr-22 13:28:49

I hope she reported the theft immediately.