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mumofmadboys Tue 10-May-22 23:30:46

Any advice for picking up visitors from Edinburgh airport please? The car parks seem incredibly expensive and I just wondered whether anyone has any tips ? I am going tomorrow at about 2 pm so I need advice soon please. TIA

Esspee Tue 10-May-22 23:33:16

Google “Edinburgh Airport pick ups free”

Bussy Tue 10-May-22 23:39:27

I think you have to grin and bear it. Best thing is to wait until the flight is landed then add 40 minutes for offloading and walk to arrivals then go to pick up area. Most airports are making it impossible to avoid the pickup payments unless the person arriving gets a bus to an agreed pick up.

volver Tue 10-May-22 23:54:29

Go to the Gyle Centre car park nearby and ask whoever you are picking up to call you once they've collected their luggage. By the time you drive there they should be outside the terminal building. It costs a couple of pounds just to drive past the terminal, even if you don't actually park. It's extortionate.

mumofmadboys Wed 11-May-22 06:25:39

Thanks all. That is helpful.

Aveline Wed 11-May-22 07:45:56

We don't pick people up from the airport any more. The entrance and various car parks are a maze! There is a tram directly into town. You could collect them from s nominated tram stop? We actually just get a taxi back from the airport these days though. Family always used to pick up but just too complicated nowadays.

Blondiescot Wed 11-May-22 07:58:35

Just go and sit in your car in the park and ride right beside the airport (which is free) and get the person to call you when they come through and are ready to be collected. As someone else has said, it does cost you a couple of pounds just to pick up, but it's still the cheapest option. There's nothing complicated about it.

Aveline Wed 11-May-22 10:04:23

I disagree! Finding the right entrance to the pick up area is not straightforward. It's all changed yet again!

Marmight Wed 11-May-22 11:14:43

I used to loiter in a lay-by outside some houses on the Glasgow Road until I got a call to say my passengers were actually in the pick up area. It cost £1 but obviously things have changed lately. I once got caught out when GS decided he needed the loo & was charged £10 for waiting too long in the pick up area. Would’ve been cheaper in the short term CP 🙄

mumofmadboys Wed 11-May-22 11:25:49

Thanks all. What a wonderful resource Gransnet is!I have decided to sit in my car at the Park and Ride. My husband at home will watch on line for our visitors ( from Ukraine) plane to arrive. Once its arrived I will go and find the Pick up car park and go and meet them in Arrivals with my Welcome sign. What can possibly go wrong! Thanks all so much.

volver Wed 11-May-22 11:35:10

Ukraine! How exciting, well done you!! You'll see the plane landing!

Hope it all works out well. smile

Blondiescot Wed 11-May-22 11:43:08


I disagree! Finding the right entrance to the pick up area is not straightforward. It's all changed yet again!

I was there just last week and found it all very straightforward.

Aveline Wed 11-May-22 13:16:17

You're lucky Blondiescot!
In other times I thought nothing of popping to the airport to pick various family members up. No chance these days.

Philippa111 Wed 11-May-22 13:25:53

I no longer pick people up from the airport either. As has been mentioned I would get them to get the tram into York Place, which is the terminus, or another stop en route, depending which part of the city you are coming from. If its York Place you can get them to go down to the top of Broughton Street a few yards away where it's easy to sit in your car for a few minutes, which is not possible on York Place. Edinburgh is a nightmare with traffic works all over the place and getting to the airport is grim in any case. If they are well off just ask them to get a taxi and you'll be relaxed and ready for your guests. get charged just for your wheels to use their tarmac for a minute!!