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Prescription Charges

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Socksandsocks01 Wed 11-May-22 12:33:22

I'm nearly 65. I've enjoyed free prescriptions since 60. I thought we now had to pay so went to government website to pay for prepayment cert and it says mine are free. I thought this was changing this April.

Babs758 Wed 11-May-22 12:34:19

Not yet! It was one of the things the gov was considering but they backtracked…

Esspee Wed 11-May-22 14:23:10

I assume you are in England. In Scotland prescriptions are free.

NannyJan53 Wed 11-May-22 14:28:25

I think free prescriptions are now only available when you reach state pension age which is now I believe 66 or 67! They used to be free when you reached 60.

bevisp1 Wed 11-May-22 14:52:13

Yes there is talk of charging over 60’s, I’m sure it’ll happen. I was 60 in November and have some prescriptions every month so I’m going to make the most of it being free while I can.

Socksandsocks01 Wed 11-May-22 19:20:23

Ah. I didn't know that they had back pedalled on that. Hurray. I have 5 and sometimes 6 items on prescription. Imagine the cost without those prescription certificates. Thank you