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Can anyone tell me what the retirement age for state pension was for Men ..and also women in the years of around 1987 to 1991

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Oldab Thu 12-May-22 20:21:09

if anyone knows what the age was ..? that would be great ..for men ..and what it was for women ..

fairfraise Thu 12-May-22 20:25:47

I'd hazard a guess, 65 for men and 60 for women. But you could google and find out.

Mamardoit Thu 12-May-22 20:32:54

For state pension it was 65 for men and 60 for women. Some with good works pensions could retire earlier.

Chardy Thu 12-May-22 22:08:13

60 for women. 65 for men. Many men had a big enough work pension to enable them to retire at 60. However recently it came to light that some men had their NI payments paid for those last few years

^Successive governments extended a 1983 “men only national insurance subsidy” for 35 years and broke a promise to women born in the 1950s to offer them similar terms

More than 4.65 million men aged over 60 have had the last five years of their national insurance contributions paid by the state, the Department for Work and Pensions has disclosed.

The scale of the payments has been kept quiet by the Department for Work and Pensions for 37 years^

Floriel Thu 12-May-22 22:29:38

Crikey Chardy, that’s outrageous. Thanks for alerting us to this injustice. Not sure what I can do with the info though, except harrumph and roll my eyes.

ShropshireMiss Thu 12-May-22 23:14:23

Just read the article, which was from 2020.
I didn’t know that men could have their NI contributions paid for ages 60-65 from 1983 to 2018.
When this was first introduced it would appear fair, as men’s retirement age was 65, and women’s retirement age was 60, and the concern was that in the economic recession and unemployment situation of the early 1980s older men were losing their job and couldn’t find re-employment, so it put men and women in the same position.
Obviously it became unfair once women’s pension age started to increase from 2010 onwards. According to the article the government had promised to introduce it for women once the pension age started to go up, but reneged on the promise.