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What items do you still use that belonged to your parents?

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Cabbie21 Fri 13-May-22 12:25:03

Those of us who have had the task of clearing parents’ homes have no doubt brought home items from their homes, maybe for sentimental reasons, or maybe because they were too good to give or throw away.

I still have and use the barometer that was a wedding present to my parents in 1939.
Today I changed the bed and put on duvet covers which I found unopened in my parents’ home. ( they did not use duvets.)
I have bits of china and Pyrex dishes I still use.
What do others use?

Funnygran Mon 16-May-22 12:07:53

I have so many things from my parents house including a couple of oak chests of drawers which my mother thought very old fashioned. DH stripped them down and restored them and they are lovely. In the kitchen I use my mother’s cheese grater which is over 70 years old and works far better than one I was given as a wedding present in 1969! I also use bedding from their house so some of that is 40 + years old too.