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MargaretinNorthant Fri 13-May-22 17:24:08

Woke up at eight when John brought me a cuppa. Chloe jumped on bed. Drank tea, looked at emails got up to have breakfast. So far, so good. Post came. Letter from Anglian water saying they think we have a leak. Helpful leaflet suggests getting down to check stopcock, under sinks, pulling the washer and dishwasher out……at aged 84 and 89?
Think ah! But I have plumbing insurance with Anglian Water, so will ring them. Put hearing aids in ( at this point am not dressed) and ring number on letter. After pressing various numbers, I get through to a person. Tell her about letter and insurance. Wrong number for insurance as they are a different company. Meanwhile she says, look under sinks etc etc . Find insurance policy. Print is so small I need magnifying glass to read it. Ring number. Press this, this and this if you want this this or this. If not hold. I hold. Automaton says what is your policy number, please enter with telephone pad. I can’t see the number, in fact I can’t find a number. Automaton repeats instructions 3 times, then asks for post code. By which time I am all hot and flustered. Finally get through to a man. He has a thick Scottish accent and I can’t understand a word he says. He has to repeat nearly everything three times. Finally I say I am 84 and deaf, he puts me on hold. Then a nice young man with crystal clear diction asks if he can help. Get appointment for plumber to come on Monday. Inform John, twice, as he hasn’t got his hearing aid in. Blood pressure is sky high. Go into bathroom, get into shower, start washing hair and realise I still have hearing aids in. Curse, get out of shower, dry hearing aids, get back in shower and finally get dressed. Take medication. Use inhaler for asthma. Remove cat from bed and make it. Put hearing aids back in praying hard. All is well. Go into study, think, I had better put appointment for plumber in diary, open diary, I should be at the Drs in five mins from now. Fling on some shoes and socks, yell at John twice to tell him what’s what, fly into car, get halfway up Northampton road and there are traffic lights on red! Get to Drs, nurse takes blood pressure, it’s off the scale. She takes blood sample, puts a bit of cotton wool on where she put needle in, says hold that. I try to put door keys on desk so that I can hold it, they fall on the floor. I try to catch as falling, finger off cotton wool, I bleed like a stuck pig. Nurse sorts me out, says please take your blood pressure at home a couple of times a day for a week and hand in results. I say OK and go home. It’s 11.30. I’m knackered.

Beechnut Fri 13-May-22 17:27:26

Have you recovered?

Shelflife Fri 13-May-22 17:28:22

A bad day for you !!!
Tomorrow is another day and a better one 💐.

Callistemon21 Fri 13-May-22 17:31:22

I'm not surprised your blood pressure was high, Margaret!

Ps I hope the letter from Anglian isn't a scam - sorry to worry you further. Have you noticed any dampness? If it's serious and their fault they must send someone free of charge urgently.


JenniferEccles Fri 13-May-22 17:34:04

What a wonderfully entertaining account Margaret so thank you for sharing.
Everyone reading will be able to identify with at least some parts of your stressful morning!
Modern life eh?

Aveline Fri 13-May-22 17:36:47

Oh Margaret. What a day. Hope you're relaxing a bit now and aren't actually under water! Seriously, hope all is well.

BeEmerald Fri 13-May-22 19:21:22

So sorry you’ve had such a stressful day ! It sounds horrid. Hopefully everything will get sorted out soon. Tomorrow will be a better day 🌹🌹🌹

mokryna Fri 13-May-22 19:29:43

What a morning, I do hope this afternoon has been calmer.

Callistemon21 Fri 13-May-22 19:32:55

I hope I didnt add more stress, but I do think you should check with an authentic number for Anglian Water.

As for the blood pressure, it reminded me of when I was pregnant, had a long walk up a very steep hill from the bus to the hospital and the nurse would take my blood pressure the minute I walked in and then threaten to admit me for bed rest!!

Redhead56 Fri 13-May-22 21:17:45

Time to sit down feet up and have a glass or two of your favourite tipple. Thats exactly what I am about to do🍷cheers.

GrandmaKT Fri 13-May-22 21:43:53

Very entertaining account MargaretinNorthant! Also makes some very good points of how things get harder as we get older. This should be used in training for customer service staff!

Luckygirl3 Fri 13-May-22 21:46:48

This is retirement .... a peaceful rest after a life of hard work.

Sago Fri 13-May-22 21:57:13

Margaretin northants I think I can top trump that😬.
We are staying at our daughters and looking after 20 month old grandson and 7 year old granddaughter.
Parents are in Mexico.
Up at 6.30 and not stopped until now!
Many dramas relating to plumbing and leaks, a dodgy white van man sussing out the place, a rat spotted by a barn😬.
Discovered the washing machine was incorrectly plumbed so washing cold and rinsing hot, I watched a YOuTube video and sorted it!
Aga lost heat because I discovered GD had got in the utility room and turned it off,
The dog is in a massive sulk and after nearly zero work due to Covid my main client is now wanting quotes.
I am on my knees.

BigBertha1 Fri 13-May-22 22:25:13

Margaret and Sago I would just like to sit you both down with a big pot of tea and a slice of cake. Please accept this virtual intention xxx

MiniMoon Sat 14-May-22 00:38:02

Oh dear Margaret, what a morning you had! Hope tomorrow brings a quieter day.

My morning started at 05:15 in Sorrento. Up, showered and dressed, finished off packing wheelie luggage which DH and I took to the hotel lobby ready for departure. Still tired as had very little sleep.
Went back up to 7th floor dining room for breakfast. The waiter brought coffee, we ate fresh fruit and then went for bread, meat and cheese, sat down at the table and began to butter the bread only to be told by the waiter that we had sat at the wrong table. Sure enough our coffee etc was on the next table. Feeling foolish I apologised and moved back to our proper table.
I must have been still half asleep, and husband just followed me!
Finished breakfast and went to wait for the coach to the airport.
Once in the coach we travelled to Naples airport, only to be held up by the President and prime minister who were arriving shortly and security was tight!
By now I was desperate for the toilet, so asked the coach driver where I could go. He pointed out two workmens toilets and in I dashed. No toilet paper! No soap! Well, I did my best to clean up with what was available.
Checked in and went to clean up better in departure lounge. Called straight away for flight, no time for a drink . Calmed husband who is a nervous flier.
Fortunately the rest of the journey passed without incident, and son in law was waiting to meet us at the airport.

Sago Sat 14-May-22 06:37:46

BigBettha Many thanks! I have been asleep since about 10pm and am now having a selfish read in bed before the children wake so thankfully I am well rested.
I really understand why women are designed not to conceive beyond a certain age. It’s exhausting.