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Good Morning Saturday 14th May 2022

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Michael12 Sat 14-May-22 05:58:24

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking like the start of a hot warm day if forecast is right here in brackley.
Plans are to go via Buckingham , this depends on whether the bus runs to time , if not direct to Bicester will decide on what snack I have when I get there .
Also with cycling on TV as well , plans to have a Chinses Curry later .
Take Care,

yogitree Sat 14-May-22 09:51:16

Good morning everyone and Happy Birthday Marydoll. Here in central Scotland it is dry and less windy, though not very sunny or warm. At least it's dry!

Urmstongran Sat 14-May-22 09:54:26

I’ll be over about 2pm GG13 😊
Sounds perfect!

Chris3 Sat 14-May-22 09:59:13

Good morning from South Yorkshire where currently we have light cloud and sunshine. A day of gardening is planned until the grandchildren arrive at tea time. Yesterday's tooth extraction went well and I am feeling a lot better today.
A very happy birthday to Marydoll and creativeness
Scentia those cakes look amazing 😍
Thoughts with all those with health troubles and have a good day all xx

Taichinan Sat 14-May-22 10:00:23

Good morning everyone. I don't know what the weather's doing on the Angus coast because I'm in Perthshire - where the skies are grey!! I hope it brightens up later for the drive to Crieff because there are some beautiful views.
I enjoyed my day yesterday having my hair cut and then lunch and catch-up with my niece before taking DGD to work and collecting her again. I slept well last night! Today will be easier as it's just taxiing after an early dinner or late lunch - what meal do you have at 3pm?
What fantastic cakes your DD has made Scentia - I'm sure the little ones will enjoy demolishing them. It's such a shame cake can't be had and eaten. DGD3 (the one I'm taxiing at the moment) made me a superb one for my 80th last year - I'll add a photo later if I can. Anyway, best party wishes to all.
Happy 2nd Birthday Marydoll and enjoy your 3rd tomorrow. Happy Birthday too, creativeness - what an inspiring name!
Newquay, so sorry about your fears for your DH. I hope in the end they prove unfounded. And gmattie that sounded a worthwhile consultation yesterday. More hard times ahead, but if they lead to a period of calm then they will have been worthwhile flowers. Thoughts as always.
Have a good day everyone. In whatever way you spend it x

Blossoming Sat 14-May-22 10:04:27

Good morning Mick and all. There’s light cloud and sunshine in my corner of Lancashire, currently 11°C. The wind seems to have dropped, so I will not be getting blown about. The railway museum is running trains today, so today’s plans are laundry, brunch and train spotting.

A very Happy Birthday to Marydoll and creativeness and a happy Saturday to all.

I’m sitting here sipping tea and listening to the birdsong. This fine fellow and his wife are living right outside the window and are raising a family. Please excuse the state of the railing! It needs cleaning and painting, normally a spring job but we can’t do anything until the nest box is empty.

Grandmabatty Sat 14-May-22 10:06:23

Gorgeous cakes Scentia. You have a very talented daughter.

Jaxjacky Sat 14-May-22 10:07:02

Good morning from a sunny S Hants. Happy Birthday to those celebrating today.
At least a plan grandMattie and good communication.
Washing is out, I’ll be planting seedlings from the greenhouse later.
Enjoy your day all 🦩🦩

hulahoop Sat 14-May-22 10:13:37

Happy birthday Marydoll and Creativness .

Taichinan Sat 14-May-22 10:28:42

This is the cake my 16yo DGD baked and decorated for my 80th last year. And it tasted every bit as good as it looks!

Megs36 Sat 14-May-22 10:29:56

Many Happy Returns Marydoll🌺🌸

gillgran Sat 14-May-22 10:43:14

Good Morning to you all from a warm & sunny Cambs.,

Happy Birthday to Marydoll, cupcake wine flowers
also Birthday greetings to creativeness. (great user name)

Lovely photos of cakes on here, anyone making the Jubilee Trifle? (let me know where & when, & I'll be there!!) smile

hollysteers Sat 14-May-22 11:10:23

Good morning Mick and all from a sunny northwest coast.
Saw doc re cold from hell and as it’s a virus, no antibiotics but a medicine to calm the coughing. She was more concerned about my high bp (nothing new there). Still I felt better as you always do when you do something about a problem,
Bought red geraniums for my front window boxes then read, drew and wrote letters in a sheltered spot in the garden. Felt cheerier but frustrated as I can’t sing.
Thoughts to grandMattie in this hard time and chrissielou Gingster. Also hope our Ukrainian friends are settling in, what a wonderful gesture!
Card drawn yesterday, my son says it looks like “Get Hell Soon”!! 😆Too late to change, it’s posted…

Litterpicker Sat 14-May-22 11:56:41

Good morning from West Sussex. Not a cloud in the sky. Hoping cold wind which tried to spoil our fish & chips on the beach yesterday, has dropped.

Three days looking after a (chicken) poxy 3 year old DGD was a challenge but we got through it. I’d forgotten that many ‘just threes’ have a short attention span at the best of times. I think she is worse than average 😬

Back home and heading to allotment to see if the early gardeners have left any water in the taps. I wanted to sow some late veg seeds but our clay soil is in unbreakable lumps at the moment.

Happy Birthday Marydoll and creativeness.
Lovely to hear of your anticipated holiday to NZ BlueSapphire.
Hope your DGS1 likes his dinosaur bed Grandmabatty.
Gorgeous looking cakes Scentia & Taichinan.
Grandmattie, I hope the chemo helps your DH with minimal side effects.
Hope the nasty colds clear up quickly hollysteers & Grammaretto.
Love your wee sparrow Blossoming - hope the family are reared successfully.
Hello to yogitree - I don’t think I’ve seen your name here previously?

Coffee drunk, allotment calls….

joyce6135 Sat 14-May-22 12:02:09

Good morning from a sunny Northants, where I’m feeling guilty for watching tennis when I should be out in the garden weeding, then there is also the football later this afternoon. I will have to nip out in between! Happy Birthday to Marydoll and creativeness and anyone else who shares this day. Wishing you all the best day possibleflowers

Blossoming Sat 14-May-22 12:24:09

I’m quite envious of your NZ trip BlueSapphire’ how fabulous and something to look forward to!

Doodle Sat 14-May-22 13:34:46

Many happy returns Marydoll have a very enjoyable sandwich 🥪 birthday. Hope you get cake 🎂 too.😀
Love Doodle x