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Is your road having a street party?

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snowberryZ Tue 24-May-22 10:11:46

Ours isn't.
I only moved here a year ago, so still fairly new to the area.
It's a nice friendly place but I'm wondering whether it's because it's a bit of a thru road and too much hassle to stop traffic? I would imagine there's a lot involved in organising one.
Some of the culdesacs, that are offshoots of our road, are having them apparently.

What's the story where you live?

Wheniwasyourage Sat 28-May-22 11:44:48


There's a "Take a picnic to a picnic" in our local park, I believe.

No, it's been cancelled. Anyway, if the weather next weekend is like it is today there would be a need for mass hypothermia treatment. grin

annodomini Sat 28-May-22 11:28:57

A friend has invited me to attend a street party in the small close where she lives. Here, I live on a busy main road through the town where a street party would be impossible, but on Sunday 5th, the Council are to close the town centre to traffic and enable a big street party which sounds like a lot of fun for families. I prefer a quieter affair!

welbeck Sat 28-May-22 10:29:21

no. nobody's interested round here. they don't talk.

volver Sat 28-May-22 10:04:05

Edinburgh vs. Glasgow, according tot he Scottish Sun.


Callistemon21 Fri 27-May-22 10:15:05

Ah, I see.

Aveline Fri 27-May-22 06:58:07

We're doing our own thing. Nothing to do with the council. Just look at the big Jubilee site and you can enter your event, large or small, there.

Callistemon21 Thu 26-May-22 22:20:31

We have the forms from the Council but decided to do our own thing, Aveline

Aveline Thu 26-May-22 20:13:14

It's easy to do Callistemon21. Check out that big map.

Callistemon21 Thu 26-May-22 19:37:12

There will be many more unofficial ones too, Aveline

We didn't register ours

Aveline Thu 26-May-22 15:23:37

I just looked at the Jubilee map and so far, in Scotland, there are 131 jubilee events planned. That was before I thought to add ours. I hadn't realised there was a big map of all the events. Looks like there are things going on all over the place!
I couldn't even add up all the English, Welsh and NI ones.

sharon103 Thu 26-May-22 15:08:23

We live on a main road through the village so no party but there is a bring your own picnic over the sports club.

nadateturbe Thu 26-May-22 15:05:49

No. It's a busy street with a school and through traffic. I wouldn't go anyway.
My husband is playing at one in a nearby village. Tut!

Aveline Thu 26-May-22 14:44:37

The RVS had funding available for community Jubilee celebrations. Maybe too late to apply now though?

Redhead56 Thu 26-May-22 13:59:31

It was mainly organised through our children's school we did alot of fund raising. We enjoyed it while it lasted until our children left school and pursued uni or careers. The rotary club does alot of fund raising here. The council started wasting money on getting outside organisations in for local events.

Katek Thu 26-May-22 13:42:08

That’s such a pity Redhead56, did you get a lot of cash support from the council? We (Community Association) are self funded which allows us to organise events. We have Santa’s sleigh touring the village at Xmas and donations to that are into 4 figures and donations to the Easter Bunny are around the same. We don’t ask for donations, they’re entirely voluntary, but enough comes in to finance other activities.

Redhead56 Thu 26-May-22 13:03:05

Not that I know of apart from immediate neighbours or dog walkers saying hi etc. People keep to themselves around here getting in and out of their cars and just don’t bother.

We are half a mile from community hall and village I have not seen any notices up. We used to have a summer fair my friends an I helped with it. But that stopped years ago because of local council cuts.

Katek Thu 26-May-22 12:23:19

I’m sure your party will be just as much fun as ours Aveline! After the past two years I think a party is a very good idea to raise spirits Callistemon - there’s lots of info online re beacon locations, perhaps there’s one near you that you could go and enjoy.

Callistemon21 Thu 26-May-22 12:09:52

I did enjoy the beacon lighting on the hills and tors for the Silver Jubilee, Katek

Aveline Thu 26-May-22 12:05:38

Wow. That sounds great Katek. What a lovely community you must live in. Makes our wee party look a bit minimal.envy

Katek Thu 26-May-22 10:49:01

Another Scottish party happening here! In fact we have three events organised, starting next Thursday with lighting of the beacon on the beach followed by burgers and general jollification! This is part of a nationwide scheme to have beacons lit all around the coast. Then on Saturday we’re having a big village party on the sports field, with food. marquees, bunting, balloons and the WI have been baking for weeks! There will also be a DJ/disco and the folk club are playing as well. We have a Victoria sponge competition too - I’m angling to get onto the judging panel! Sunday everything calms down, and we have a service of thanksgiving in the parish church. I know of at least 5 other events in a 12 mile radius - not everything is registered.

NannaFirework Thu 26-May-22 07:25:23

We are on a busy Estate as I call it or large development as some of my snottier friends call it…no party planned but lots on locally so will join in. I’ve decorated my Door, Window and Porch - I’m 61 and remember the Jubilee street parties - we had one where I used to live.
The people around us here barely came out to clap for the Nhs - people can be so unfriendly !

GrauntyHelen Thu 26-May-22 02:00:17

No I live in a cul de sac in Central Scotland The only places around here that I've heard are having parties are sheltered housing schemes

Callistemon21 Wed 25-May-22 23:02:53

Yes and even the Republicans are coming and looking forward to a party.

Longdistancegrnny Wed 25-May-22 22:56:24

Our street is closed for a party on the Sunday, bringing our own food but all eating together at long tables in the middle of the street. Treasure Hunt for little ones and lots of games and activities. Ice Cream van will come to the top of the street after the lunch, and all responsible for decorating our own houses. Should be fun - we had a street party at the end of last summer along similar lines.

lixy Wed 25-May-22 22:04:40

There is a tea party in our close on Thursday 2nd. It'll be on adjoining front drives so a bit of a squash probably but no street closure needed. It's a 'bring a plate and a bottle' do.

Our 'over the back fence' neighbours are having a party in their garden on Saturday 4th, They have kindly invited us, but we'll skip that one.

Here's hoping the weather's kind!

The local council here has been proactive in giving advice about how to apply for a closure if needed, and really helpful.