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Something I don’t understand Archie Battersbee

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Secretsquirrel1 Fri 05-Aug-22 12:11:22

What a terrible situation. It’s absolutely heartbreaking isn’t it.
And I was quite shocked to read that Archie’s family have even been denied the right to transfer him to a hospice.
I’m not a medical person and there’s something I don’t understand, that maybe someone knowledgeable would be able to explain?
If the poor child is in fact brain stem dead as the doctors say, then surely he wouldn’t suffer pain or discomfort to be moved to hospice?
I don’t understand how it would be detrimental to allow the parents to do this?
It seems very hard hearted to me. .

icanhandthemback Sat 06-Aug-22 00:54:03

I am glad you have found that, Mawthemerrier. However, I have also had extensive stays in hospital for my own condition, for my kids' conditions and for end of life care of 2 of my relatives. The medical staff have not been unkind but whilst sitting at their station they are clearly audible when discussing patients. It hasn't just been on one occasion but many times. That doesn't mean that I think that the hospital is wrong to do what they are doing, I just think there should be some compassion for the parents in this position and accept that it might be easier to see the woods from the trees from a distance.

M0nica Sat 06-Aug-22 07:27:45

Deedaa You put the welfare of your DH before everything. What more could anyone ask? flowers

LOUISA1523 Sat 06-Aug-22 09:24:22


It would be a huge and complicated process to move Archie to a hospice, I fully understand that. However a move would be as much ( if not more) for the parents as it would for the child. Archie will sadly never recover , however if he could be moved his parents / family will receive enormous professional support and that is so necessary for them after all that has happened and is still to happen. When the parents loose Archie they will feel they have done everything they possibly could for their son. Coupled with that they will always have the memory of the support the hospice was able to give them - a very necessary and important fact. They will also have access to counselling from the hospice after Archie had died - should they feel the need for that. Hopefully they will feel some comfort and peace , a hospice can facilitate this .

But all decisions made by the courts are in the best interests of Archie not his parents......and that has to be right.....he deserves a dignified death....not to potentially die in the back of an ambulance.

BigBertha1 Sat 06-Aug-22 09:45:59

I agree with Riverwalk its not a simple matter just to switch off there may be distressing consequences.

Archie has been lovingly cared for by the medical team and they will do their very best to give him a peaceful and dignified death. They have sadly a great deal of experience in dealing with dying children and their families. I hope that Archie is allowed to rest soon and my heart is with the parents.

Daddima Sat 06-Aug-22 10:34:14

There was talk of moving the Bodach to a hospice at the end of his life, but the doctor explained that he would probably not survive the move. He was in a private room, we could stay with him, and staff treated us all very sensitively. I am sure that Archie’s hospital staff would make his last moments as dignified and peaceful as possible. I don’t think for a minute there would be the ‘ doors slamming and nurses coming in and out’ quoted by the mother. She seems fixated on criticising the hospital, even saying in one interview,” They did not care for Archie”.

Grantanow Sat 06-Aug-22 11:37:40

I agree with karmalady and iggdrasil. And I worry that all the resources - medical, nursing, equipment - might have been used to support a life that could be saved.

sharon103 Sun 07-Aug-22 14:52:20




I heard that his condition is so unstable that he might not survive the transport. How awful if he died in an ambulance. Terrible terrible tragedy. Wish I knew what the online dare was that led to his being in this state so we could be sure that others could be alerted to the dangerousness of it.

The young boy was found with a ligature on his head, with his mum believing that he may have been trying to partake in an online challenge called the ‘Blackout Challenge’.

Archie has not regained consciousness since the accident, and has remained in a coma since he was found.

What do you mean ‘allegedly’?

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used to convey that something is claimed to be the case or have taken place, although there is no proof.