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Bungalow legs.

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kircubbin2000 Sun 07-Aug-22 11:27:50

I have been having some problems with my hip lately and have had to cut out some of my activities. However I got a shock yesterday while visiting my friend at her new house.As we had a look round she asked me if I would like to see the bedrooms upstairs. After 3 steps on her steep staircase I realised I was not going to make it and had to come down!

nanna8 Tue 09-Aug-22 07:00:29

Of course you're not lazy, AussieGran. There are all sorts of reasons and we have our disabilities,too. I am just thinking of our narrow set of friends here who we have known for hundreds of years. I have terrible eyesight and anything more than a couple of metres away is a blur , have to wear glasses all the time. Most friends have much better sight than I do so they could feel smug too!!

MissChateline Tue 09-Aug-22 07:06:33

I live in a tall thin house with 4 floors. The stairs are steep and there is an essential room on each floor. I was so shocked when my parents visited for the first time in 2006 and I realised that they were unable to use the stairs without slithering whilst sitting down. I’m promised myself that This would never happen to me. I always leave items to go upstairs from the kitchen (basement) to the bedroom (3rd floor) or study (4th floor) and take them up one at a time in order to keep active. At railway stations etc I always use the stairs and when we had a 5th floor apartment abroad I would run up the stairs to see if I could beat the lift my partner was in. I usually could.
I have been thinking of moving to an apartment but the idea of losing mobility has just made me think again. .

lexigran Tue 09-Aug-22 11:12:22

We moved to a bungalow because DH was struggling with the stairs. When he went to the physio some months later he said it was the worst thing we could have done !
We have now moved back to a house , bungalow legs are definitely a thing.

Helz Tue 09-Aug-22 11:13:01

I have lived in a ground floor flat for 9 years & I have developed bungalow legs I’m 55 & my mum is 87 & lives in a house I struggle to go up her stairs & having rheumatoid arthritis has made it even worse I’m so unfit

elleks Tue 09-Aug-22 11:17:09

When I had my knee replacement, one of the tests before I was discharged was that I had to walk up and down a set of 4 wooden stairs.

Missingmoominmama Tue 09-Aug-22 11:20:16

Stairs were a problem for me when I needed a hip replacement.

HettyBetty Tue 09-Aug-22 11:20:20

We have a friend of 92 who lives in a 4 storey house. He's as fit as a fiddle and says that constantly going up and down the stairs is the reason why.

HannahLoisLuke Tue 09-Aug-22 11:25:43

Just a thought for those if you living on one level who worry about lack of fitness. You could either buy one of those step things that they use in fitness classes or get a timber yard to cut a piece of wood a few inches deep and your chosen length and step up and down on it several times a day. You’d need somewhere to store it afterwards as it wouldnt look too pretty propped against the wall.

Jeanieallergy21 Tue 09-Aug-22 11:26:23

Last year we moved to what is essentially a bungalow - all the main rooms, bathroom, bedrooms etc on the ground floor - but it also has a proper staircase up to a loft/hobbies room on the first floor. Best of both worlds, I think, as we can still go up and down stairs to keep fit but can live on the ground floor only if necessary

Philippa111 Tue 09-Aug-22 11:28:28

I've lived on a ground floor for about 10 years now after living on a top flat where I used to go up and down easily.

I visit my daughter who lives on the second floor. I manage ok but have to use the banister to help myself up.

I can't get up off the floor without holding on to something to heave myself up.

I heard recently to not use the arm of chairs to get up. Let your legs do the work. I also now try to get up and down slowly from a chair as many times as I can during the day.( 50 recommended) I'm hoping that these muscles that haven't been used for ages will find new life and already after only a short time my thighs do feel stronger. Use it or loose it!! Never take the lift if there are stairs. I do a long 2-3mile walk most days but this is using the muscles in a different way.

Shel69 Tue 09-Aug-22 11:31:26

Never heard of it, but it makes sense, if you don't use it you lose it,

greenlady102 Tue 09-Aug-22 11:32:26

Bungalow knees is NOT a fact. Its one of those causation/correlation things. I used to work in older person's rehab and there is NO connection.

Grantanow Tue 09-Aug-22 11:34:02

I think stairs are good exercise and I wouldn't put in a stairlift or lift until I was sure I couldn't manage them. No bungalow for me. I prefer the space of a house.

Petera Tue 09-Aug-22 11:34:44

I understand of course that bungalows are necessary for many people, but I've also heard people claim that they are deliberately not moving to a bungalow as it's the stairs that keep them going.

Theoddbird Tue 09-Aug-22 11:37:27

I read a few weeks ago that doing stretching exercises within an hour of getting up really helps the body get through the day. I have tried it....really works. Does your doctor know about your problem? Maybe not being able to manage stairs should be reported to your surgery.

Alioop Tue 09-Aug-22 11:38:23

I'm in a bungalow and I did find it strange at first not having stairs to climb, but I'm still active with my dog walking, etc so maybe that helps. I think as I get older I'll be glad of everything being on the same level. I'm actually the youngest in our road at present, all you see is mobility scooters flying up and down it.
My mum had 2 knee replacements and it was awful watching her climb stairs at times, but she wouldn't move from her house. The summer was great when she went to stay at her caravan and she had everything on the one level then.

welshgirl2017 Tue 09-Aug-22 11:40:57

We moved to a bungalow 2 years ago, not necessarily by choice, but the area and price suited us. Have to say I still miss going 'upstairs' to bed, but of course there are many stairs was always a nightmare and it is altogether easier to manage a bungalow (window cleaning etc.). When visiting family or friends (who all have houses) I have no problem with stairs though....and try to keep fit by walking etc and taking stairs whenever possible. :-)

Sooze58 Tue 09-Aug-22 11:44:10

I’m 64 and live in a 3 storey house (no choice, social housing) and my living room is on the first floor with my bedroom on the 2nd, so I am up and down stairs all the time. I do have arthritis, back problems and a replacement knee but I make myself do stairs to keep my mobility even though it hurts a lot sometimes. I work from home quite a bit and sit in my ground floor kitchen and I have kept the printer on the 1st floor to make me move. I do worry about declining mobility so try and keep going - I’m a great believer in ‘use it or lose it’.

Candelle Tue 09-Aug-22 11:45:23

Different opinions here.... My GP mentioned 'bungalow legs' when I mused about the possibility of moving into a flat (have decided to stay put in a two-floored house) and said that many older people do lose their fitness in a flat or bungalow.

Anecdotal, I know but I have a 92-year old cousin who swears that his longevity is due to the fact that his only loo is on the first floor and he therefore has to negotiate his stairs several times a day (I would be up and down all day long!).

It does stand to reason that if one's quadriceps are not used, they will atrophy as time passes.

If one-floor living is necessary, it's necessary but otherwise, keep those quads moving!

SueEH Tue 09-Aug-22 11:52:05

My parents moved to a bungalow in their 60s and by the time they were in their early 80s had great difficulty managing any sort of stairs. Dad doesn’t stay at my house because I have a three story Victorian terrace with many stairs and a loo on the first floor. Also have an outside loo in the washroom but he doesn’t like that either.

Athrawes Tue 09-Aug-22 11:52:09

I can manage my own stairs as it has good banisters and a decent tread but I find it very difficult in some friends' homes - so very steep and little to hold on to. For me going up isn't too bad - just slow, it's the coming down that's the scary bit. Downstairs loos are so very welcoming!!!!

4allweknow Tue 09-Aug-22 11:57:52

When 62 years old looking for a new area to move to found myself looking at bungalows. Only one didn't give me the feeling I had aged 20 years overnight. I think that was because the property was very big and situated at the top of a hill. Bought a house with an upstairs.

BarbieB Tue 09-Aug-22 11:59:35

We also moved to a bungalow nearly 6 years ago , our previous house was a townhouse with 37 stairs, the bathroom was on the second floor and the bedroom on the top floor. After we moved we really missed having stairs to start with and l do really believe they keep you fitter but like most of you we just seek out steps/stairs and climb up them. So far so good!

Saggi Tue 09-Aug-22 12:00:06

My husband wanted to have a stairlift installed 15 years ago ( we’ve now had two) …against my wishes as I thought this pampering himself was bad for him . I’ve never once used it …. Nor will I ….even though I’ve had two strokes. I can still go upstairs at 72 …two at a time , and run up them….his fitness has gone from bad to worse, and now he’s heading for full time care. He’s pampered himself into being immobile . So be it… now he is! Stay as mobile and fit as long as you can…. and before anyone says anything… I’ve had two strokes…… I have four prolapsed discs in lower spine…. arthritis in left hip/knee/and hand! I refuse to give up my independence to it all!

singingnutty Tue 09-Aug-22 12:19:03

I have bungalow legs/knees although we don't live in a bungalow. With arthritis in both knees and being very overweight I climb stairs with discomfort but it has to be done! Actually, coming down the stairs with dodgy knees is worse than going up. However, because I go to yoga class I can still get myself up from the floor without needing to hold on to anything. At nearly 76 I suppose this is a positive!