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CCTV cameras to watch over elderly or vulnerable relatives

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biglouis Sun 25-Sep-22 14:53:00

Eight years ago my nephew had a stroke and he lay on the floor for 2 days before I found him. We had a relationship where he came to see me without fail 2 days a week. In between we might communicate once or twice by phone or email. So when I had been unable to reach him for several days I got anxious. I knew he had not just gone away as he has a cat. I got a taxi down on the friday and found him just able to get to the door.

He was fortunate enough to make an 80% recovery from the stroke. His mobility is still impaired in that he has a weakness on one side. However he has retained most of his brain function and is still able to build and repair computers - allbeit more slowly.

I had cctv outside and we discussed the possibility of locating a camera inside his home in a place where I would normally expect him to pass once or twice in the day. We settled on the hall because he has to go there to open the door and pick up his post. However it doesnt infringe his privacy in other parts of his home. I have a similar camera located just outside my kitchen door where it obviously shows when I go out the garden etc.

We both have the app on mobile devices and its a shared system so we can keep a check one one another. These cameras cost about £30 on Amazon. They can run for about 4 weeks in between charging. So long as they are located in an easy to reach place anyone could probably manage to rechange and locate them in between.

They are probably ideal for people who live a distance from elderly or otherwise vulnerable relatives whom they want to keep an eye on without overtly intruding.

Maywalk Sun 25-Sep-22 15:18:41

You can get special belts now that can more or less sense when a person is about to have a fall. That is if the person does not mind wearing one. See here............................

I suggest this because I live alone and personally I would not like cameras inside my home because it would feel like BIG BROTHER was watching me.

biglouis Mon 26-Sep-22 15:39:35

So long as the camera is not watching in a private place like the bedroom, bathroom etc I dont really mind. Nor does my nephew. He would have refused to have one if it bothered him. After all you just walk down your hall to pick up the post or to go out or come in. There are sometimes amusing pictures of the cat playing in the hall at 2 am.

The cameras have other uses as well. He used to have an upstairs neighbour with mental health problems and one night she called the police and claimed he was holding a loud party. The police arrived and nephew was able to show the pictures on his tablet which proved that no one had entered or left his flat in the previous 6 hours. She also grassed him up to the housing association and again he was able to prove that at the time in question there were no visitors.

Maywalk Mon 26-Sep-22 20:41:00

He could still fall in the hall or the bathroom biglouis .
I fell in the bathroom last year and finished up in hospital. Luckily I had my phone on my trolley which fell near at hand so that I could phone my neighbour who has a key, so that she could dial 999.

Serendipity22 Mon 26-Sep-22 21:22:45

I think that anything at all is peace of mind for relatives. My mum had various pieces of equipment to help after she fell, but the camera was the 1 thing I really had second thoughts on. It would have needed to be in her bedroom because she had an ensuite and used the bathroom during the night. She fell in the ensuite once and I didn't find her till the following morning, absolutely frozen she was, so I had various things installed BUT to have the camera it would have meant installing it in the bedroom which I felt infringed her privacy DESPITE it being much needed, plus it meant I would have to be sat watching it alllll through the night just incase she fell again.....

So difficult.

Maywalk Mon 26-Sep-22 21:39:53

Had your Mum got an alarm Serendipity22 that fitted round her wrist or neck that she could have used to call 999.?

Maywalk Mon 26-Sep-22 21:48:16

There are also sensors that one can get for anyone who has seizures.
I had one for the bed because it sensed I was going into a seizure even when sleeping and one worn as a belt although I don't use them now because since I had the pacemaker put in and taken my epileptic tablets regularly I have been very lucky.

Serendipity22 Tue 27-Sep-22 20:26:17


Had your Mum got an alarm Serendipity22 that fitted round her wrist or neck that she could have used to call 999.?

At the time my mum had a 'call alarm' that she wore around her neck, but she forgot she had it on ! So I rang the place that issued it ( through the local council ) and asked if there was an alarm for dementia sufferers ( at the time it wasn't confirmed my mum had dementia )

Serendipity22 Tue 27-Sep-22 20:35:53

Sorry didnt finish my reply.

So I rang the company and explained. They replaced the 1 around mums neck for 1 that didnt need to be pressed, it alerted the safe and sound workers by the 'alarm' changing positions .... from being in an upright position to then being in a horizontal position if the person has fallen... it confused me to how it worked when the person was laid down in bed !!!

She was also issued a timing mat that was positioned under her mattress and set to a length of time so if she didnt get back in bed within the time set, it was presumed she had fallen !!!!!!

MerylStreep Tue 27-Sep-22 20:44:15

I don’t wish to teach my grandmothers how to suck eggs, but, I must say to all people living alone not to shut the bathroom or toilet door. I’ve been locked In the bathroom, very boring ?

Maywalk Tue 27-Sep-22 21:04:14

There are quite a few things available for folks living alone Serendipity22 that could help ease the minds of the elderly persons next of kin and I bet the alarm and mat helped to ease your mind.

I always leave my bathroom door open Meryl.
Already had two falls while in there and I have to use a trolley to get round my bungalow now so it would be impossible for anyone to get in if I shut my door.
As I live alone it does not really matter BUT it would be one reason why I would NOT like CCTV inside my home.