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What should employers expect

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Biscuitmuncher Thu 01-Dec-22 10:27:17

DS still young and living at home has struggled finding a job that's not warehouse work. Finally got a job but its minimum wage etc. He doesn't have a uniform but is supposed to wear certain colours. Fair enough but he's struggling to get straight and I think if an employer is so particular about a uniform they should either provide it or help you buy it

rosie1959 Thu 01-Dec-22 10:39:41

I suppose it depends on the clothing request for instance if it was in hospitality and staff were required to wear black trousers and a white shirt then this I think would be reasonable.
Most people have to buy work clothes unless there is a specific uniform.

Sago Thu 01-Dec-22 11:02:29

I disagree, clothing is so cheap from shops like Primark I’m sure he could get kitted out for not so much.

Caleo Thu 01-Dec-22 14:14:54

If young man needs a job these days he is fortunate to be in a position to quibble about the detail of who buys the work clothes, unless these are very specialised and expensive.

GagaJo Thu 01-Dec-22 15:58:22

Most jobs have a dress code. Most jobs don't provide uniform.