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Really Useful Storage boxes

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Lizbethann55 Sat 18-Mar-23 19:53:20

Is any one obsessed with buying storage boxes from the Really Useful Storage Box company? The clear plastic ones with clicky blue handles. I can't stop. They come in every size from dinky cute little ones to great big ones. I have masses of them and use them for anything and everything. I have just taken delivery of a load more to sort out the DGCs toys, crayons, books etc. My DH has even asked if they do house sized ones as he thinks I could happily live in one.

midgey Sat 18-Mar-23 19:56:38

DD2 is obsessed with ‘storage solutions’. Her house does not reflect this obsession!

fancythat Sun 19-Mar-23 07:22:26

Not those particular storage boxes, no.
But I have recently discovered the Stacey Solomon programme, Sort your life out, or whatever it is called.
I can now see that I have a couple of cupboards, well a shelf in the kitchen, and a shelf in a cupboard in the hall, that could well do with storage boxes, or storage bags or something.

The loft does have a few tubs. But some tubs like yours up there, would further improve things.

Beechnut Sun 19-Mar-23 08:01:14

I have a lot of small RUB’s. I use them for my crafting and one big one for wrapping paper.
I have a thing about storage 🤣

NotAGran55 Sun 19-Mar-23 08:05:56

This is my favourite storage box for wrapping paper, cards etc

karmalady Sun 19-Mar-23 08:27:33

I have umpteen of them Lizbethann. 3, 9, and 18 litre sizes

I started with a couple of 3 litre. They are the most wonderful storage boxes. Stack well and also store neatly on my shelves in the house and on my chrome shelving garage shelves. I was never obsessed, I bought them for their practicality

I bought all the bigger ones prior to my last house move, I labelled all of them and they went straight onto the appropriate shelf in my new home. I make a contents list and tape it on the inside, easily seen from the outside, so I can go straight to any tool or fixing or anything else needed from my garage

My craft room is very tidy because of them and so is my summer clothing, stored neatly in the 18 litre ones, under my bed

I got mine from bigdug and I also got my modular chrome shelving from there, 17 years ago. The chrome shelving came apart and I brought it to my new house in my car, assembled it and it was ready for the boxes to be stacked

NotSpaghetti Sun 19-Mar-23 08:31:33


This is my favourite storage box for wrapping paper, cards etc

This is WAY too small for my wrapping paper. Admittedly I do love paper!
I couldn't even fit my acid-free tissue in there as it's not long enough!

Calipso Sun 19-Mar-23 08:46:57

I am that person who simply can't throw away a good cardboard box which has actually proved very useful as we're gradually clearing stuff from our attic & selling on Ebay. But it's a bit of a standing joke in our family.
I'm not above skip diving either 🤷🏻‍♂️

JackyB Sun 19-Mar-23 09:04:20

I recently saw a YouTube video by a lady with ideas for storing your Christmas decorations. She had loads and they were beautiful. But her idea for the rolls of wrapping paper was very efficient and could be applied to any wrapping paper. She stored them upright in one of those dust covers on hangers for suits and coats. This was also her method for hanging wreaths etc. If I can find it I'll post it. It's worth it for admiring her house and decorations.

Sorry about mentioning the C word.

As for storage boxes. I have decided not to buy any more. It only encourages you to keep stuff rather than judiciously sort through and reduce it. What doesn't fit in the boxes I have, I don't need.

See-through boxes are the way to go though, if you really must store stuff.

MawtheMerrier Sun 19-Mar-23 09:15:06

I have loads and have found them incredibly useful
Packing up my kitchen when it was being redone, was the first time I tried them.
Storing vegetables outside in the garage at Christmas when the fridge was full to overflowing -and even outside the front door one Christmas we spent in a holiday lodge in Somerset! Great for toddler toys to get out when the GC come to visit too.
My only complaint is that they don’t stack inside each other for storage when empty and so take up too much space. But I love being able to see what is in each box and to be able to stack them safely one on top of the other .

Maggiemaybe Sun 19-Mar-23 09:15:11

Yes, a friend said to us when we retired that we’d reached the age where we wouldn’t get rid of things, we’d just buy more boxes. In our case he was spot on. I have two very large boxes under the bed for wrapping paper, bags, ribbon etc - one for Christmas, one for birthdays. They’re crammed full. Mainly because I always recycle the stuff, so the levels never go down. The upside is that I never have to buy any!

JackyB Sun 19-Mar-23 09:17:03

Here's the film. You might want to put off watching it till next January!

NotSpaghetti Sun 19-Mar-23 09:32:06

I use the really useful ones for storing yarn. Mine are tall enough for cones. I put a note inside if they are mixed fibres etc.

I have about a dozen of them but could do with more really. 🙄

Esmay Sun 19-Mar-23 09:33:21

My New Year resolution was to be more tidy .
I used to be !
I'd have regular purges .
Somehow looking after my father has sapped my energy .
I have so much stuff -so very slowly I've been working my way through it .

My local shop has been delivering plastic storage boxes otherwise I would have ordered them from The Really Useful Storage Box Company .

It's actually thrilling to give my neighbours dresses which I'm not wearing .
And I'm finding other things too .
They have offered to take things which I can't carry down to the charity shops of which there are many where I live .

Norah Sun 19-Mar-23 09:54:32

I love the big blue handle boxes. Label on the front, see interior. Stack on storage room shelving. Wonderful product.

Lizbethann55 Sun 19-Mar-23 21:41:33

Maw, they now do ones that do stack into each other when empty. Trouble is, mine are never empty long enough to stack, but it does make the delivery easier!

icanhandthemback Tue 21-Mar-23 11:09:35

When we were camping we had an old ice-cream tub which we used to call the Really Useful Box as it had a host of things needed in an emergency. So, when I saw the real McCoy I couldn't resist. Now I am addicted too. I keep the majority of my crafting stuff in them. They really are useful. grin

knspol Tue 21-Mar-23 11:38:02

I have a great upright storage box for rolls of wrapping paper with a separate compartment on the top for bows and ribbons etc unfortunately can't remember where it came from, had it for so long.

grandtanteJE65 Tue 21-Mar-23 11:55:44

Mine are similar, but cost a great deal less than the prices the really useful storage box company is asking.

I buy mine in supermarkets which have them on offer once or twice a year, or from DIY stores.

Mine contain material and other sewing supplies, our Christmas decorations (as they are far easier to carry up and down stairs than cardboard boxes and waterproof.)

DH keeps tools in his, and we both used then for clothes on board our boat and have kept the habit going after we moved ashore again.

Our cellar is very slightly damp, so extra packets of flour, sugar, dry cat food and the like are stored in these boxes too.

I wouldn't be without them, but don't count myself as obsessed by them, they are just very useful indeed.

Vintagegirl Tue 21-Mar-23 12:09:45

Yes storage box addict here... house could have more inbuilt storage but as years roll on, why bother? I have same size so that they stack, up to the ceiling if need be but always evident what is inside. Weight of the one with old LP collection and another with books is only issue as they have to be at the bottom. In future years I plan to cut back on number as become a more ruthless declutterer.

Supergranuation Tue 21-Mar-23 12:57:13

Just wondering where everyone keeps their storage boxes?

pascal30 Tue 21-Mar-23 13:11:24

I buy mine from Poundsaver and use them in my studio for paints etc. really useful

Lexisgranny Tue 21-Mar-23 13:16:04

I have a vast collection of Storage boxes of all sizes. ( I also buy loads of but also files and notebooks - can’t resist them, despite using my iPad to the full as well).

All boxes are utilised and are full of whatever ‘stuff’ is out of season. I must admit that I am a bit of a neat freak, and being well organised gives me a great deal of pleasure. Not everyone’s bag, I know, but I am not asking anyone else to use them, it’s just that it works for me.

Lexisgranny Tue 21-Mar-23 13:16:55

Oh, most of the storage boxes are in the loft.

Norah Tue 21-Mar-23 13:20:27


Just wondering where everyone keeps their storage boxes?

In the loft.

My husband did a mansard conversion on the back of our home, years ago when we were needing space for 2 more children. The space added bedrooms, a bathroom, and a big shelved store room for boxes (loft).