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Good Morning Monday 22nd May 2023

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Michael12 Mon 22-May-23 05:44:02

Good Morning Everyone,
looking dry but a grey sky start this morning here in brackley.
Yesterdays trip to Weston-S -Mare , on arrival it was very busy with day trippers and those on holiday.
Arrived home mid evening,.
Today, I will go to Bicester on the bus ,and do my usual routine , returning home for lunch.
Take care,

grandMattie Mon 22-May-23 05:57:58

Good morning from a bright Bristol.
The coffee thingy in church went well, though I think rather missed the brief of trying to mix the two congregations as the gap between them was a bit too long - one lot started to drift away before the other lot drifted in.
The rest of the day was quiet.
Today, I intend to change my bed as it’s good drying weather.
Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely sunshine; brings joy to the heart. Carpe diem 🦩🦩🦩❤️🦩

BlueBalou Mon 22-May-23 06:12:45

Good morning, high clouds this morning so hopefully a sunny day later for the village on the hill in Wiltshire.
Yesterday the sunshine was lovely but a really chilly breeze from the north which was disappointing.
I did clean the downstairs windows inside and knit a bit more of the second sock but too puffed to do much more.
Off to my acrylic painting class this morning, should be enjoyable, I do like meeting new people.
Apart from that it’s a quiet week before the family all arrive for the weekend, quite happy to have little on at the moment.
I hope you have a lovely day x

karmalady Mon 22-May-23 06:15:09

Good morning from spring-like warm and sunny s somerset. It will continue to be breezy. Very beautiful cheery weather

I need to potter today, clean this and that and I also need to be tidying my messy sewing room, however being outside will have priority, while the nice weather lasts

I did everything I intended yesterday, longer cycle ride via e bike and then completely made a new top and nodded off early evening, which was not in my plan

I am expecting over a ton of cut and seasoned logs this week and am looking forward to getting them safely stashed. I am glad I have a very good two- wheeled barrow with bouncy pneumatic tyres, to make light work of moving and stashing

a good day to all

Grandmabatty Mon 22-May-23 06:30:23

Good morning all from Polmont where it's currently 11° and misty. Karma you are very industrious. BlueBalou enjoy your acrylic class.
Yesterday I picked up the clothes I had ordered and bought two jigsaws for my friend's partner's birthday. I don't suppose he'll be thinking much about celebrating without her there but it's a big birthday so needs recognised. I bumped into my art tutor and her sister too. Later I visited mum who continues to have good days and bad days. Yesterday she wasn't great.
Today is a childcare day. So nursery drop off then a toddle to the swings and back before a nap. Salmon pasta for dinner. Have a good day all

Ashcombe Mon 22-May-23 06:32:04

Good morning from La Sarthe where the weather looks promising again.

I do love it when we can make the most of being in the garden here, especially for dining. Yesterday, I finished reading Dead on Dartmoor, the latest book by Stephanie Austin, a local author (in Torquay) who belongs to our theatre company. DH set up some track on a trestle table outside so he could test some of his latest model locomotives.

No plans for today although we shall soon need to stock up with victuals for our return to TQ later this week.

Hope today is the start of a week of sunny days for you all. 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

Greyduster Mon 22-May-23 06:43:13

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun is up in South Yorkshire and there’s a light breeze. I thought I would have a quiet day yesterday, but DD and the menfolk came round yesterday, late afternoon, bringing their pizza oven. SiL makes very good pizza but it’s all a bit chaotic, and GS doesn’t help by being helpful, so there was some bickering. But it was nice to see them and it was warm enough to eat outside. Today I will make the curry I should have made yesterday and get the rest of my plants in the ground.
Have the best day you can, folks.

brook2704 Mon 22-May-23 06:58:58

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where there’s some light grey cloud but it still looks a bit windy
Yesterday we all had a lovely day and enjoyed the sunny weather. We went to a garden centre in the morning and Anglesey Abbey in the afternoon where the DGSs really enjoyed the playground. I’ll be heading home later today on the early evening flight from Gatwick
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

GrannyGravy13 Mon 22-May-23 07:05:26

Morning all, I have no idea what the weather is like outside as I am in bed with the curtains stuck closed.

Bed change today then off to the gym. This afternoon I shall whizz round to ensure the house is gleaming for the surveyors, building contractor and loss adjusters structural engineers descend on us tomorrow for the long awaited meeting (over 16 months) we should hopefully agree on a schedule of works, and a time frame.

Once that’s done we book the garden landscaping, we currently have decking round three sides of the house along with a wooden path to end of the garden and a raised deck area at the bottom. All is being removed for some yet to be chosen slabs I feel somewhat guilty as it will leave our two resident fox families homeless.

Have a good day folks, sending (((hugs))) to the poorly’s and our absent friends 🙋‍♀️🦩

Pittcity Mon 22-May-23 07:06:59

Good morning from a brightening Colchester. Another nice day in the offing. Dry and mild. Got to make the most of it before we say it's too hot or too wet or something.
DH is away fishing, so I'm hopping on the train to Westfield for a spot of retail therapy and a walk in the Olympic Park. I have some retired staff rail perks to use up before they expire and need a few bits for our holiday next month. I can also visit M&S which is a shop I've missed since it moved out of our High Street.

Love to all 🦩 x

baubles Mon 22-May-23 07:14:40

Good morning all from dull but dry South Lanarkshire.

Yesterday afternoon after taking daft dug for a run around the fields I decided to sort out my wardrobe and drawers resulting in bags for ragging and a couple for donating. I was pleased to have had a very productive couple of hours. A bit of crochet in the evening finished off the day.

Work today, we’ll see how it goes.

My sister’s DH begins chemotherapy today, if there are any spare prayers about please send one for him.

Wishing everyone the best possible day.

Marydoll Mon 22-May-23 07:16:20

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow, where it is 10°C.
DH is golfing and I have nothing planned.
A dreadful night's sleep has left me a tad grumpy! It's probably a good move on DHs part to escape! 😉

Glad to hear your trip was enjoyable, Mick. When DH and I were first married, we took a Golden Rail ( remember those?) holiday to Weston. All I remember is that we never saw the sea, it was so far out!
You seem more settled, GM, good to read of your activities.

We had a lovely visit from Babydoll and her parents yesterday, she is so much more alert. I was taken aback, when looking at her, I saw her daddy as a baby, looking back at me! 😍
I cannot believe the change in DS2, the original quiet man, who rarely shows his feelings. He is besotted with her.
We have tentative plans to take her out in her pram at the end of the week, it all depends on how well I feel.
The only thing missing was a visit from my beloved Dollie, who like any busy, seven year old socialite, very aware of her priorities, had her best friend's birthday party. I now know where her loyalties lie. 😆
She did send me a photo of her holding the timetable of activities she written for the day. She is definitely her gran's girl. Everything is about forward planning and cramming as much into the day as possible! 😉

Have a pleasant day all with all your busyness. Safe journey Brook and for all those on holiday, enjoy.! 💚

cornergran Mon 22-May-23 07:18:47

Morning Mick, morning All. A clear sky bodes well for our corner of Somerset.

Laundry dried and ironed yesterday, good feeling except our (expensive) iron broke leaving me to dig out its predecessor. For once my ‘just in case’ retaining was useful! Spent some time with our recovering from surgery neighbour and filled the rest of the day with general faffing.

The beach is calling, we’ll go first thing to enjoy a quiet time although it shouldn't be too busy today. The still under warranty iron will be returned on our way back. After lunch we’ll retrieve the computer from the repairer and perhaps wander round a lake on our way home.

Take care everyone. Hope Monday is kind to us all.

kittylester Mon 22-May-23 07:29:59

Good morning all from a brightish North Leicestershire.

Our gardener is coming this morning to finalise the planting plan - dh is having a wobble about the water feature. He is then off to the gym. This afternoon I am helping on a Carer's course while DH collects 3 dgc from school - they are staying overnight while their parents go to see Lewis Capaldi. Only a bit jealous.

The ballet show yesterday was fabulous - and our dagd's were the standout performers - obviously!! grin

Have the best day possible everyone.

Jaxjacky Mon 22-May-23 07:45:30

Morning from high cloud in S Hants. Bedding dried easily yesterday, I went for a walk while MrJ watched football and we won a large gammon joint in the meat draw at our local.
Today, some token housework to be done, get courgette plants in the ground along with some chitted parsnips in a tub. The first of the Livingstone daisies have appeared, my brother grew them from seed.
Enjoy your day 🦩🦩

harrigran Mon 22-May-23 07:56:52

Good morning from a sunny NE where it is 11 degrees.
It was sunny all day yesterday but the breeze made it too cool to sit out, well for me, I could hear the neighbours in their gardens.
SIL is coming this morning as I have an appointment at the bank, this should be the last thing we need to do for DH's estate and after 19 months everything will be sorted.
Have a good day.

monk08 Mon 22-May-23 07:58:01

Good morning all from a sunny Black country.
DH had a good days fishing yesterday and was in the prizes once again.
DS completed his marathon not his best time but as he had a virus and done hardly any training he was pleased with his result, it was nice to have mum and son time afterwards.
No plans today all washing and ironing completed yesterday so will find another book and chill in the sunshine.
Safe journey home Brook and anybody else on the move.
Virtual hugs where needed, enjoy your Monday everyone and may you all find some ☀️.

Sar53 Mon 22-May-23 08:04:44

Good morning from a decidedly cloudy Essex by the sea.
DH has to visit the bank this morning so I shall go into town with him, I have a few things to sort out, then I will get the bus home.
Eldest granddaughter finished her mock GCSE's last week and spent the weekend hiking for her DOE silver award. At least they had good weather for it. She is very slight and I always feel for her carrying her huge backpack.
I shall now go away and read what you have all being doing.
Have a great week everyone and let's hope we see the sun xx

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 22-May-23 08:09:02

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. The cold which was developing yesterday afternoon has arrived with a vengeance! My head feels like it is going to explode. I have a long list of things to do but I think I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. It is my daughter’s 42nd birthday today and elder son’s 40th. It would also have been my grandmother’s birthday too. Have a good day.

Wyllow3 Mon 22-May-23 08:09:47

Morning all from a sunny S Yorks where as its sunny all week the hose will have to come out soon. The only snag of lovely sun.

May go for a little swim today, have a good proper shower as a minor operation tomorrow means no showering for a few days.

A short list of must do emails etc. I did the wash late last night so its out already.

Marydoll know what you mean about transformation of a DS with baby in arms.

Bests for poorlies and down at hearts, and hoping plans go accordingly.

Liberty Mon 22-May-23 08:10:15

Another lovely sunny Suffolk morning. Yesterday was again glorious and the sun,coupled with a quite strong breeze, meant not only did the washing dry but the roses in pots needed a good soaking in the evening. Unfortunately the hose wasn’t working,DH thinks the outside tap is blocked so my trusty old watering can came out.

Nothing much on the agenda today apart from some work on papers for my all day meeting on Wednesday so hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy relaxing in this very welcome sunshine.

Hope those with troubles to contend with have some warmth in your day.

ginny Mon 22-May-23 08:16:44

Good morning everyone. The sun has not show it face yet ,maybe later.
A busy week coming up and starts today with an art class this morning and clay this afternoon. Bank holidays have caused them to be on the same Monday.
Cheese, onion and potato pie to make later although the pastry is already made.
Kind thoughts to all especially those with problems and illnesses to deal with.

luluaugust Mon 22-May-23 08:18:54

Good morning from a grey W Kent. I have a cleaner coming for the first time today and feeling rather nervous I must admit. I have decided to ask her to do the bathrooms and see how we go. Having got off to a good start with the GCSE’s things took a downturn with a maths paper at the end of the week, so fingers crossed for this week.
Baubles thoughts with your SIL’s husband.
Best wishes to all

hollysteers Mon 22-May-23 08:25:47

Good morning Mick and all from a truly beautiful sunny day here on the northwest coast.
Another house pottering day, I will clear the dining room table of art and music stuff, wash my hair, arrange airport transfers etc.
Nice surprise yesterday, a single lovely tall white iris, my favourite flower, appeared in the front garden, not planted by me.
I was bitten on the leg on my day out and it’s really itchy and annoying.
Thinking of your sisters’s DH baubles and hope all goes well.
Thoughts to all with worries of any kind.
A recent acrylic.

Gingster Mon 22-May-23 08:30:57

Good morning all from an overcast Essex.

I have a busy sociable day today - lovely, after being somewhat isolated at our seaside retreat! Both have their special qualities.

I’m meeting my ‘lovely girl’ this evening for a meal. I was a ‘stand in mum’ to her and her two brothers for 10 years, after their own mum had sadly died.
They were a handful but have turned into wonderful human beings. She now has a toddler of her own and is a brilliant mum. ❤️

Pittcity give me a wave as you pass through Rayleigh Station.
I go to the Olympic Park a couple of times a year to meet friends. The M and S there is amazing with a nice cafe.

Baubles prayers for your BIL 🙏.
Brook hope you have a trouble free journey home.🤞.
Marydoll - how lovely to look forward to an outing with babydoll. 👶🏼.

Wishing you all a ‘good’ day. 🌸

P.S. my finger is still swollen but not as bad. Still can’t get my rings off so I think it will be a trip to the jewellers to have them cut off. 😢