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Things you would like to Avoid- alphabetical and could be anything!

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nanna8 Sat 02-Sep-23 07:50:04

A- aches

Scribbles Sun 03-Sep-23 10:57:30

Varicose veins

Oregano Sun 03-Sep-23 11:38:23


LauraNorderr Sun 03-Sep-23 11:42:14


LauraNorderr Sun 03-Sep-23 11:43:09

Xenophobes, these too

Georgesgran Sun 03-Sep-23 11:43:46

Yellow fever

DanniRae Sun 03-Sep-23 11:48:45


bluebird243 Sun 03-Sep-23 13:51:14

Arrogant, Attention seekers

Ashcombe Sun 03-Sep-23 14:15:28

Boastful bores

nanna8 Sun 03-Sep-23 14:17:47

Cruelty to animals

ginny Sun 03-Sep-23 15:26:21

Dog mess on the path,

posset Sun 03-Sep-23 15:41:17


ginny Sun 03-Sep-23 15:55:08

Fancy packaging that leads you to think the contents are twice the size they actually are.

Georgesgran Sun 03-Sep-23 16:09:56

Gastroenteritis! Especially on holiday.

MrsKen33 Sun 03-Sep-23 16:39:03

Homelessness. For anyone

henetha Sun 03-Sep-23 17:01:10

That's a brilliant one MrsKen. It must be dreadful to be homeless.
Intoxication. I've only ever been drunk once and hated it.

lixy Sun 03-Sep-23 17:12:44

Jerusalem artichokes -they result in gale force 10!

DanniRae Sun 03-Sep-23 17:37:26

Kill joys

bluebird243 Sun 03-Sep-23 18:50:58


ginny Sun 03-Sep-23 19:39:15


BrightandBreezy Sun 03-Sep-23 20:00:32

Negative people

DanniRae Mon 04-Sep-23 07:13:09


nanna8 Mon 04-Sep-23 07:23:37


GrandmaSeaDragon Mon 04-Sep-23 07:25:52


lixy Mon 04-Sep-23 08:36:09

'Reality' TV

FindingNemo15 Mon 04-Sep-23 09:28:45

Show offs and snobs