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Should i go back?

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kircubbin2000 Mon 11-Sep-23 18:39:05

Before I moved here I was an active member of an activity group in my old church.I used to drive 20 miles each week to attend at first but stopped as covid closed things. I have had some bad health and for the last 2 years have lost touch with this group. I have seen on their WhatsApp that they are starting back this week but I only recognise 2 names and they seem like a new young 40s,50s group.
I was wondering whether to go and just have coffee but I'm afraid I will be a gooseberry as I won't be fit to take part.

Calendargirl Mon 11-Sep-23 18:42:44

If it were me, I think I would not go.

Perhaps try and join something where you are now living.

CanadianGran Mon 11-Sep-23 18:46:43

You might let one of the members that you know that you are thinking of coming, so they can introduce you to new members. I might attend for an occasional get together, but Calendargirl is right in that you should look for something nearby to join.

Dinahmo Mon 11-Sep-23 18:46:47

I agree with Calendargirl. You just need to be brave and go to your local church to see whether they have a group. What about WI?

kittylester Mon 11-Sep-23 18:55:15

What calendargirl said.

Move on and establish yourself with a new group.

fancythat Mon 11-Sep-23 19:14:51

Go the once and see how you feel?
Not much to lose. And plenty to gain if it does work out.

Ailidh Mon 11-Sep-23 19:16:04

I think I would probably not go back. You have good memories of how it used to be, and it would be a shame if those memories were spoiled.

Enidd Mon 11-Sep-23 19:21:12

Try it to see what you think first. No pressure to go again.

annsixty Mon 11-Sep-23 19:41:15

The past is a foreign country.
They do things differently there.
L.P. Hartley.
Let it go.