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Were you a school prefect?

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biglouis Sat 16-Sep-23 12:38:17

I was never chosen and at the time I was quite annoyed about it.

Academically I was always top of the class, or joint top with my friend. She was made a prefect in final year. I was not. The differences between us:-

She was also sporty and on the school netball/hockey teams
Her parents were well off and was always beautifully turned out.

I on the other hand hated sport and did everything I could to avoid it. I never looked "tidy" because my uniforms were second hand from the Liverpool "Paddies market".

I used to imagine that her success in being selected a prefect was because she was more of an all rounder and her immaculate appearance.

I now recognise that it was probably more a matter of attitude. I always had a somewhat cavalier approach to the school rules. I got off with a great deal because of my academic success and prowess in music and drama and my willingness to represent the house in competitions. I never turned up for detention, not once. I often answered back teachers in a way which appeared cheeky and entitled.

Prefects need to present themselves as a role model to other students. I never aspired to that but tended to plough my own furrow.

Were you ever a prefect or school captain? Did you aspire to the role or were you simply selected?

nadateturbe Tue 26-Sep-23 18:03:26

LovesBach poor girl. Hard to believe how some teachers behaved. It was not good being poor at school.

growstuff Fri 29-Sep-23 06:23:31

My school didn't have prefects. When we were in the Upper Sixth, we were all expected to behave as senior students and help out with events. Everybody was expected to take on some extra responsibility. Sixth Form was seen as a transition to university.