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Keeping warm in bed

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Azalea99 Fri 22-Sep-23 09:32:23

Most mornings I don’t need to get up straight away, and because I have a kettle in the bedroom I make myself a cup of coffee and sit in bed, reading my mail and the news on my phone. However, now it’s turning cooler, I find I’m having to wear bed socks at night (which I tend to pull off after a couple of hours) but also I need something to keep my top half warm when I’m reading. I’ve no intention of turning the heating on just yet so I tend to pull on a jumper but this morning I suddenly remembered that my grandmother used to wear a bed jacket in the morning.
Do any of you remember them or have one? Think I’ll investigate.

watermeadow Sat 23-Sep-23 17:40:51

I’m never cold in bed despite having icy cold hands all day. I sleep with a little dog and two big fluffy cats and we’re all snug.

Nannashirlz Sat 23-Sep-23 17:41:53

I’ve got my teddy bear bedding from qvc unfortunately once you climb into bed you don’t want to climb out lol

Koalama Sat 23-Sep-23 18:50:11

Ohh you've just brought a lovely memory back for me of my grandma in her woolly pink bed jacket with white lace sewn through it to tie

pregpaws3 Sat 23-Sep-23 18:57:24

My mother knitted and crocheted shawls for me to go over evening dresses , they’re cosy now round my shoulders on bed 40 years later . I treasure them

Grandmama Sat 23-Sep-23 19:32:37

My bedroom faces north and is over the car port so not exactly warm especially this summer. Apart from the heatwave in June I have a hot water bottle and for much of the summer I have put the electric blanket on. I wear a bed jacket I knitted in a lovely thick, cosy yarn and matching bedsocks. For much of the summer I've worn my fleecy PJs. I'm thinking of buying flannelette sheets as they are cosier than cotton or polycotton. When the cold weather really kicks in the heating will go on for a couple of hours morning and evening. Then my bedroom is lovely and warm as the bed is alongside one of the radiators.

madeleine45 Sat 23-Sep-23 19:38:16

I have a very very old cashmere jumper which has holes under the arms and a couple of darns. That is great for reading in bed etc and is very light and warm. Not fit to be seen outside but great for much reading in bed and when I wake in a lot of pain with my back it is close at hand so I can put it on without getting out of bed

knspol Sat 23-Sep-23 20:26:03

I had a bed jacket for going into hospital to have my son 54 years ago it was a gift and I thought it was too frilly and 'posh' to wear so it never got worn.
I get up in the morning and go downstairs to make a cuppa in my dressing gown. I then sit back in bed with my dressing gown on to keep warm.

JaneD666 Sat 23-Sep-23 20:42:16

I used to read in bed snuggled down and lying on my side, but I have a problem with my neck so now I read sitting up. I tried keeping warm with a long dressing gown back-to-front, but it was cumbersome. I put a bed jacket on my Amazon wish list, but nobody took the hint so I got one myself! It's fleecy and snuggly, and the main benefit over the things that aren't specifically designed for the job is that it's short so I'm not sitting on it. I wouldn't be without it.

Oreo Sat 23-Sep-23 21:16:13


I have two bed jackets, one from B &M many years ago and the other was my mum's who died 30 years ago. Both used regularly when reading in bed.
Recently I was in hospital in a four bed bay,three of us four ladies got on really well (fourth very ill and slept a lot )I needed my bed jacket for a toilet trip and one of the men commented that it wasn't a bed jacket but a cut down dressing gown. The wives disagreed and a light hearted disagreement ensued.It dissolved in laughter when I walked past and said bed jacket on top and nappy on bottom !!

My Mum always wears them, they still make them she buys them from Damart.

annodomini Sat 23-Sep-23 21:36:54

I've ordered a Teddy Fleece' hooded blanket from M&S. It looks as if it would be ideal for keeping warm in bed when you're not ready to get up and face the day. It comes in several different sizes and colours.

Shantygirly Sun 24-Sep-23 05:19:31

When British Home Stores existed I bought a fluffy fleece pull on top with a high collar and kangaroo pocket. It's lovely and warm and I put it over my PJs in winter and have the electric blanket on. I always wear fleecy socks in bed. Don't remember anyone in my family having a bed jacket.

mumofmadboys Sun 24-Sep-23 05:53:43

My mum gave me a bed jacket when I was about 30. I was horrified and gave it to a charity shop

Sarahr Sun 24-Sep-23 07:33:28

I still have my Mum's bed jacket which was knitted for her by Tante Marie, neighbour in Germany when I was born in 1962. I wear it occasionally. I also still have the dress Tante Marie knitted for me.

undines Sun 24-Sep-23 07:34:29

I just pull my dressing gown on back to front keeps arms and chest warm
But I have more issue keeping cool in bed
Bedsocks? Ugh! I hate hot feet!

Foxygloves Sun 24-Sep-23 08:48:03


When British Home Stores existed I bought a fluffy fleece pull on top with a high collar and kangaroo pocket. It's lovely and warm and I put it over my PJs in winter and have the electric blanket on. I always wear fleecy socks in bed. Don't remember anyone in my family having a bed jacket.

I had something similar in navy velour bought from Joules about 5 years ago. Decent enough to answer the door in if necessary or to go down to breakfast if staying with the family and can even be worn in bed if the temperature really drops.

Chardy Sun 24-Sep-23 10:21:30


When DS was born, MIL knitted me 2 bed jackets. A winter baby, they were very useful for his night feeds.
I'm with M0nica, I'd sort out a shawl (triangular would be easier in a confined space, knitted, crocheted, quilted)

Thinking about those bedjackets of yore, I realised this morning that one of them was a rectangle with the corners joined by a few stitches at each end to make the cuffs. A shrug?

LovelyLady Sun 24-Sep-23 12:45:01

Hat or shawl in very cold nights gloves. Sometimes I have a wrap or scarf.
My head and neck get cold. It does look silly but I’m comfortable xx

Warmglovesandsocks Sun 24-Sep-23 14:24:48

I bought a lovely bed jacket Azalea99 when I went into hospital for a knee operation in pale turquoise. I matched up with turquoise slippers and turquoise dressing gown. I bought it from Amazon, brand name “Slenderella” with lovely embroidery. It has been SO useful, I even use it as a cardigan when I’m sitting on the settee watching TV.

Harris27 Sun 24-Sep-23 14:35:05

I remember my 50 th birthday my mother bought me a long warm nightie and a bed jacket! I thought omg it’s down hill from here!

JudyBloom Sun 24-Sep-23 18:28:03

Electric blanket, high tog duvet plud teddy throw, pj's, socks and fleece with a high neck, perfect for keeping warm in bed in the winter.

JudyBloom Sun 24-Sep-23 18:28:33

sorry that should have said 'Plus'

EmilyHarburn Mon 25-Sep-23 16:10:52

I have a knitted poncho I throw over my head. I have had it for years and it keeps my throat and chest warm unlike a bed jacket. Also its much easier to put on.

Foxygloves Mon 25-Sep-23 16:37:33

You want one of these!

Can’t say I warm to their advertising or marketing though. hmm

Callistemon21 Mon 25-Sep-23 16:47:43

That's even older than my pattern!

Margiknot Mon 25-Sep-23 16:48:10

I have an oversized fleece hoodie I put on when needed to keep my top half warm when I make tea or read in bed. I use the hood more as a warm collar to keep my neck warm. It works better than a dressing gown - at least for me.