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How to be happy - 5 golden rules

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Foxygloves Sun 24-Sep-23 08:30:15

Interested by this article in the Sunday Telegraph this morning and wondering what your “Golden Rules” might be.
Sleep longer
Only drink in moderation
Improve your number of social connections
Exercise regularly
Eat an anti- inflammatory diet
Develop a healthy life style at a young age
Here it is in full:!preferred/0/package/1435/pub/1435/page/80/article/NaN
I would add
Keep an open mind about the world, (however much you want to throw your hands up in horror) - avoid “hardening of the attitudes”

foxie48 Mon 25-Sep-23 16:38:22

I try to have something every day that I am looking forward to doing. Can be something like walking the dog or wandering round the garden doing a bit of planning for next year. Could be cooking something new. When I wake up my first thought is what am I doing today? I'm getting older and very aware that some of the things I do may be taken away from me or I might be faced with dealing with something difficult but I really do try to live for the day, not dwell on the past and accept I can't control the future.

Foxygloves Mon 25-Sep-23 16:44:27

I think it is good to remember what Edith Eger, a survivor of Auschwitz who became a renowned psychotherapist said

“Suffering is universal
Victimhood is optional”

Which I take to mean (roughly) Life is not fair, sh*t happens and we are all going to experience bad and sad things in our lives. However, we need not consider ourselves “victims” or hard done by, singled out by fate to suffer. Self-pity is entirely understandable but we need to find a way to put one foot in front of the other.
If she could say that after what she went through it certainly provides food for thought.