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travelsafar Sun 12-Nov-23 09:31:10

Now it's turning colder do you, like me put your clothes on the radiator in the morning. I get out of bed choose clothing, put on rad, have my breakfast then when I get dressed it's lovely so warm and welcoming. I remember my mum did this when we were kids. Clothes put on fire central heating back then....and she warmed our clothes this way😊
I miss her sooo much😔

Primrose53 Sun 12-Nov-23 09:34:35

Know how you feel! My Mum heated my school clothes on a clothes horse around the fire. She also put our shoes on the hearth to warm.

Shelflife Sun 12-Nov-23 10:16:05

Looks like our Mums all had the same idea - were ' nt we lucky!?

midgey Sun 12-Nov-23 10:30:32

I was often ill as a child and often had a paraffin heater in my room. I signed several vests before it was removed, warming them on the top! ( Not sure how healthy a paraffin heater would have been!)

pascal30 Sun 12-Nov-23 10:38:42

we didn't have central heating when I was young so my dad would lay out a fire before going to bed. Then light it in the morning whilst mum made us a full breakfast including porridge.. such caring parents.. most of us have it so easy now

Curlywhirly Sun 12-Nov-23 11:01:19

Just done that very thing for DGD who slept at ours last night. She was off to netball at 9.00am and I'd put her hoodie on the radiator. She was thrilled and said it was like getting in a sauna 😄
I have memories of running in from school and standing in front of the coal fire, lifting up my school skirt to warm my freezing legs, first at the front then turning round to do the back of my legs. That house was blummin' freezing, thank God for central heating 🙄

Georgesgran Sun 12-Nov-23 12:12:37

Me too Curly but on Mondays it was impossible to get near the fire, for a three sided clothes horse full of drying laundry?

vampirequeen Sun 12-Nov-23 12:18:36

No radiators on yet so no warming clothes.

Urmstongran Sun 12-Nov-23 12:23:57

My grandchildren love it when I warm their towels on the heated bathroom rail to wrap themselves in after a bath or shower. Small, cosy pleasures.

DamaskRose Sun 12-Nov-23 12:55:28

My mother did it too and this morning so did I!

LOUISA1523 Sun 12-Nov-23 15:22:58

Never have heating on in the morning

MrsKen33 Sun 12-Nov-23 15:24:08

DH puts his pants on the radiator , but me …no

Callistemon21 Sun 12-Nov-23 15:27:18

The radiator is very rarely on in the bedroom. The bath towels are on a heated towel rail, though.

Yes, my Mum used to warm my clothes on the fire guard and I used to do it for the DC

What lovely memories this thread evokes, travelsfar

Callistemon21 Sun 12-Nov-23 15:29:30


Know how you feel! My Mum heated my school clothes on a clothes horse around the fire. She also put our shoes on the hearth to warm.

My Dad used to polish my shoes and fill a hot water bottle for me.

I was most surprised when I got married and realised not all men cleaned the family's shoes 🤔

HelterSkelter1 Sun 12-Nov-23 15:33:26

We didnt have central heating at home when was a child. But we did have a coal fire with little doors. A Rayburn? And that kept the sitting room very hot and a small coal fire in the kitchen. On the kitchen fire guard we would hang our clothes to warm and I suppose we got dressed in the kitchen. A dear little liberty bodice kept me warm. Long socks and a wool tunic and thick cotton blouse with a wool cardi or jumper. Our 4 classrooms at our junior school all had open fires. I don't think anyone got burnt. We were used to open fires and took care.

What a lovely thing to say about your parents Pascal.

DanniRae Sun 12-Nov-23 15:58:53

My mum used to put the oven on and hang our clothes over the oven door in the morning.
I can still remember the smell of our hot water bottles when the hot water was poured in at night. We had a lovely mum and always felt loved smile

Kim19 Sun 12-Nov-23 16:03:23

No central heating on yet but I do dress quickly in front of a fan heater straight after shower. Lovely.

Nell8 Sun 12-Nov-23 16:19:10

My Mum had three female Siamese cats who took turns to get pregnant. The kitchen had a long fireguard round a Rayburn range. On cold days the fireguard was festooned with sleepy kittens warming their tummies.

Nannypuds Mon 13-Nov-23 13:18:52

Bless your heart. My mum used to do the same for me and my sister, it was, as you say, so good to put on lovely warm clothes! I miss my mum too, but thank you for this lovely memory.

Fernhillnana Mon 13-Nov-23 13:38:12

My mum would never have dreamt of doing that! I basically looked after myself.

Jens Mon 13-Nov-23 13:40:03

I remember we had an airing Cupboard, clothes put in night before, toasty and warm next morning as much as we hated them a warm liberty bodice was lovely, toasty, then out into the sometimes freezing rain, snow whatever, no trousers allowed for girls we wore knee high socks albeit woolly ones, laceup shoes, cold knees and thighs, and the ubiquitous unisex navy gaberdine raincoats, they were warmm but not very flattering, had no hood so we had school hats. lol

missdeke Mon 13-Nov-23 13:41:00

My mum used to warm our clothes in front of the fire, she also used to warm out pyjamas but I hated warm pjs so I used to take them to the bedroom and flap them out the window before I put them on.

Aveline Mon 13-Nov-23 13:41:09

Gosh. You all had kind mothers. It wouldn't have occurred to mine to do such a thing.

Netty63 Mon 13-Nov-23 13:49:48

Same here! Fernhillnana

GrannySomerset Mon 13-Nov-23 14:03:07

Lovely to have childhood memories awakened. Pyjamas warmed on the fireguard, in winter vest, blouse etc placed between blankets and eiderdown so they were warm enough to put on (in unheated bedroom of course). We were obviously little Spartans.