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Window cleaning

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Nanderin Mon 13-Nov-23 14:48:19

How much on average does a window cleaning charge.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 13-Nov-23 15:06:07

It will vary according to where you live and what size your house and windows are. There was a thread about this a while ago.

crazyH Mon 13-Nov-23 15:13:14

I pay £12 - 4 bedroom house

Smileless2012 Mon 13-Nov-23 15:18:00

I pay £9 for 5 windows at the front of the house and the front door.

silverlining48 Mon 13-Nov-23 15:56:03

£14 3 beds, only one window round the back. South east.

Norah Mon 13-Nov-23 16:01:41

Depends on how many windows, how big, if there is excess dirt etc. We do the insides ourselves, but recently I climbed up and did the outside back myself because the glum weather bothered me.

kittylester Mon 13-Nov-23 16:10:44

We pay £17 to a lovely chap who uses a pole system. We live in a converted victorian school so our windows are slightly odd - tall and many paned plus volumes set in the roof.

We sometimes clean the insides!

Margiknot Mon 13-Nov-23 16:34:01

Gosh we pay a lot more than that for 10 windows but they have very tiny old panes (so cannot be cleaned with a squeegee thing on a pole) and most are awkward to access. I clean the insides- of those I can but even with a ladder I can’t manage the window light over the front door. Our Window cleaner can also clear out the gutters - ( lots of trees near by) at extra cost of course. It’s difficult to get a window cleaner around here- semi rural spread out old cottages between farms.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 13-Nov-23 16:40:16

£50 a month for the outsides, £75 when those of the insides I can’t manage need doing as well. We have whole walls of floor to ceiling windows, glass external doors and glass balcony surround and a garden building with glass walls, and live in an expensive area. Always an excellent job and extremely reliable. No complaints.

Georgesgran Mon 13-Nov-23 17:03:21

I’m sworn to secrecy!
When we first moved here, our window cleaner came with us. It was a small, new development and most of the estate jumped on my ‘bandwagon’. As a result, the Boss told the boys never to increase what I pay! It did go up £2 years ago, to cover the new conservatory! I think I’m paying half what my neighbour in a much smaller house pays - my lips are sealed!

Patsy70 Mon 13-Nov-23 17:07:20

We have a three bedroomed semi on the Kent/London border and pay £15 every four weeks.

twiglet77 Mon 13-Nov-23 17:09:07

£20 every 8 weeks, large semi with patio doors and a single storey extension which they have to climb onto to clean the bedroom window above it. They won’t do inside, unfortunately.

The double glazing is all blown and misted up so it’s really money wasted, I still can’t see out, but they’re coming this far up the road to do next door and I like supporting a small local business.

Jaxjacky Mon 13-Nov-23 17:34:18

£20 every three months, 3 bed semi, soffits and fascia’s are cleaned too.

sodapop Mon 13-Nov-23 19:22:28

Windows open inwards in France so no need for a window cleaner. I do wish someone would start a car valeting service though, something I have not seen here.

JaneJudge Mon 13-Nov-23 19:29:27

It depends what type of window cleaner you have. Those that go door to door generally charge much less than those with the fancy poles

AreWeThereYet Mon 13-Nov-23 19:36:02

£25 every 3 months or so, 4 bed with patio doors and 2 other glass doors. They clean the window surrounds as well and the front door. Surrey. Price hasn't gone up for a few years now so I expect it will soon.

Redrobin51 Mon 13-Nov-23 20:37:09

£12 for a 3 bedroomed bungalow. We have the windows cleaned every month. They use the poles.

keepcalmandcavachon Mon 13-Nov-23 21:06:34

£20 and a cuppa!

annsixty Mon 13-Nov-23 21:43:47

£18 every four weeks.
4 bed and conservatory, pole system.

Tink75 Wed 15-Nov-23 11:07:34

£8.50 for the last ten years. 3 bedroom semi.

henetha Wed 15-Nov-23 11:10:52

It was ten pounds for years, but now gone up to twelve pounds.
Big patio doors, plus porch door and two windows, plus 6 other windows.

Cabbie21 Wed 15-Nov-23 13:03:08

Previous window cleaner with poles and charged £14. He stopped coming without explanation. New one does it the old fashioned way and wants cash which is a pain as he just turns up about every six weeks - for £12.50. Outside only, 8 windows 2 patio doors, glass porch panels.

Nanderin Wed 15-Nov-23 13:58:38

Thanks everyone just shows you what a difference from one house to another if if it the same size.