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Winter fuel payment 23

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HeavenLeigh Sat 18-Nov-23 13:12:48

Does the winter fuel payment entitlement date change yearly as I’m due to get my first pension payment this month but it seems as I was born after 25th sept 57 I’m not entitled to any winter fuel payment allowance .

sharon103 Sat 18-Nov-23 13:31:08

I missed out too.
I was born in December and it was paid out in the November so had to wait until the next year.

Maggiemaybe Sat 18-Nov-23 13:53:21

That’s annoying for you. I’m guessing it’s to do with the official start of the Autumn period?

HeavenLeigh Sat 18-Nov-23 14:25:26

I think that’s what’s going to happen with me sharon103 so annoying as I waited an extra 6 years to get the pension anyway now got to wait another year for the winter fuel allowance ho hum !

sassysaysso Sat 18-Nov-23 15:45:46

I think you receive it if you received your pension during a certain period in the preceding September.

Georgesgran Sat 18-Nov-23 16:18:17

I think it was 18-25 September to receive DWP in order to qualify for this year’s payment.
It’s expected that next year’s payment will go back to the original amount.