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Spare wheels

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grandMattie Mon 20-Nov-23 07:31:07

I have just heard that only 3% of new cars have a spare wheel as standard. It horrifies me (even though I no longer drive).
Are new customers aware of this? Do they pay extra for one? Is there a place to keep a spare safely or does it rattle around in the boot?

Enid101 Mon 20-Nov-23 19:41:16

I think most people would struggle to undo the wheel nuts to even attempt to change a tyre.

Nannarose Mon 20-Nov-23 21:27:36

Back when I did change a tyre if needed, if one was done at the garage / by tyre fitters, I would always ask them to loosen it slightly so it could be udone by hand (well, actually by stomping on the spanner!)
However, that is behind me. I do remember the last time I changed a tyre though. I had been tasked with carrying flowers from a church wedding to the reception venue. They were all loaded in the back of my estate car, and in a remote country lane, I got a sudden puncture. I took off my floaty skirt and my tights, and did the change in my knickers! No-one came by, either to help or get an eyeful!

madeleine45 Wed 22-Nov-23 11:08:38

I am definitely a belt and braces person and have had my own full size spare in every car that did not have its own already. I did 3 days a week hospital car and could not have the hassle of patients being delayed or driving at a dreary 20 mph . I go to a lot of out of the way places and want to be selfsufficient, and beholden to no one. Bit of a pain getting it organised but worth it !!

4allweknow Wed 22-Nov-23 11:57:26

Been the case for many years now. One factor car manufacturers started to apply to help them get vehicles through the emissions test category ie less weight less emissions in petrol/diesel engine vehicles. The squirting foam in the tyre to help with a puncture is useless, ruins the tyre and can only be driven for a very limited amount of miles approx 20, or up to 40 if you are lucky, supposedly to let you get to a safe place for repair.

Annewilko Wed 22-Nov-23 12:01:04

I have one in my car, I also have to tubes of temporary tyre inflator.

pen50 Wed 22-Nov-23 14:00:10

Modern tyres are so heavy that many of us simply wouldn't be able to lift them on or off the lugs. I speak from (bitter) experience. Get breakdown cover.

Susie42 Wed 22-Nov-23 14:14:10

I bought a spare when I got my car, it’s never been used but gives me peace of mind. I had a spare stolen when I put my Mercedes in for a recall and I could not find a replacement. I sold the car shortly after.

Dianehillbilly1957 Wed 22-Nov-23 22:46:20

My old car had a small get you to the garage tyre, my current car has nothing other than the foam stuff you stick in the tyre. Probably a lot of people don't have a clue how to change a tyre safety now days. I do kt how to do it but to be honest rather call someone out to sort it😂

henetha Wed 22-Nov-23 23:33:48

Have any of you got nitrogen in your tyres?

jocork Thu 23-Nov-23 06:38:22

My car has a full size spare and it was one thing that attracted me to it when I last changed cars as my DD's car only had emergency foam which worried me. Having said that the spare has never been needed and I've had the car nearly 8 years! Probably cost me a fortune in extra fuel in that time! Maybe I'll have to get over myself and do without the luxury on my next car. Now I'm retired I drive a lot less anyway, but obviously there are some journeys when a puncture would be much more inconvenient than others. Just have to hope it doesn't happen when it really matters.