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Some positive changes in the NHS.

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littleflo Tue 21-Nov-23 04:21:06

This year I have had more engagement with the NHS than ever before. I have had many appointments at GP’s and other healthcare outlets.

A big feature of my care is that a lot of my consultations have been outsourced. I don’t know how expensive it is, but I find the care superb. Appointments are given timely and there is little waiting once you arrive .Staff are always really pleasant and helpful.

I am fortunate to live in an urban area so this means I get a choice of venue. Most communications are by text or phone call . In the old days you waited for a letter and had no choice in appointment date or time.

I know this new style of doing things will not suit everyone but it certainly works for me.

Blossoming Wed 22-Nov-23 10:19:51

It works for me too littleflo. The GP surgery records, including blood test results, are all online. The hospital appointments are all online. Consultations can be by telephone. Eye examinations, blood tests and any vaccinations need a visit to the hospital, surgery or blood test clinic and these are usually carried out quickly with very little waiting. Maybe it depends where you live.