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Spain . Renewables keeping prices low.

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Nandalot Sun 31-Mar-24 16:15:54

My DS who lives in Spain told me today that Spain’s wholesale electricity prices are now negative between 2pm and 5pm asa result of wind and hydroelectric power. A pity UK seems so reluctant to commit whole heartedly to renewables.

Jane71 Sun 31-Mar-24 16:39:47

Presumably because there is low demand and high output?
Aren't UK energy companies thinking of applying differential prices depending on the time of day?

OldFrill Sun 31-Mar-24 17:39:32

Renewables in the UK will not lead to cheap electricity. The investment in the infrastructure is £billions. We are building factories to manufacture cable to import power generated by solar farms in the like if Morocco. Battery storage factories are being plonked here there and everywhere, total disregard to the affect/threat to communities. Wind turbines are littering the landscape, being imported at great expense from abroad with no concern as to what happens when they've outlived their short lives. Foreign multinationals are bribing communities to turn a blind eye to environmental issues (these bribes will come out of the profit generated by our utility payments).
Cheap electricity? Green electricity? Dream on.

Nandalot Sun 31-Mar-24 17:41:37

But the point is, the prices are minus 0.01 euros at this time. This has got to be a benefit. Even if not all consumers can benefit a out at work, factories and businesses can. This rate has been attributed to wind and hydro power.

Nandalot Sun 31-Mar-24 17:43:11

Spanish wholesale prices that is.

OldFrill Fri 05-Apr-24 02:58:24

At what cost?