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6 items in your home brings u joy! Not including family!

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HeavenLeigh Tue 02-Apr-24 19:53:47

My bed especially clean bedding! My four pets yes I know they are family. My grandfather clock chiming away! My iPad. My Tv. My fire surrounds with the lovely flames glowing when it’s cold.

HeavenLeigh Tue 02-Apr-24 19:54:57

Oh I’m going to have to add my garden 👊

Granniesunite Tue 02-Apr-24 20:03:22

The peace and quiet when it’s just me awake and my husband is sleeping.

The buzz when the family visit.

The sun streaming in the French doors. Occasionally..

The sound of the grass being cut by the gardener.

The smell of the roses from under the living room window. (Planted by the previous occupant I might add.)

My IPad.

Churchview Tue 02-Apr-24 20:28:33

My lovely bed, the birdbath full of splashing birds, my books, candles, flowers, the view from the windows.

kittylester Tue 02-Apr-24 20:33:36

I love my home especially our recently refitted kitchen. It has a window seat which looks out onto our tiny courtyard garden.

We too have a grandfather clock that chimes the quarters as well as the hours - it's never right but so homely and comforting. I remember it chiming in my granny's house and our family home before inherited it.

And I love my whole house after our cleaners have been.

I also love the hall and particularly the tucked away door to the downstairs shower room. DH thinks that's very odd.

Our tiny garden is well looked after by our brilliant gardener who persuaded us to have a wall hung water feature - fabulous.

The 2 sides of the house are joined by a glass corridor between the roofs - a fabulous place to sit if it's not too hot.

We often have the grandchildren here and the house embraces them.

I am getting carried away now. But I love our home.

lixy Tue 02-Apr-24 20:36:59

My one stylish ornament - a £2 jug from a charity shop, currently displaying tulips.

The radio.

Comfortable chair in the conservatory.

My bike.

Maslin pan for jam-making (and a row of gleaming jars of home-made preserves)

Have to agree about the fresh bed linen - a proper treat.

ginny Wed 03-Apr-24 11:34:46

My bed after a busy day.

My baking tins in their big drawer.

The garden in summer when it is colourful and quiet.

My dedicated craft room.

The ‘dog leg’ stairs 😊

That it is in a small town which has most everything we need within walking distance including lots of countryside .

Knittypamela Wed 03-Apr-24 12:24:32

My huge TV
My bookshelves full of books
My knitting
My houseplants
My ipad
My basket of cotton reels

DanniRae Wed 03-Apr-24 13:02:50

My favourite armchair with everything I might need to hand
Including: My diary-my kindle-my knitting-latest magazine-mobile & landline-various baskets filled with smaller stuff I might want
All my books
My tv
My bed (with clean linen)
My garden - small but just right for us!

JamesandJon33 Thu 04-Apr-24 11:17:24

Our new , big brass bed
The balcony to our bedroom
The wallpaper in the living room.
The plant filled conservatory.
Lots of books

Ailidh Thu 04-Apr-24 11:31:12

My dog.
My Alexa dot: I love being able to tell it things to put on my shopping list as I think of them rather than making notes somewhere and losing the paper.
My new Sky Glass TV, so clear!
My bed.
My front door: I live in supported accommodation and love the community - but it's great to come in to the flat and gently lock the door.

gulligranny Thu 04-Apr-24 11:41:30

The fact that our house is built of old-stock bricks (I'd love to know the story behind the ones painted silver!)

The round window in the hall

The 250-year-old beech tree in the garden

Our bedroom with its skylight windows, so we look up into that beech tree

Our two conservatory-type chairs in front of the patio doors so we can look out on the wildlife round our little pond

The fairy lights my DH has put up because he knows I like them

Flossieturner Thu 04-Apr-24 12:00:33

By big glass wall which lets me see my garden.
My electric blanket and electric throw.
The pottery that my daughter makes

Flossieturner Thu 04-Apr-24 12:04:59

They make me laugh every time I look at them

Flossieturner Thu 04-Apr-24 12:05:29


Truffle43 Thu 04-Apr-24 12:13:33

My kindle ,sewing machine. bath pyjamas and my duvet, bliss.

Patsy70 Thu 04-Apr-24 13:05:19

Our dog, the garden, the log fire in the Winter, freshly baked bread, our comfortable bed at the end of the day, my Kindle. 😊

fancythat Fri 05-Apr-24 11:42:01

I started to write a list a couple of days ago, and realised that what I was describing were not actually items. So I had to delete.
Made me a bit thoughtful actually.

grannyactivist Fri 05-Apr-24 15:36:31

My art supplies.


Photographs of family.

A well stocked larder/fridge/freezer.

My Police Commendation. (It’s not on show, but I know it’s there.)

In my hallway I have two rows of pretty string/ribbon with pegs holding the cards I receive throughout the year. It gives me joy to think of the people who sent me the cards. After Christmas all the cards are removed and the strings slowly fill up again.