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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 15-Mar-19 06:14:39

Good Morning Everyone,
Its light but grey clouds over Brackley this morning, usual shop today plus maybe go to the chippy for a change for some F & C .

kittylester Fri 15-Mar-19 06:21:20

Morning mick, morning all.

Our weather in North Leicestershire is pretty similar. We are having a visit from youngest daughter and youngest dgs who is 4 months old.

Enjoy your days everyone.

mumofmadboys Fri 15-Mar-19 06:26:34

Good morning all! Hope the wind is less wild today. Playing in a bridge Congress much of this weekend.

Kalu Fri 15-Mar-19 06:27:39

Good morning Mick and everyone to come. Very high winds in Perthshire as forecast. It feels like Groundhog day☹️

Horrible conditions for Soop and Macs travels today which makes a long journey even more tiring and they will be on my mind willing them safely home.

Hoping your GD is feeling better today Marydoll

Beechnut Fri 15-Mar-19 06:40:29

Good Morning everyone.

Dry and cloudy outside. I’m back in my own bed this morning.

Off out to do some shopping this morning then have a FaceTime planned with my SiL at lunchtime. Gardeners World tonight so I’m going to add a veg to my usual flower.

Hope you all have a good day 🌺🥕🥕🍎

NanKate Fri 15-Mar-19 06:42:05

Morning Mick and All.

Calm and overcast in Sussex. Coming home this morning after our latest stint looking after the DGSs. Some rest and relaxation needed.

NfkDumpling Fri 15-Mar-19 06:44:20

Morning All

Very overcast and still a bit breezy here in the north of Norfolk.

Art classs this morning and then back to wading through all the photos Best Beloved and I took on holiday. There’s rather a lot and if I don’t delete at least half of them now my ‘puter’s memory will be full.

Gagagran Fri 15-Mar-19 07:04:36

Good Morning everyone.

It's damp and cloudy here on the south coast but does not appear windy. We have to pick up a click and collect order and go to the library this morning but not much else planned.

Hope the day is kind to us all.

Willow10 Fri 15-Mar-19 07:18:24

Good morning all. Dry but very windy in E. Northants. Ten pin bowling with U3A this morning followed by lunch with a friend. Enjoy your fish and chips Mick - I'm having the same! Hope it's a pleasant day for everyone.

Marydoll Fri 15-Mar-19 07:18:55

Good morning from a very windy day in Glasgow.

A change of plans today. DD, DIL and I were going out for coffee to have a planning meeting for DD's wedding next year, whilst DGD (aged 3), looked after papa. grin
However,we are now going to have it at our home, as DGD is still unwell. It was exhausting looking after her yesterday, she was a poor wee lamb. 😴

Everything is last minute with DD, so we are trying to get her on track. It wouldn't surprise me if she waited until the week before the wedding, to go online looking for a wedding dress! 😁

Wishing a safe journey home for Soop and McSp. It is a three and three quarter hours' journey home on roads, which I don't fancy driving on.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

Greyduster Fri 15-Mar-19 07:19:18

Good morning Michael and all GNs. A bright start in South Yorkshire. There is talk of going swimming this morning but I might manage to find an excuse to do something else!! I ought to spend some time in the garden now the wind has dropped. Have a good day all.

gillybob Fri 15-Mar-19 07:21:54

Good morning from a very wild and windy NE coast.

I am also thinking of Marydolls little granddaughter and her asthma poor little lamb.

Off to “that place” until lunch time then on baby sitting duties, picking my dad up to take him for his shopping etc. Which won’t be much fun in these high winds.

Have a good Friday everyone. x

Nanabanana1 Fri 15-Mar-19 07:31:54

Good morning all another blustery day here in Torbay, just listening to the terrible news from New Zealand my heart goes out to all affected.
Grandchildren coming for sleepover today and Grandaughter wants to go for bubble tea tomorrow 😱
Wishing all a good day.

BlueSapphire Fri 15-Mar-19 07:35:31

Good morning to all; still very windy in Northampton, wish it would ease off.
Going to have an easy morning and then collect the DGDs from school this afternoon and give them tea.
Hope the day goes well for everyone.

Nana3 Fri 15-Mar-19 07:41:17

Good morning all, dull but not raining in Lancashire.
Day out in Liverpool with friends for me, lovely.
Have a good day everyone.

1inamillion Fri 15-Mar-19 07:41:24

Morning Mick and everyone.
Groundhog Day weather here on south Glam coast too. The forecast for tomorrow is even worse.

Enjoy your Friday whatever your plans.

Susan56 Fri 15-Mar-19 07:47:32

Good morning.Dull,grey day in Shropshire.Playgroup this morning then coffee and cake with some of the mums.DGD still asleep so it’s going to be a rush to get there on time.
Have a good day everyone.

harrigran Fri 15-Mar-19 07:48:46

Good morning, sunny but gale force wind again. The wind had eased when I went to bed so didn't put my ear plugs in, big mistake.
We had fish and chip lunch at the seaside yesterday, everything was getting sand blasted.
I feel a three hour plus journey for soop will be extremely tiring so early post op.

oldgaijin Fri 15-Mar-19 08:03:32

Good morning from a bright but blustery Aberdeenshire...there has been rain through the night. The forecast is snow, but further South, so I hope this NE corner stays clear.
The mutt and are going to the woods again this morning, to play with his new little mates.
Am expecting a visit this afternoon from a long time chum who lives partly in France, partly in Scotland so am looking forward to a good blather.
Have a good day everyone.

dragonfly46 Fri 15-Mar-19 08:07:40

Good morning still gusty here in Leicestershire.

Waitrose for a change this morning then taking trousers back to M & S. I really should learn!

nana also woke up to the dreadful news from New Zealand. We live in a very cruel world. Maybe Comic Relief will raise our spirits tonight.

marydoll I hope your little one feels better today.

ninathenana Fri 15-Mar-19 08:11:27

Good morning

Still grey and windy in Kent. Usual Friday food shop and coffee out. Not much else happening here.
Have a good day all.

Brunette10 Fri 15-Mar-19 08:13:22

Good Morning to all from a bright and dry Fife. Going to go out for my first shop in about 11 days. Been living out of freezer recently. Marydoll I do hope DGD gets better soon. Hope everyone has a pleasant day.

megan123 Fri 15-Mar-19 08:22:18

Good morning all. Dull but dry, at least the relentless rain has stopped. Busy day, which my dog won't like (he loves peace and quiet)!

Sorry your little one is still poorly, what a worry for you Marydoll. Hope she soon settles.

Have a good day everyone and things improve for those with worries.

Mapleleaf Fri 15-Mar-19 08:27:16

Good morning,
A bright and yet another very blustery morning here in South Yorkshire. The wind did die down a bit last night, but started up again about 3 am. I've had enough of it now!
Enjoyed my meet up yesterday for lunch.
Today, must crack on with the ironing - I do have a tendency to put it off!!😁

megan123 Fri 15-Mar-19 08:35:43

Just seen the note about the journey time for Soop and Mac, good heavens that is a long time - I hope the weather is kind to them. Wishing them well.