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Lilypops Sat 16-Nov-19 22:42:02

Having just watched the interview with Emily Maitlis, I just cannot make my mind up about him , I find it strange that he could not recollect having that photo taken with the girl with his arm around him , I thought he was very cautious with his answers, What do you all think ?

Bridgeit Sat 16-Nov-19 22:46:03

Yeah same as you really Lillypops,
Not sure if he has made it worse , poor Queenie, she must be mortified !

Smileless2012 Sat 16-Nov-19 22:47:12

Well having seen clips of the interview on BBC's breakfast show this morning I decided not to watch it tonight.

From what I saw he came across very badly especially when he said he'd let the RF down. IMO he let all who have been the victims of sexual abuse and sexual predators down.

I have no idea why anyone would wish to remain a friend of a convicted sex offender.

grapefruitpip Sat 16-Nov-19 22:51:32

Nothing to make your mind up about......he is a total sleeze ball.

Lilypops Sat 16-Nov-19 22:51:49

Can't understand why PA felt he had to go and see JE after he came out of prison , he said he felt it was the honourable thing to do , What ! All he had to do was write ,phone or even send an aide to say he couldn't continue his friendship
Yes poor Queenie , one son who wanted to be a Tampax , and the other keeps dubious company !!

Chestnut Sat 16-Nov-19 23:18:30

I want to believe him but it's such a dubious story. His memory seems to be failing him on some very important issues. He has no memory of the girl with her arm around him. His reasons for visiting the house for four days are weak and he saw nothing and heard nothing despite the fact girls were coming and going from the house? I'm finding his story very hard to believe. The Queen really doesn't deserve this.

BlueBelle Sat 16-Nov-19 23:28:54

Well even if the girl had made the sex part up there’s a blooming picture of him with his arm round her so when he says he doesn’t know her and never been near her he’s a lying toe rag isn’t he ? There’s another picture of him waving one of the young girls out the door almost hiding behind the door to keep out of sight

merlotgran Sat 16-Nov-19 23:30:55

Some of his arguments/excuses seem way over the top. Saying he suffered excessive release of adrenaline in the Falklands which meant he is unable to sweat seemed unnecessary. Why not just say he is fortunate not to be a person who sweats heavily? If ever he is cross examined in court this will be checked with his doctors.

Remembering the details of a trip to Pizza Express with Beatrice when he can't remember what went on in Ghislaine Maxwell's house?


And where was his security detail in all this.

mrsmopp Sat 16-Nov-19 23:37:12

I’m not convinced by him at all. He does not come across as an honest person. It’s all bluff and bluster and he thinks he can escape by saying he doesn’t remember meeting the girl instead of denying outright that he met her. If he denies he met her that would be perjury, but he doesn’t deny meeting her, he escaped by saying he doesn’t remember,
I don’t believe him.

Grammaretto Sun 17-Nov-19 06:24:42

The interview brought back memories of the Profumo affair. Entitled, rich people hiding behind their self importance.

Such a selective memory PA has!

The Royal "we" was used a lot unless he was referring to some hidden advisors.
I could easily become a Republican.

Oopsminty Sun 17-Nov-19 06:53:41

Not seen the interview.

The man was always a bit of a loose cannon. Randy Andy and all that.

The only thing I believe is, it is possible he doesn't remember the photo being taken.

I've got pictures of me that I have no recall of either

And he'll have posed for thousands in his time

But what a foolish man

Grandma70s Sun 17-Nov-19 06:56:20

I still feel it’s a big fuss about not much. He may have had sex with an underage girl (though of course she was not underage in England, only in America), and I doubt very much if he’s the only upper class male to have done that - but we do not know and probably never will.

The only real villain in this case is (apparently) Epstein, who trafficked young girls for prostitution.

I see no reason to believe the girl rather than Andrew. It seems to me quite believable that he can remember some details and not others. Many of us are the same.

What a fuss. He’s not the most attractive Royal, but no need to vilify him completely.

And don’t forget he is the Duke of Edinburgh’s son, and I dare say the Duke’s reaction to Andrew’s alleged misdemeanours would be “Well done, son”.

BlueBelle Sun 17-Nov-19 07:28:15

Of course the real villain was Epstein but that doesn’t exclude Andrew and other hangers-on grandma how does he explain his continued friendship and staying with, after he knew about Epstein being a sex offender and are you really saying it’s all ok because his father has had a bit of a questionable character in the past

Andrew says being friends with Epstein offered him useful opportunities ??? And he has no regrets, is this really a good thing for him to be arrogantly pointing out
I think he has remembered what he wants to remember I havent got a very good memory but given a photo of me in the past I d remember it however I may not remember the name of the person with me
Andrews words about Epstein were his behaviour was ‘unbecoming’ ummmmmmmm

sunseeker Sun 17-Nov-19 07:57:39

I have an interest in the study of body language. When he said he doesn't remember meeting "that lady", he blinks rapidly - an involuntary sign of deception.

Grandma70s Sun 17-Nov-19 07:59:29

No, of course I’m not saying it’s OK because his father had a “bit of a questionable character in the past”. I’m saying that his upbringing (from his father) could have influenced his behaviour and what is considered acceptable.

Do you just drop and shun your friends because you discover they have done something wrong? I hope I wouldn’t, at least not instantly.

Calendargirl Sun 17-Nov-19 08:03:39

Just discussing this with DH. The interview was all about recollections or not. Had he met so many young women around that time that they all merged? It felt like evasive answers were being given. If the woman’s claims are not true, he should have categorically and vigorously denied them. And when asked if he would swear on oath, should have said ‘absolutely, in order to clear my name’. But that was hedged as well.
I would like to believe him, and think the woman is yet another hoping to get a payout from all this, but sadly it all seems very iffy.
When will people in the public eye realise that your reputation is worth a lot, and you have to work hard to uphold it.
As well as severing links with Epstein, he should also have steered clear of Ghislaine Maxwell also, but it seems he was still in touch with her relatively recently.
Very poor judgement indeed.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 17-Nov-19 08:05:35

I hope the NSPCC of which I am a permanent contributor, jettison him forthwith as patron.

I shall be mailing them with that request.

oldgimmer1 Sun 17-Nov-19 08:15:19

I don't believe the girl. I reckon she's after a payout.

Randy Andy has shown appalling judgement and is an entitled sleazebag of a man at best.

He's never going to appear in Court, and all the evidence is circumstantial at best.


Whitewavemark2 Sun 17-Nov-19 08:23:57

Who was in the photo then?

Epstein was a convicted paedophile and know for his orgy-type of parties where young girls were provided.

His guests including Andrew were flown to his various property in Epstein’s private jet named Lolita Express.

What do you think Andrew was doing when the rest of the men were indulging in goodness knows what with young women procured by Epstein?

Why on earth would he attend these “parties” if he had no intention of indulging in such sordid activities.

Where was the regret shown of the harm done to these children?

Iam64 Sun 17-Nov-19 08:30:38

I can believe he doesn't remember one particular photograph taken several years ago.

There is no way he can continue to be a patron of the NSPCC. That organisation has focussed on work with victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse and exploitation, developing treatment programs. He may not be guilty of a criminal offence but he is 'guilty' of very poor judgement at best. His claims that because he lives in an institution, ie Buck Palace, he's used to 'staff' wandering about, so thought all the young women at Epstein's place were 'staff' - would be laughable if it wasn't offensive. They were 'staff' in some ways, they were there to service Epstein and his friends.

Grandma70 - you ask whether others would "drop their friends because they have done something wrong. I hope I wouldn't at least not instantly" . PA didn't drop his friend 'instantly, he stayed with JE some years after his conviction for sex offences. His explanation that it was a convenient place to stay is nonsensical. He could stay anywhere in NYC.

I don't know who advised PA to do this interview. He'd have been coached and rehearsed before hand. However, it's a total car crash and sadly, what it leads to is the conclusion of a not terribly bright man, who is arrogant, has a huge sense entitlement and no regard whatsoever for the young women trafficked by his friend.

JenniferEccles Sun 17-Nov-19 08:30:54

My husband and I were discussing how arrogant Andrew came across in the interview and interestingly Nicholas Witchell used the same word.

I found it unbelievable that he refused to admit that his friendship with Epstein was a mistake.

He requested the interview apparently. He would have known what the questions would have been so he had plenty of opportunity to phrase his answers, yet he was still unconvincing, wasn’t he?

AllotmentLil Sun 17-Nov-19 08:57:32

I have only seen clips of the interview but from what I have heard I won’t waste time listening to an arrogant man making excuses.
I have just heard that an acquaintance of mine has just been put on the sex offenders register. Yes, I will do my best to avoid him.

Grandma70s Sun 17-Nov-19 08:57:45

Iam64: I know he didn't shun Epstein immediately. That was the point. Many people seem to be thinking he should have done.

He is certainly not very bright, though I think the word ‘arrogant’ is used and misused far too much about anyone unpopular

suziewoozie Sun 17-Nov-19 09:15:01

This has also been discussed on Gracious Majesty thread as I thought it was more important than castigating MM for wanting to spend Christmas with her mother. I think some of you are missing the point when you focus on just whether he had sex with this particular young woman. It’s fundamentally about the long term friendship he had with JE who was well known for his parties at which young girls ( even if over the age of consent) were freely available for older richer powerful men to basically use for their sexual pleasure and exploitation.

Watch the Prince and the Paedophile on C4 dispatches for the full sleazey context. JE also paid off some of SF’s debts brokered by PA. He went to a dinner to celebrate JE’s release and as we know stayed in his house for several days after he was released.

He has made a laughing stock of the RF - last night I nearly cried with laughter at the reviews on google for the Pizza Express at Woking. I hope HM doesn’t see fit to be photographed going to church with him anytime soon as she did in the summer.

There are victims in this whole sorry sage and I’m sure more is to come out. I do not believe JE killed himself.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 17-Nov-19 09:15:37

In my newspaper today.

Headline about Andrew and sex with girls procured by a known paedophile.

The next page headline, sex for cash by our Prime Minister, with Acura.

Where is decency?