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Has anyone else's internal clock gone up the Swanwee?

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Evie64 Sun 05-Apr-20 02:43:29

Since the lock down and on the rota for the school where I work so occasionally working from home, my internal clock has lost it's mojo. I'm not sleeping at all well so I end up getting up at silly o'clock for a few hours, messing about on my laptop for a bit (like now for instance!), perhaps watching a bit of TV. Staying up for a few hours, eating breakfast/brunch and then going back to bed until lunchtime/early afternoon. Madness! I tried putting my alarm on so I could stick to a routine but I get into bed and toss and turn and worry for a bit, crash out for a couple of hours and then up again and sleep through the damn alarmsad. Still, I suppose that's not much to worry about in the great scheme of things happening today is it? Anyone else feeling the same?

annep1 Sun 05-Apr-20 05:26:27

Yes! I'm waking and sleeping at all hours of the day and night. No rhyme or reason to it. I've just finished a book. Tried to sleep. Gave up and did some puzzles. I might try for some sleep now. So annoying. ..

Juliet27 Sun 05-Apr-20 05:31:10

But aren't the birds singing nicely at this time annep1 Doesn't help with sleep though does it.

fatgran57 Sun 05-Apr-20 06:54:50

I really do not know what day it is when I wake up.

This morning it took me a good few seconds to go through the days to remember what today was.

Not sleeping very well and daylight saving finished last night in Australia so that will make things worse!

Not having grandchildren to take or pickup from school has made each day now seem just the same, no routine to keep to - just mealtimes.

Not so bad on a nice day but we are coming into winter and the weather has been wet lately.

Not moaning just commentingsmile

Calendargirl Sun 05-Apr-20 07:40:53

I wake up even earlier than usual, today I lay in bed until 6, then got up and went for a long walk. Saw 1 other person, home after about 50 minutes.

morethan2 Sun 05-Apr-20 08:03:39

Walking yesterday I spied someone in their garden so I waved and shouted “I’d say good morning but I don’t know if it’s morning or afternoon “ he replied “your lucky I don’t know what day it is” I think it’s the same for a lot of us. Ps when I got home I looked at my watch to check, only then did I realise I hadn’t reset it last Sunday so I was an hour out, not that it matter one jot these days.

SillyNanny321 Sun 05-Apr-20 11:05:21

Go to bed & sleep for a couple of hours, wake up & cant sleep for hours. Doze off & the alarm goes off. Breakfast & a cuppa then so tired either sleep on the sofa or crawl back to bed having to turf my poor cat off as the bed is hers during the day as I usually try to get out most days.
At least now I know I am not alone. We are all going crazy just not together!

sazz1 Sun 05-Apr-20 11:15:57

Same here can't sleep til around 4am then sleep til 10am and sleep in the afternoon. Hungry at midnight as only feel hungry at teatime. Body clock all over the place. Glad it's not just me

Annaram1 Sun 05-Apr-20 11:20:43

Fell asleep on my sofa just as Twin was ending and the programme about those sweet little twin girls came on. Fuming as I don't know how Twin finished and I am puzzled about how the parents managed to adopt what looks like little Chinese girls. Can anyone shed any light? Went to bed after and woke up far too early...

jocork Sun 05-Apr-20 11:22:44

My body clock isn't too bad, though I do seem to be sleeping longer. I just struggle to know what day it is. I work in a school and have timetabled lessons normally, so always have that trouble in school holidays. I'm not even on the rota to go into school as I'm 'vulnerable' so every day is the same!

MamaCaz Sun 05-Apr-20 11:33:39

I'm another who isn't struggling with the time of day, but who is struggling to know what day of the week it is. It's quite disconcerting to wake up in the morning and have to lie there working that one out!

All this free time, but there still aren't enough hours in the day for me to do everything I would like, though 😁

glammanana Sun 05-Apr-20 11:35:08

I am feeling quite sorry for myself as I had just started to get myself on an even keel after loosing my darling husband in December and then this happens at a time when I really need my family,I would be lost without the internet to pass the time there is only so much TV you can watch.
I am trying to keep the day as normal as possible by getting changed during the day and keeping to meal times but its going to become harder as the weeks progress I think.

Ngaio1 Sun 05-Apr-20 11:37:27

Very much so! I wouldn't ill wish anyone but am relieved that I am not on my own. I do so hate to be waking at 11am after spending several "dark" hours pottering about.

Esmerelda Sun 05-Apr-20 11:37:54

I always have trouble sleeping so it's no different to usual when I wake up at 2.00 am and can't go back to sleep. I've taken to trawling through the freeview channels to find something to watch, before settling down again to wait for 6 o'clock (and sometimes being lucky enough to doze for half an hour), when I consider it OK to get up. I never set the alarm!
Annaram1, I've never seen Twin but I did see the documentary about the Chinese girls some time ago ... as these programmes were on BBC4 I'd suggest you catch up on i-player.

Aepgirl Sun 05-Apr-20 11:46:14

My sleeping has improved so much since the lockdown - sometimes sleeping right through. I have no idea why, but at least this is something positive for me.

Laurensnan Sun 05-Apr-20 11:50:26

We'll I've been on sleeping pills since my son died and since this all started even they don't work! I toss and turn all night. I'm wide awake while tired, or I'm thinking of a million things when I wake in the night so can't nod off again. I sit on the sofa hardly able to keep awake and yet I shut my eyes my brain comes alive!! I'm no where near as busy or active as I used to be so I think my body isn't worn out enough to sleep, even though my mind is. My eyes are sore with the lack of sleep, feel like I have a permanent hangover 🤣

Growing0ldDisgracefully Sun 05-Apr-20 11:51:02

Same here, not sleeping well then when I do, waking up ridiculously late and then not getting dressed until stupid-o'clock. One of the problems with sleeping (apart from the incessant hot-spots all night long), is that about 4 months ago I woke up with a horrible pain in the neck (no, not my husband) all down one side. I put this down to sleeping awkwardly and thought it would right itself. Well it hasn', it keeps me awake at might and I was contemplating going to the doctor about it. Kept putting it off as I detest going to the doctor as you always come away with more ailments than you went in with. Then all the panic broke loose about the virus, followed by the lockdown. So looks like I'm just going to have to continue putting up with it. Ho hum. After all its nothing compared to what so many are going through.

polnan Sun 05-Apr-20 11:55:56

Morethan 2... love your post!

Glammanand... hugs and hugs.. I am in a similar positiong

now time wise... I know what day it is ,,, usually, got lost Wednesday though

it is sense of time I seem to have lost... lost in a no time capsule..... everything out of sink... sync !LOL

weeks, years even.. all mixed up
but then I haven`t sleep well for years now... so no change there for me...

Purplepixie Sun 05-Apr-20 11:57:17

I’m not doing too bad as I have stayed to a routine for getting up and going to bed. Also I have enjoyed doing lots of meals and freezing them and baking cakes/biscuits for the three of us. Crafts keep me busy and also the garden has never looked better. I think after this I will look at life a lot differently as a lot of people will as well. I spoke to my eldest son the other day and they have actually had to eat together, all 4 of them and spend all this time together and found that it has been great. Something positive. I try not to watch the news too much and all 3 of us are staying in. DH is the one who goes out for the shopping and we practically hose him down when he comes back along with the food. Strangely, I have never slept better but I am knackered at the end of the day with keeping myself so busy. Sorry to all of the people who are not sleeping and sending you all big hugs. Stay safe and we will get through this. X

Purplepixie Sun 05-Apr-20 11:59:07

Grammanana - Sending you love and hugs. Xx

glammanana Sun 05-Apr-20 12:13:44

Purplepixie thanks so much am in need of a hug x

Chardy Sun 05-Apr-20 12:27:28

Are we all on farmers' time? You know up when it gets light, wanting to go to bed when it gets dark.
Imo the waking up in the night is because we're not getting out like normal. I am trying so hard to wait until I am really, really tired before going to bed.
(Sorry to hear that Glammanana - I discovered the joy of Zoom this week, and spent half an hour with DGD. Can recommend)

grandtanteJE65 Sun 05-Apr-20 12:29:17

I always have difficulty adjusting to summer time, but it is no worse this year than any other year.

I have been a pensioner for years now, but I can well believe that the lockdown is harder on those who still in normal circumstances go to work.

Rosiebee Sun 05-Apr-20 12:29:29

I'm not sure if it's a by-product of having the virus - I wasn't well for about 10 days - but even 7 days after having 3 normal temperature readings, I'm still sleeping like a log at night. I only ever sleep during the day when I am ill and I really believe it's my body's way of trying to heal itself. It was the first thing that made me suspect I had the virus. I still haven't got much energy to do a lot during the day but when my head hits the pillow, it's usually 8 hours before I wake up. Also DH and I are sleeping in different rooms at the moment. Initially it was because we were both very hot at night, but we're sticking with it still as it's a time we have our little bit of private space to be quiet on our own.
I really feel for many of the folk on Gransnet who are going through such difficult circumstances. I know DH and I are fortunate to be in our position.

annep1 Sun 05-Apr-20 12:35:15

Well I'm glad ( and not glad) to know its not just me. I seem to have lost my appetite a bit too. I'm trying the vagus nerve breathing thing to aid sleep and relax. It works sometimes.
I must open my window Juliet 😊