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GabriellaG54 Sun 10-May-20 19:20:05

Well, whaddya think?

I thought he came across very well. No long words. No faffing. Plain and simple.

Calendargirl Mon 11-May-20 09:23:04

What about the supermarket workers who have been carrying on all through this? Although we as customers have 2 metre queueing outside, one way system round store and squared out floor space, the staff are valiantly filling shelves and not able to social distance from each other or in their back warehouse either I suspect. But we all want our groceries of course, and are quite happy to not really worry about whether sufficient measure have been in place for them the last 7 weeks or so.

Rosalyn69 Mon 11-May-20 09:23:07

What lemongrove said.
I’d like to see employers and employees looking for solutions instead of moaning.
A bankrupt country with millions unemployed and poverty and hardship. Is that really what people want?

Grannynannywanny Mon 11-May-20 09:23:27

Sorry to hear of your mobility restrictions Serendipity.

Does your MS place you in a more vulnerable category?

And are your GC old enough to understand they have to keep their distance from you?

If neither of those points are problematic then I honestly can’t see that being any more risk than a distanced park walk.

But it doesn’t seem to fit in to what’s currently allowed. So I suspect many will say no you can’t.

Stay safe 💐

FarNorth Mon 11-May-20 09:26:51

What on Earth is woolly about saying ‘avoid public transport where you can ?!

What's woolly is how to stay safe if you can't avoid public transport because of distance to work which your employer is insisting you get to, coupled with non car ownership.

Juicylucy Mon 11-May-20 09:41:36

Complete confusion listened to the announcement back then read it again online contradicts himself many times.
Lot is resting on the 50 page document that he’s realising today to explain in detail. No guidance at all.

hicaz46 Mon 11-May-20 09:44:24

Why was he so angry? His fists were clenched and he was almost shouting at the viewers. Was it because what he was saying was wishy washy and really not clear at all.

Laurensnan Mon 11-May-20 09:44:25

I was Peter happy with it and the way Boris delivered it. It's the minority of the public we have to worry about, who make up their own rules that the rest of us are fully understanding. It's not all the government's fault I wish the country would realise, some of it is our own society not following what is asked of them. I'm glad about being able to travel a bit I can get away from my hour at my local park at last 🤣

anti Mon 11-May-20 09:44:27

....and I agree too Gabriella! Who would want to be a leader of any country right now?? These are baby steps, so let's do as we have been asked please and be nice!

Scotmom Mon 11-May-20 09:44:40

I’m in Scotland....still staying safe at home

Thecatshatontgemat Mon 11-May-20 09:45:13

Completely missed it.
But gathering from the comments above, it just seem like the same old same old.
If we haven't got this thing under control, why are we now okay to change our distancing etc.??
The next few weeks could prove very interesting......

Happygirl79 Mon 11-May-20 09:45:46

I thought it was pretty shocking that he made us wait from Thursday until Sunday for nothing really
Too much blathering on thank you thank you etc
Its all been said before
He lacks leadership skills

Ultralark Mon 11-May-20 09:45:50

The man has an impossible job in this situation. Whatever he said would be criticised. He will one side of the tightrope or the other.

Lesley60 Mon 11-May-20 09:46:28

Like so many other grandparents I just want him to say I can visit the grandkids, they only live around the corner.
Their father has had to return to work so surely I’m not such a risk as the people he works with as I don’t go out.

optimist Mon 11-May-20 09:47:52

Smells of Cummings.
Its a plan.

BBbevan Mon 11-May-20 09:49:11

I’m in Wales. As long as we don’t get hoards coming over the border to “ exercise. we should be fine. Stay at home and see how it goes in England ’

Flakesdayout Mon 11-May-20 09:49:17

I was not impressed. Things have now changed again this morning, we can meet someone outside the family in a park but keep distance, then it changed to two people. My colleagues and family who are working at home find it no problem. How will parents manage if they have a child in reception or year 1 who can go back but not a year 2,3,4,or 5. We definitely near clear guidlines and I would personally have kept the lockdown on for another couple of weeks.

Rondetto Mon 11-May-20 09:49:18

There will always be people against whatever Boris Johnson does, can you imagine the country If Corbyn had been in power. Boris has matured into a very good statesman.
He is surprising a lot of people, but they forget that he is a very clever man. I believe he is genuine and can get us out of any mess that comes our way from now on.

NannyG123 Mon 11-May-20 09:50:42

I went for ac walk on Sat early evening. Lots of people about, lots had earphones in, and were looking at their phones rather than where they were going. Numerous times I had to get v out of their way and walk in a fairly busy main. road. Got quite stressed , also anxious about going out again.

Missgran Mon 11-May-20 09:51:33

I agree with Gabriellag54 I thought he came across pretty clear to me jobs like construction and industrial where you can’t work home also about sitting in parks good for those without green spaces

Buffy Mon 11-May-20 09:51:50

Love him or hate him, the poor man is doing his best. He won’t please everyone no matter what he decides. I would rather we continued cautiously but look at rioters in the USA and elsewhere. There is no easy so way to please everyone.

Buzzkaue Mon 11-May-20 09:51:52

some of it was clear ,so we can meet a friend in a park but sat 2 metres away ,but no 2 meters for family ? I am also an olderish foster carer , my year 6 child can go back to school from June 1, but we are isolating until June 28th ,so no going back to school until we think its safe, do they really believe reception years 1 and 2 can go to school where will the 2 metres s distancing be?
are we sending those children to school to start herd immunity?

Whitewavemark2 Mon 11-May-20 09:52:12

Blimey rondetto mature😄😄😄😄😄

Your faith is touching

PhilJaz Mon 11-May-20 09:53:10

Too many people thinking that Boris was going to say exactly what the media had speculated about. He didn’t, leaving so many people confused.

Sheila11 Mon 11-May-20 09:53:52

Sadly the newsreaders don’t help. Boris said we can now exercise longer and sit in the sun.
Newsreaders say we can go to the beach and sun bathe!
Boris said we can meet one other family member outside.
Newsreader said we can travel to beauty spots and meet up with family members.
The media really don’t help at all.

Brunette10 Mon 11-May-20 09:53:53

I've never been a 'Nicola' fan but at the moment she is leading very well and concise in all her speeches. I'm staying at home.