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How much? The price of what stuff surprises you?

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vegansrock Fri 07-Aug-20 08:06:44

Getting my MOT done and the garage said that what looks like a small plastic tray which protects the engine underneath costs £350 to replace!!!! ( I went for a repair not a new one btw). I am also shocked when having to buy ink for my printer - why is it so expensive? Is there anything you’ve noticed which you don’t understand why it costs so much ?

Spangler Fri 07-Aug-20 08:18:34

If the garage that you use is a proprietary owned, then chances are he will know of a reputable car breaker. Second hand car parts can be a minefield, but for something like a non working component that you described, you should be able to get that at a fraction of the cost.

Printer ink prices are scandalous.

Nortsat Fri 07-Aug-20 08:24:51

I know this is trivial compared with your astronomical car repair costs vegansrock but STAMPS !
I buy a book of 12 first class and they cleverly don’t say the cost of the actual stamp, they now just have ‘1st’ printed on them.

They are .76p each, that’s £9.12 for a book of 12. (That’s more than 15 shillings to post a letter).
At Chr***mas, I buy a couple of books of second class, well in advance, to send my cards.

Pantglas2 Fri 07-Aug-20 08:26:22

I’ve always found it to be cheaper to buy a new printer than replace cartridges which still shocks all these years later!

Elegran Fri 07-Aug-20 08:30:21

It should be that they sell you ink at a minor cost so that you will buy the printer, but manufacturers have cottoned on to the value of repeat sales, so they sell you a printer so as to make you keep buying ink.

It is capitalism. Once you have spent your capital on the hardware, you have to spend your income on the supporting disposables.

Dibbydod Fri 07-Aug-20 08:34:24

I buy compatible inks at a fraction of the cost for my printer and they are just as good if not even better . Just keep the originals when you replace them so if things go wrong with your printer then you can show that you always use their inks . Printer manufacturers are very clever , just be one step ahead of them .

Urmstongran Fri 07-Aug-20 08:35:44

The price of prescriptions! I’m exempt now of course but I think they’re £8-odd now. I remember in (? 1972) the introduction of a charge. It was 20p.

Puzzler61 Fri 07-Aug-20 08:38:07

DH wanted to stock up his beer fridge with some local ales so we went to a retail outlet that had a cafe.
We ordered Ploughman’s Lunch at £9.00 and were asked “ Cheese or Ham?”. ( I would have liked both but ham isn’t on a traditional Ploughman’s, and I couldn’t buy a slice of ham as an extra I was told”.
The plate of food that came to the table had on it:
a 3x2 in. piece of cheese; 3 baby tomatoes, 1 pickled onion, 1 small, foiled butter slab, a paper “egg cup top” size chutney,
3 sprigs of rocket lettuce.
The plate was half empty !!
I politely refused it and simply said “it’s not worth £9”.

In it’s place we were offered a plate with a large piece of warm quiche, a mixed mainly beetroot salad and a small green salad alongside. At least it filled the plate, and it was tasty.

Puzzler61 Fri 07-Aug-20 08:39:15

Oh sorry, I missed out a bread roll on the Ploughman’s. 😬

rubysong Fri 07-Aug-20 08:47:50

I've always avoided 'comparable' printer ink. When I worked in a school the IT technician told me not to get them as they can damage the printer, but I agree the genuine ones are very expensive. Has anyone actually had a printer damaged in this way?

Blinko Fri 07-Aug-20 08:47:59 can anyone afford to smoke? So glad we gave up 30+ years ago.

Lucca Fri 07-Aug-20 08:49:48

Cafe inside barker and Stonehouse charged £3.10 For a not very good americano coffee. It’s less than that in many Of our town centre upmarket independent cafés

Spangler Fri 07-Aug-20 08:50:14


The price of prescriptions! I’m exempt now of course but I think they’re £8-odd now. I remember in (? 1972) the introduction of a charge. It was 20p.

Prescriptions can be a rip off. As you say, nowadays they are over £8, but when your doctor prescribes your treatment you are not given a choice, you have to pay the prescription charge. By choice I mean paying over the counter for the same treatment.

Some ailments are treated with drugs that are not available to buy retail, but many are. Take a popular prescribed medication like Hydrocortisone skin creams. You can buy that for £4:50, but if it's prescribed, you pay the prescription charge.

You might argue that it's swings and roundabouts, it definitely isn't, a good deal of money is made out of prescription drugs, I just hope that it finds it's way into the NHS coffers, but cynic that I am, I'm more inclined to think that it's the pharmaceutical companies that make the most out of it.

Calendargirl Fri 07-Aug-20 08:56:32

I think about 88% of prescriptions are free of charge though.

ladymuck Fri 07-Aug-20 10:01:02

Books. I'm an avid reader anyway so always have a book on the go. I often buy books in charity shops but am wary of doing so now with this virus. I appreciate the work that goes into writing a book, but I do think the prices are high.

Nonnie Fri 07-Aug-20 10:19:43

Always a good idea when buying a printer to find out the cost of supplies, cheap printers usually require expensive ink. Better to pay more for the printer in the long run. We use compatibles and have never had a problem apart from one which didn't work.

I don't do the shopping but some months ago went into the supermarket and I was surprised at the price of biscuits - 2 packs for less that a £1. I also thought veg prices were lower than they used to be. I think it works both ways sometimes.

Went out for coffee on Wednesday and was surprised at how many people had bought take away coffees from Costa and Nero and were sitting around drinking them. They could have come to the outdoor cafe and bought 2 for 1! Makes me wonder if people think about prices.

SueDonim Fri 07-Aug-20 10:31:15

Tuna! I added a pack of four tins of John West tuna chunks in spring water to my online order this week. £5! shock I’m sure they were £3.75 last time I got them.

Then I read the numerous reviews which complained of poor quality and to buy Sainsbury’s own, which were better and are only £4.

Jessity Fri 07-Aug-20 10:52:41

Manufacturers' printer ink cartridges are hideously expensive. I've tried compatibles but often my Epson printer rejects them.

I've now decided that when the last compatible cartridge runs out, I shall ditch the printer and buy instead one of the newer type, an ink tank printer. Instead of cartridges, they have a tank for each colour and you buy a container of ink. My cost-conscious IT company son praises them and that's good enough for me.

BlueSky Fri 07-Aug-20 13:26:52

The price of salon colouring! Luckily I've always done my own.

HootyMcOwlface Fri 07-Aug-20 13:33:28

Yes printer cartridges! A double pack (black & a colour one) was nearly £50 for a HP printer. £50! I could buy a new printer with ink in it for less! Absolutely bonkers! I bought compatible instead but my printer won’t accept the colour one - I’m really narked about it.

callgirl1 Fri 07-Aug-20 16:55:17

Fish fingers. A pack of 30 Birdseye fish fingers costs £6.50!

Lucca Fri 07-Aug-20 16:59:10


Fish fingers. A pack of 30 Birdseye fish fingers costs £6.50!

So about 20p each.......🤷‍♀️

BlueSky Fri 07-Aug-20 17:09:18

Yes like the original Nespresso pods. They seem expensive but then a top quality cup of coffee is only about 35p! cafe

Luckygirl Fri 07-Aug-20 17:28:38

Removals! - I am reeling from the quotes I have been given!

SIL is trying to source a "man-with-a-van"!!!!

Oopsminty Fri 07-Aug-20 17:30:15


Fish fingers. A pack of 30 Birdseye fish fingers costs £6.50!

Is that right?!

That's extortionate

Not had them for years. Doubt I'll be getting any at that price

I think I'd have guessed they'd be about £1.80