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Soop's welcoming kitchen for kindly caring folk...

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soop Sat 24-Oct-20 12:03:57

Here we are again. As happy as we can be (in the circumstances). All good pals and jolly good company.

Cheers! cupcake wine brew cafe and whatever else that you fancy, providing it's legal. smile

dragonfly46 Sat 24-Oct-20 12:07:48

Good morning everyone.
Here are some flowers for the table.
I left some in the Lockdown Suite but there are enough for us all.

Grandmabatty Sat 24-Oct-20 12:12:37

A new kitchen with beautiful flowers! I've made lentil soup if anyone wants some.

annodomini Sat 24-Oct-20 12:22:03

dragonfly, what a lovely arrangement. You must be really artistic. Nice cosy new kitchen soop. You have a talent for creating a welcoming ambience. It's a bit wild outside so lovely to feel cosy and warm. My big maple is, if possible, even more red than before. It seems to lose leaves from the top initially, but if we get the predicted gale, the whole lot will come down and I'll have a soggy red carpet. I went for my flu jab this morning. Super-efficient, in and out in half a minute.
Speaking of soggy carpets: this morning I was hand-washing some smalls in the bathroom sink when the bottle of detergent slipped from my hand and spilt half its contents on the floor. I mopped it up with the bath and pedestal mats which I then dumped in the bath with the tap running. Upshot is that I have a lovely clean bathroom floor!
Cheers everyone. Keep warm; keep safe.

Puzzler61 Sat 24-Oct-20 12:28:06

Good morning to Kitchen people. soop you have been busy, rehanging the children and pets picture gallery.
dragonfly those flowers are exquisite!
I’ll pop back for lentil soup and the next instalment of the ghost story later Grandmabatty. I didn’t read yesterday’s instalment until late on as some berk rammed into the side of my car in the afternoon and I had to take photo’s, get a crime ref. number, talk to insurance people blah blah .....
I am fine, I was in a chemist shop at the time.

Puzzler61 Sat 24-Oct-20 12:28:36

Oh gosh it’s already good Afternoon, not morning.

soop Sat 24-Oct-20 12:54:33

dragonfly The flower arrangement is a work of art. The colours are stunning. Once upon a time, I had a silk Diane Fres dress with just those colours. Delightful.

Puzzler That must have been a shock for you. Thank goodness you were not inside the car at the time. Did the pharmacist look after you? As you say, there is a lot of necessary hassle after such an event.

anno The maple is the most colourful of trees at this time of the year. We pass one from time to time. It appears to be on fire.
That was the perfect place to spill the detergent. No harm done and the bonus of a sparkling bathroom. All very satisfactory.

Grandmabatty Your lentil soup would be perfect with the freshly baked bread and lashings of real butter.

Grandmabatty Sat 24-Oct-20 13:08:04

Puzzler61 you are very restrained in your language. I would have called them worse! It's so annoying, isn't it? Annodomini I've had a clumsy morning but not as sweet smelling as yours. I was putting the tesco delivery away and dropped a carton of buttermilk which split and skooshed all over me and the floor. One change of clothes later and the floor is clean but no buttermilk scones or pancakes today.

Synonymous Sat 24-Oct-20 13:42:33

A new kitchen again! I love lentil soup G'Batty so here are some warm rolls to go with it - every sort of roll you could desire, isn't VR invaluable?! Sad about the buttermilk and doesn't it go a long way!
We have started moving back into our bedroom as the wet room is finished except for a floor to ceiling cupboard which has not yet arrived. The ceiling arrived and has been installed together with new ceiling spotlightlights etc. The whole wet room looks stunning and we are very happy with it. The only tiny fly in the ointment is how to get all the very obvious finger and handprints off the ceiling! I would have thought that was one of the rather obvious finishing off tasks wouldn't you?confused hmm
At the end of next week the decorator arrives to paint three rooms before new carpet goes down and so we are living in a guddle of furniture until all is done and the music stops so that the furniture can get rearranged - again! Hopefully it will all dovetail in with DD's moving date which we still don't know. sad
TOYA and sending big hugs all round! xx

lemongrove Sat 24-Oct-20 13:46:08

Well done Soop another kitchen, and so sparkly! I have put some leftover whelk curry from The Argy on the table for your kitcheners to enjoy.😃

dragonfly46 Sat 24-Oct-20 13:54:21

How lovely that your wet room is finished Synonymous it will make such a difference. When does your DD move in?

Puzzler what a pain. I hope you got all their details.

We actually had to go shopping the other day for a battery charger as my DH's car is not going on enough trips and a new battery costs a fortune. We bought the battery then had to go and buy an extension lead as it would not reach the plug in the garage. It was very stressful especially as we are useless at DIY. My DH was overjoyed the next day though to see the battery was fully charged!!

Charleygirl5 Sat 24-Oct-20 15:10:57

a lovely new kitchen_ it does not take long does it?

Puzzler you were so lucky not to be in the car but that car was brand new only weeks ago if I remember correctly?

It was very kind of lemongrove to bring the remainder of the whelk curry to the kitchen- I could smell it last night and it was neither a curry or a fishy smell. I had a meal before I went, lamb steak and took a sandwich in case I was hungry- thank goodness I did.

dragonfly most times when I drive to Waitrose, less than a mile away, I take the car around the block a couple of times to charge up the battery. I know it is not far enough but it is better than nothing.

I believe one has to drive at least 15 miles with no radio etc on and not stopping- a tad difficult in London especially as many of the local roads are now 20 miles an hour.

Pittcity Sat 24-Oct-20 15:22:20

Just got home to find you'd all moved again.
DH has whipped up a tray of flapjacks. I'm putting the kettle on....

cornergran Sat 24-Oct-20 15:24:48

Fete on all. Pleased to have found you. For want of anything else to do, it’s monsooning here, I’ve made some (healthy you understand) gf chocolate brownies, left some on the side. Good with an afternoon cuppa.

Pleased you weren’t hurt puzzler, you sound very calm about it, suspect I’d be less so,


Puzzler61 Sat 24-Oct-20 15:25:28

Charley I got the Yaris car 4 months ago - doesn’t seem that long - but it was a used car, 4 years old.
No dash cam, no witnesses, no note left on it by the culprit.
I couldn’t have done that to anyone without owning up.
I wonder if it was a large vehicle like a lorry, would the driver even knew he had driven all along the side of it?

lemongrove is that whelk curry still safe to eat? There’s a heck of a fishy pong in here?

GrannyGravy13 Sat 24-Oct-20 16:27:29

It is absolutely lashing down outside and the wind is blowing.

Have just watched the new adaptation of The Secret Garden with Colin Firth and Julie Walters, lovely.

Pleased I found you all 🍰🧁☕️

Puzzler61 Sat 24-Oct-20 16:32:34

I hope The Secret Garden has cheered you Grannyg? A bit of escapism is good for the soul especially on a drab day weather wise. 🌻

soop Sat 24-Oct-20 17:07:43

Grandmabatty Skooshed, a word that I shall remember. smile

GrannyGravy The Secret Garden was one of my most treasured childhood books.

Synonymous When the painter and decorator calls, ask him to deal with hand prints on the ceiling of your smart wet room. Pics when it's finished, please.
All sorts of improvements happening around your house. I'm pleased that so much progress has been made. All will be well.

Pittcity The flapjacks are most welcome. Also corner's calorie-free chocolate brownies.
I cannot say the same for Lemongrove's left over whelk curry. I had better give it a miss. Curry gives me chronic flatulence. Most un-ladylike. blush

Puzzler, I feel sorry that your car has been bashed and that the culprit couldn't be bothered to leave details. [flower]

I am logging off. Am having a mega fit of the yawns. G&T at nine o'clock. I shall raise raise a glass of cheer to you all.

smile moon

NanaandGrampy Sat 24-Oct-20 17:12:11

Afternoon all !!

High excitement here with the arrival of a new all singing , all dancing laptop. A belated birthday gift from Grampy to shut me up if we get locked down again lol

I am envious GrannyG , i want to see The secret Garden too !! Its one of my favourite books.

At the mention of whelk curry I am glad I didn't make last nights beano in the argy!!

No other news of any importance here except to say I have made my Mums recipe stew for tonight and there will be dumplings !! woo hoo- we know how to live here !!

Grandmabatty Sat 24-Oct-20 17:12:15

Next episode of the ghost story.
You might be wondering why I didn't ask someone about the strange man in the academic gown. It never occurred to me at that time. I assumed he was a depute head teacher. Over the next few days, I saw him a few times, always at a distance and usually as he darted round a corner. No one else was ever around. I found out who he was though, the day before Halloween and it shocked me to the core...

Puzzler61 Sat 24-Oct-20 17:34:28

Aaaghhhh , I’m guessing we won’t know until 31st? 👻
Did you say what time of year it was that you joined the school?

Grandmabatty Sat 24-Oct-20 18:21:02

August, the start of the autumn term in Scotland. I was actually thrown in at the deep end. I was given no texts or resources nor the codes for the photocopier and had to go home every night and make class sets of work on my bbc computer for every class. I was given the most challenging classes to teach and had to teach at first in a mobile classroom.

Susan56 Sat 24-Oct-20 18:26:22

Lovely new kitchen soop!

Puzzler,so sorry your car got bashed and that the culprit didn’t leave their contact details😡is there any CCTV in the area?

Glad the wet room is finished at last Synonomous🎉

Our daughter is feeling better,still not right but she has such a massive dose of antibiotics to take I don’t think she will be right until they are finished.Matilda is staying with us for a few more days.We have played many games of snakes and ladders today,baked biscuits,made dens and made a village with every toy imaginable.We are tired,she is still full of energy!


Bellanonna Sat 24-Oct-20 21:23:48

I’m glad I found you. It’s pretty full in here already.
Many thanks for the offer of whelk curry, Lemongrove but I’ve literally just become vegetarian. I’m sure it’s .... delicious.
Puzzler, what a horrible thing to happen. No chance it was caught on CCTV I suppose? If it scraped along the side it must have broken your wing mirror too? Hope your insurance excess isn’t too high.

annodomini Sat 24-Oct-20 21:53:59

Grandmabatty, thank you for reminding me of that good Scots word, 'skoosh', used frequently in my childhood but I don't think I've heard it since. That's what comes of being an exile south of the border!