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Cannot comment on a post

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ajswan Sun 18-Apr-21 16:12:20

It’s driving me nuts. When I try to open a link to reply to a post, the whole post goes from green to white and fills the page, this seems to happen on the most recent posts, I was trying to post on the thread ‘red flag deal breaker’

Blossoming Sun 18-Apr-21 16:33:38

No problem for me.

JackyB Sun 18-Apr-21 17:16:38

Why do you need to "open a link" to reply? The reply box is at the bottom of each page. Only the OP is green. What are you clicking on?

H1954 Sun 18-Apr-21 17:20:40

Yes JackyB, I was wondering the same thing. Simply have to scroll down to the end of the page or click "Add comment" in my iPad.

BlueBelle Sun 18-Apr-21 18:48:14

What are you clicking on Ajswan ? It doesn’t sound as if you are doing it the right way Are you new?

welbeck Sun 18-Apr-21 19:27:08

well for me, next to the poster's name, in a grey line, there is,
add comment.
i click on that and it opens a box below, the which i am typing in now.
by the way re typing. i heard on radio that since the computer age more children are given names that have more letters from the right hand side of the keyboard. this preference is found all over the world.

Marydoll Sun 18-Apr-21 19:48:01

ajswan, I have posted a screenshot of where you should be posting.

ajswan Sun 18-Apr-21 22:41:48

I am not new, what is happening is new. I receive an email from Gransnet and it says Top Threads, I click on the link to open the thread that I am interested in, it is green for a second then flips to a white background with the lettering enlarged and nothing at the bottom of the page, just blank.

ajswan Sun 18-Apr-21 22:47:25

Must be my iPad because I can see it on my phone

Marydoll Mon 19-Apr-21 00:37:00

You don't need the newsletter to access threads. I've never accessed threads that way. All my devices are permanently logged in to GN.

Just log into GN, using Google and you will see all the current threads.

Hope you get it sorted.

BlueBelle Mon 19-Apr-21 06:58:33

I too think it’s because you are going through the newsletter
I ve never done that I just stay logged in all the time then as soon as I open GN I can post in any thread I want

Maggiemaybe Mon 19-Apr-21 07:58:45

Accessing and commenting on a thread from the newsletter shouldn’t be a problem. But are you sure you’re logged in, ajswan? If not, you won’t see the comment box.

Marydoll Mon 19-Apr-21 08:45:37

Maggiemaybe, that's a good point! If you aren't logged in, you can read, but not post.