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Harry has written a tell it all book.

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Bluebellwould Mon 19-Jul-21 19:43:59

Just seen Harry has written a tell it all book, well with a ghost writer anyway. What on earth is left to say? From what I understand it’s his life from his viewpoint along with lessons for us all. I’m beginning to feel sorry for the rest of the RF. where is it going to end.

Namsnanny Mon 19-Jul-21 19:46:12


Newatthis Mon 19-Jul-21 19:46:54

Wish it would, end that is. We’re all getting bored by it all. Although the new book might spice it up a bit, I won’t rush out to buy it though, maybe wait until it hits the charity shop shelves which probably won’t be a long wait.

MiniMoon Mon 19-Jul-21 19:48:01


Well, I'm not going to read it. I dare say it will sell well in the US though.

eazybee Mon 19-Jul-21 19:55:36

The duke, 36, said in a statement he would write the memoir "not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become".

A man?

moggie57 Mon 19-Jul-21 20:01:04

i thought he wanted to stay away from the media .he doing everything wrong . he wasnts his cake and eat it
.as long as his dad stumps up his allowance he is happy

hollysteers Mon 19-Jul-21 20:08:27

It will be ‘his’ truth…

Ellianne Mon 19-Jul-21 20:08:28

I’m beginning to feel sorry for the rest of the RF.
Says it all really. Especially his grandma.

Sara1954 Mon 19-Jul-21 20:14:38

To think he used to be one of my favourites!

SueDonim Mon 19-Jul-21 20:14:45

That’s my Christmas present shopping sorted. grin

Smileless2012 Mon 19-Jul-21 20:28:23

I wish his father and/or brother or even his GM would write a 'tell it all book' about him; might shut him up for good. I wish something would.

25Avalon Mon 19-Jul-21 20:30:14

Thought he was on paternity leave. Drat!!

Smileless2012 Mon 19-Jul-21 20:48:08

I hope for his sake, it doesn't out sell 'The Bench'hmm.

JaneJudge Mon 19-Jul-21 20:51:29

oh dear first I though Styles, second I though Redknap

Grandma70s Mon 19-Jul-21 20:56:19

It seems the royal family just has to have at least one very embarrassing member.

Oh, I forgot, he doesn’t belong to the royal family.

NanKate Mon 19-Jul-21 20:57:06

Give me strength 🙁

No doubt he is busy penning his version of child rearing book with the assistance of his pain in the derrière wife Meghan the Martyr.

I’m surprised they are not running an advice column in some ‘trendy’ magazine offering advice on family relationships.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 19-Jul-21 20:57:19

I am not a fan or a Harry Hater but maybe he is doing this to prove he can earn a wage?

Namsnanny Mon 19-Jul-21 20:59:43

He/they wont be happy until they succeed in getting a bigger better 'job' than his brother.
Will they get boring to those that like them, if they dont dish the dirt?

Aveline Mon 19-Jul-21 21:05:56

No news is bad news for H &M. They have to get themselves in the headlines no matter how they do it. Pathetic.

lemongrove Mon 19-Jul-21 21:13:23

....recollections may vary 😁

lemongrove Mon 19-Jul-21 21:14:47

They never wanted privacy or anonymity, they wanted attention for evermore.

Lillie Mon 19-Jul-21 21:26:09

this is getting boring
whatever next
they are deluded

tidyskatemum Mon 19-Jul-21 21:38:28

He just can't stop himself, can he? Is he publishing this memoir as a cathartic exercise or another money-grabbing move? To me all this waffling about drinking and drug taking to shut out the pain of his mother's death is a convenient excuse for being a bit of a lad in his youth, which is quite excusable. However, I think this explanation is not acceptable in his current circle and now he's been "educated" to believe otherwise - but does he have to inflict it on the rest of us? Meanwhile the media he supposedly detests will give him unlimited publicity. I just wish he'd shut up.

Infinity2 Mon 19-Jul-21 22:27:26

No need to worry. It’ll be remaindered within a few weeks and end up in The Works.

lavenderzen Mon 19-Jul-21 22:35:10

I really wish he wouldn't do this. Enough is enough.