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Good Morning Sunday

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Michael12 Sun 01-Aug-21 06:13:12

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey cloudy start here in Brackley this morning, but dry at the moment.
Yesterday went to plan despite the rain , I did both Bicester and Buckingham , but the stallholder at the flea market was not there who I have normally brought things from.
Also getting out and about a little further is lowering my weight .
Today easy day in, as from tomorrow ,a look at how we perform in cycling track events in Tokyo .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Sun 01-Aug-21 06:19:19

Good morning, everyone, from an overcast central Devon. My journey here yesterday afternoon was surprisingly easy, considering it's the holiday season and the A30 is one of the main routes into Cornwall.

I was glad to escape from Babbacombe where it is the busiest time ever, which is good news for local businesses, especially the hospitality sector. However, in their desperation to avoid swingeing parking fees, visitors park without thought for how that impacts on other roads users. On one residential street, parking on both sides left barely enough space for one vehicle to pass through. I know it’s the price I pay for the privilege of living where I do so I shouldn’t moan!

Various cleaning and tidying jobs are planned for today, including some outside, if the weather holds. I hope everyone has a relaxing day with few worries. 🥰

Alizarin Sun 01-Aug-21 06:48:42

Good morning from a damp south Cornwall. A lovely evening yesterday with my two nephews (on holiday here), my two sons and their families. Always poignant seeing my nephews because my brother and his wife died tragically years ago so never saw their sons grow into the lovely young men they have become.

Today I shall relax and enjoy some painting and reading and knitting the revolver my four year old has requested.

Have the best day you can, everyone.

Nannagarra Sun 01-Aug-21 06:50:56

Good morning from Sefton where it is grey and raining.
I’ve been awake for quite some time now, anticipating an early start with DGD who stayed overnight. Yesterday we went out on the local bus which used to be one of our favourite activities until 16 months ago. The driver was delighted to see us and we had much fun pottering round the shops together. Later our next door neighbour gave her lots of Barbie dolls, clothes, shoes and furniture which she is looking forward to playing with before she leaves with daddy for a swimming lesson at 9.30.
We’ll probably have a quiet day, tidying and catching up with the Olympics. Thinking of you all.

Scentia Sun 01-Aug-21 07:24:41

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is a little grey out there.
DGS stayed overnight as his mummy and daddy are off to London to see their new nephew.
He is, as we speak enjoying Nanna’s porridge we are then off to clean the guinea pigs who got forgotten yesterday 😞

Later we are booked in for a swim I will then go for a little trip on a bus with him as he adores going on the bus, if the busses run to there on a Sunday, I may take him into Tutbury to the castle.
Have a lovely day folks and I do hope you see some sunshine ☀️

Sar53 Sun 01-Aug-21 07:27:42

Good morning from Essex by the sea. It is cloudy and damp and it rained during the night.
No plans today as I'm not feeling great.
Enjoy Sunday everyone xx

Elizabeth1 Sun 01-Aug-21 07:31:49

Good morning all from a fairly bright start to the day here on the east coast of Fife. I’m unsure if we’ve got anything planned for today I’m just hoping my energy levels don’t leave me gasping for breath like yesterday when I needed an antihistamine tablet causing me to fall asleep very soon after my bar of chocolate at supper time. Gosh it was good.

Tea yesterday consisted of thick slices of tender pork with apple sauce and roast potatoes come to think of it where did my vegetables go?

The wee dog decided to pee on my new carpet, what’s going on there? all the doors were open and there was an outside garden to go to the little minx.

My lovely carer last night also had a fainting turn a few days ago but then being pregnant gave her good reason. There’s the sun out coming out as I write this it looks brilliant. Today’s going to be a good day. smile

Enjoy your Sunday and please say one for me.

Beechnut Sun 01-Aug-21 07:34:04

Good Morning everyone from Severnside.

I planned a trip to see a garden today under the NGS but it is very grey and raining steadily. I’ll have to see if it clears later and then make a final decision.

Fingers crossed I’ve fixed my toilet yesterday. I then went outside and trimmed up a small tree. My neighbour came over to talk at the fence then brought me out a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

I hope you show us the revolver Alizarin. Will you make up the pattern yourself?

Have a good day all whatever you do 🌺

brook2704 Sun 01-Aug-21 07:38:23

Good morning everyone from a little village called Ceres just a little bit outside St Andrews. We had a lovely day yesterday visiting the castle, the museum, walking to the famous golf course and the looking around the town. It was wet all morning but in the afternoon the sun came out and we sat eating ice cream looking at the beautiful sandy beaches. Thank you to Elizabeth for her recommendation on a good place to eat 👍.
Today I think we’re going to explore some of the smaller fishing villages along the coastline and maybe a bit of walking along the coastal path.
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Alizarin Sun 01-Aug-21 07:39:44

No Beechnut I never make up patterns, I just follow them. This is it. I simply Googled 'knitted revolver pattern'. Ha ha.

harrigran Sun 01-Aug-21 07:41:08

Good morning from an overcast NE yet again.
It remained cool and wet all day yesterday so I hoovered and washed floors.
DH was poorly all day and stayed in bed and I watched some rubbish on Netflix.
DS and family were going to visit but will wait for an update from me before leaving home.
Have the best day you can.

cornergran Sun 01-Aug-21 07:41:57

Morning Mick, morning All from a very wet, overcast corner of Somerset. It’s frankly foul out there.

We stayed local yesterday, an almost empty bus to the sea front, a late breakfast in a cafe with huge windows. Our table gave us a view along the sunny beach. A circuit of the pier followed then a foray to the shops for birthday and anniversary. Back via a newly opened food store, of course some things had to come home with us.

Today? Not too much activity, it seems my knee is very cross with me. I have been asked to visit our friend and neighbour and will this morning, while rapidly deteriorating physically she remains alert and loves company. Our friend has an end of life plan in place with the surgery, a local minister understands her funeral wishes, she now wants to share both plans with me.

Thinking of our missing Good Morning friends and hope Sunday is kind to us all.

monk08 Sun 01-Aug-21 07:42:52

Good morning from the Black country, rain overnight and still very dull. But the day will be brighter Ds,DiL and the Dgs's are coming for dinner. If it brightens up we will do a park trip if not Thomas the tank will be all over the floor, and probably a game of hide and seek.
Whatever your day brings may you all find some 🌞.

Grandmajean Sun 01-Aug-21 07:51:06

Morning all. Dry here in Cheshire but think there has been rain overnight.
Family all safely back from Kinlochrannoch and DS and DGD popped round last night. Lovely to see them. DH loves his annual boys' Highland holiday even though I am the Scot in the family.
Not much today.Might actually cook as didn't do a lot when only myself to cater for last week.
Have a good day.

Pittcity Sun 01-Aug-21 07:52:27

Good morning from sunny Colchester. The forecast is changeable.
A quiet Sunday here with roast chicken for dinner.
Love to all x

ginny Sun 01-Aug-21 08:00:26

Good Morning all.
Now back in N. Bucks where it is looking rather dull weather wise.
Today will be a quiet one after a busy and enjoyable week with DD and boys. Missing my wake up call and cuddle from them.
Random sighting on the way home yesterday. A man at the side of the A14 playing a trombone !
Have a good day with a smile along the way.

Greyduster Sun 01-Aug-21 08:06:10

Good morning from a grey, cold but dry Northumberland. We had a walk up the coast path yesterday to Seahouses, which was absolutely heaving with folk, and had coffee and lovely cake before walking back. Glad we didn’t go in the car, because there was nowhere to park. Today we are having Sunday lunch out and then driving across the causeway to Holy Island. Hope the tide tables are right!
Enjoy your Sunday the best way you can, folks.

Dogsmakemesmile Sun 01-Aug-21 08:10:23

Good morning from a grey and dry Scottish Borders. Had lovely drive to Melrose yesterday. Will continue with housework and tackle dusting. My least favourite chore. Have enjoyed hearing of the amazing stories behind so many (probably all) Olympic medal winners. Inspirational. Have a safe Sunday.

baubles Sun 01-Aug-21 08:14:20

Good morning Mick, morning all from South Lanarkshire where it’s cloudy and cool.

Well my spare room is positively gleaming after my efforts yesterday, I’m almost ashamed of how long it took me although I was interrupted by the largest spider I’ve ever seen, it scurried from under the bed when I was reaching for a sock left behind by a GC. The creature must have been terrified though as it stayed in one place long enough for me to fetch a tumbler from the bathroom and a piece of card from the craft room. It was quickly ejected but no doubt came straight back into the house via an open downstairs window!

On Friday evening I was merrily crocheting as I watched tv only to spot a mistake several rows back so my entire evenings work had to be ripped back, very annoying. I was just beginning to understand the pattern and must have got a bit cocky. That’ll teach me.
I paid attention to what I was doing last night and managed to redo it all.

Today will be taken up with ironing and meal planning, I’ve really lost my cooking mojo so will have to search for easy recipes for tasty meals.

Wishing everyone a peaceful Sunday.

Grammaretto Sun 01-Aug-21 08:14:48

Good morning from the Scottish Borders. It looks grey and gloomy so far.
I'm feeling rather flat now my visitors have left although I have a busy week ahead.
The usual Sunday things, church on zoom. I must fit in a walk though my buddy is on holiday.
I love the Fife coast brook. We went to Ruby Bay to look for rubies on our 40th anniversary. (it's near Elie)

Gingster Sun 01-Aug-21 08:15:30

Good morning all from a sunny Suffolk seaside.

Yesterday we had rain and hot sunny periods. I was in and out bringing in chair cushions and wiping down garden seats. Hopefully today will be more settled.

Sar - hope you feel better soon. 🤞
ash - enjoy your time in your holiday home. Change of scene and all that 👍
Lots of out and abouts so have a lovely time everyone. 🌞😉

Alygran Sun 01-Aug-21 08:21:56

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It’s rained overnight but looks like it will be a bright day.
DGS has gone home. Both DDs came for him and we had a lovely lunch in the village pub.
My friend is coming today for 3 days and we are off into the dales for a bit of walking.
GD enjoy Holy Island. I have a Joe Cornish print of a sunrise there on my wall. Crab sandwich for lunch? Just watch out for the tide!
Harri I hope your DH is feeling better today. Take care of yourself too.
Have a good day everyone.

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 01-Aug-21 08:25:17

Good morning all from bright Harrogate
Yesterday I surprised myself doing a wash and getting it dried outside. Can’t decide what today is going to bring! Must find out about social distancing in church. Might just join the visual church today and find out for next week, though I suspect I might have DGS who is incompatible with a church service.
Hope you feel better soon Sars and you Marydoll
Will do a bit more 🧵 sewing of Gds pinafore. They should be out of isolation in time for Dd1’s birthday 🎂 on Tuesday.
Have as best day as you can folks!

Lincslass Sun 01-Aug-21 08:38:56

Good morning all from a wet and dark NELincs, getting up this morning, it felt like it was the middle of winter. Still much to be thankful for, have a great Sunday everyone.

GrannySomerset Sun 01-Aug-21 08:50:39

Grey and wet in our part of Somerset but as an empty day lies ahead it doesn’t affect us. Back on line after a couple of days with a malfunctioning I-pad, sorted in seconds yesterday by visiting DGD2 to my great relief and gratitude. Too many windows open which I can now deal with. Such grandparental ignorance!

Still catching up on all I have missed but hope today is drama free at the very least, and brings some joy at best.