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Good Morning Tuesday

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Michael12 Tue 03-Aug-21 06:04:30

Good Morning Everyone,
From a grey but dry at the movement here in brackley .
Today , apart from some housework , will watch day 2 of Olympics track cycling , to see if we get medals in either of the pursuit events.
Then later my usual bus trip out to Bicester , for an hour .
I try to avoid being out to, long as I return and remain in my flat ,
I have heard people getting the virus , on rail travel with youngsters walking up and down train corridors without masks ,and brushing other passengers with people self testing with a PCR ,and having self isolate when returning home .
Take Care,

Jaxjacky Tue 03-Aug-21 06:18:36

Good morning Mick and those to follow from a clear, chilly S Hants. Very sensible Mick to keep staying safe, enjoy the cycling and fingers crossed.
A quiet day yesterday, DD had her food delivery I’d organised and I did a doorstep drop of a new board game, some potatoes I’d dug and a couple of other bits. They await PCR results, both DD and Imogen have bunged up noses like colds, Finley just ‘wants Covid over’, don’t we all!
Bit of weeding today and housework, not my favourite.
Have a pleasant day all.

Ashcombe Tue 03-Aug-21 06:25:29

Good morning all from Whiddon Down, where there’s a distinctly chilly feel - Autumn arrives early this close to Dartmoor!

Yesterday, I lived up to the “Move It Or Lose It” motto! I travelled back to Torbay safely for the class, stopping en route for a few last minute items at Lidl as I have DD2 and family arriving here at W.D. today. Apart from relaxing at home for a Zoom call with DH in the afternoon, it was a busy one! Back here, I finished the staining of the table and was looking forward to my bed!

Nights are always quiet here but not last night! The A30 must have been closed, so traffic was rumbling past on the nearby alternative road until well after midnight. Typically, it’s back to the normal tranquility this morning but I must be up to welcome my guests, arriving after a few nights with my ex-husband in Torbay.

Of course, I’m looking forward to seeing them but need to make the place look presentable. A minor concern compared with the more serious worries facing others folk here. Have a good day, everyone! 🥰

Kim19 Tue 03-Aug-21 06:25:33

Good morning Mick and all who follow. Try not to worry too much about catching the virus. You seem to practise a very sensible and active lifestyle. Yesterday's highlight for me was an unexpected invite for coffee in a local hotel. My group contained two six month old babies and they were a delight outside in a gorgeously sunny garden. Bumped into some other acquaintances there and the outcome is a similar outing on Thursday but to a different hotel. Spoiled for choice and that's rather pleasant at the moment as I steadily emerge from the Covid solitude. Keep thinking of Harrigran. Particular greetings to you🌷 Nothing particular planned for today but find it interesting/exciting what often emerges from an unexpected source. Guess this kinda puts me in the cockeyed optimist category. Hope you all find your own particular high spot.

Nannytopsy Tue 03-Aug-21 06:31:47

Good morning Mick & Jax and all to come. Its a lovely morning in Suffolk although there’s a line of cloud on the horizon. Enjoy the cycling Mick - will much of it be on TV?
There is washing and weeding to do here too Jax although it will be a late start.
We thought the cat had stayed out last night, in protest at a week in the cattery and stayed up to let him in, giving in at about 2am. Don’t know where he was hiding I n the house but he arrived on our bed at about 4. I really thought we had lost him this time.
Right, I need another snooze. Enjoy the day.

Susan56 Tue 03-Aug-21 06:39:15

Good morning from sunny Shropshire.

Hoping for a quiet day as we are off to West Wales tomorrow for the funeral of my husbands uncle.We will have to leave about 5am😴

Have a good day all and stay safe.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 03-Aug-21 06:55:34

Morning Mick and all

Haven’t opened the curtains, so no idea what the weather is like.

Off to Chelmsford this morning taking The Imp. I am fed up with the daily problem what shall we have for dinner?
No idea is usually DH’s response.

(DH just opened curtains, blue sky)

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

monk08 Tue 03-Aug-21 07:04:22

Good morning from a sunny Black country.
Will have the boys again today so think its soft play for a few hours, unless yesterday's request to go has changed 5yr olds change with the weather and the younger one follows.
Managed some time in the park with them yesterday then the rain arrived.
Enjoy your time with family Ash these times are so precious.
Have a good Tuesday all and may you all find some 🌞.

Beechnut Tue 03-Aug-21 07:21:22

Good Morning everyone from a lovely sunny Severnside.

I’ve a couple of errands to run and then go swimming. Some DIY jobs will follow. This afternoon I will FaceTime with Beechnutella.

Take care all and enjoy the sunshine 🌼

Pittcity Tue 03-Aug-21 07:25:09

Good morning from a bright Colchester where the clouds are white and fluffy.
We were supposed to have more work on the house this week but the company has postponed due to "Covid reasons".
It's my day at the charity shop, so chat and laughter will take my mind off of the disappointment.
Love to all x

Grandmajean Tue 03-Aug-21 07:31:52

Morning all.
Grannygravy I hate the daily dinner decision too ! My DH always replies " baked potato" because he can't be bothered thinking ! His contribution is then over and I am left with the problem !
Will come back later to read posts and admire whatever today's photos may be.

harrigran Tue 03-Aug-21 07:35:02

Good morning from a sunny NE 🌞
Better night's sleep last night probably because I didn't have an afternoon nap.
Stayed in all day as I was expecting a phone call from my sister, she rang at 7pm when it was time to prepare the supper.
DH has a telephone appointment with the Oncologist at 5.15pm, the last time the call did not arrive until after 7pm, typical of end of day appointments, domino effect.
Enjoy your time with family.

Grandmabatty Tue 03-Aug-21 07:42:49

Good morning all from a lovely morning in Polmont. Blue skies again but a tad cooler. I don't mind that. The recent heat innervates me.
Enjoy your trip and the cycling Mick. Susan 💐 you have a lot going on to deal with. Pittcity that's so annoying for you. Ashcombe have a lovely time with your visitors. Nannytopsy I hope you got an extra snooze after staying up for your naughty cat! Was he appreciative? I doubt it.
Yesterday was an outdoor day. I picked up ds from the train station and he was ignored by dgs who loves trains. He spoke to his uncle later though. Then the boy wonder fell asleep in the car for the last five minutes before home. Of course, that meant he wouldn't nap so he had a crying fit later on from tiredness.
Today will be breakfast, then the park. I'm not wanting fish today as I have lots of the quiche I made leftover. Later on we'll play in the garden. Have a lovely day all.

Greyduster Tue 03-Aug-21 07:45:45

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a very sunny Northumberland. The sea looks nice and calm, which is good because we are going on a boat trip round the Farne Islands today. Had it been yesterday I would have refused to go anywhere near a boat, but yesterday we were inland! We met up with some friends of DD and SiL’s at lovely Alnwick Gardens. Their twin boys and GS are friends so they had a happy time together. Nice for him to have some company.
Have a good day folks, whatever you have planned.

Grandmadinosaur Tue 03-Aug-21 07:47:49

Good morning from a sunny East Yorkshire. Saying that I can feel it’s wasnt as warm as it has been in a morning when I just opened the bathroom window. That autumn chill is on its way.
Today I have my coffee morning there will be 5 of us today so lots of excited chat! Then I am meeting another friend for lunch . This friend I haven’t seen since Christmas 2019. So loads to catch up with! We have been friends since 1989 when meeting at mother and baby group with our children. She has just become a gran too so I’m excited to hear all her news about that. She lives on the south coast (lucky her) and in normal tines we meet up in London 3 or 4 times a year or she comes up here so her dh can visit his mum in her care home. He is going to visit her today again first time since 2019.
I’m with you * granny gravy* on the what to have for dinner dilemma. All I get is whatever you want 😬
Have a good day all

Sar53 Tue 03-Aug-21 07:52:01

Good morning from a cloudy Essex by the sea although I can see bits of blue sky.
My hospital appointment left me feeling less than satisfied. I fear I may have to live with the problem.
As I'm not feeling 100% I don't think I will be doing much today.
I hope you all enjoy Tuesday xx

Alizarin Tue 03-Aug-21 07:52:37

Good morning from a cool, overcast south Cornwall, where the aroma of breakfast is floating in from the next door artisan cafe - usually it's just coffee but today something is cooking. Making me hungry!

Yesterday I needed to get out and about so took the bus to Penzance, borrowed books from the art library, had a coffee at Wetherspoons pavement table, then crossed Cornwall to the other coast before heading home. Met some lovely chatty people en route amd at Helston a bus driver actually apologised for being late. A rare event! Today, the nearby farmers' market then my allotment knitting group. Have the best day you can everyone.

Gelisajams Tue 03-Aug-21 07:55:27

Good morning Shetland. The weather has turned more Shetland like as we prepare to leave. Tidy up and clean the Croft, spend an hour with our friends, lunch in a cafe, a quick walk and into Lerwick for some last minute bits and gifts for the GC and gardening clients, then it will be time to board our ferry.
Take care and stay safe everyone 🌸

brook2704 Tue 03-Aug-21 07:55:40

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a bright dry sunny start to the day and forecast to be about 20 degrees.
Enjoy your boat trip greyduster it sounds lovely and I hope the sea is calm
I’m another one here with a washing and weeding day as the weeds have definitely sprung up whilst we’ve been away. DH is going into work this morning so I’ll ask him to pick up a bit of shopping on the way home. If he has a list written in the same order as the aisles in the supermarket it should be ok!
DD2 has a long drive home today from Manchester with the DGC so I’ll be hoping she updates me and I’ll be pleased when she’s home safely
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

NanKate Tue 03-Aug-21 07:56:58

Morning Mick and All.

A sunny but cloudy day here in South Bucks.

When I say to DH ‘please get something out for dinner’ 9 times out of 10 he chooses Quiche and I think, but don’t say, ‘Not bloody quiche again’ 😏

brook2704 Tue 03-Aug-21 07:57:04

Safe journey gelisa and thanks for all the lovely photos you’ve shared!

cornergran Tue 03-Aug-21 08:03:15

Morning Mick, morning All from a cloudy corner of Somerset

We drifted about all day yesterday, not sure how today will pan out. Mr. C would like to go look at a car.

Enjoy the boat greyd, sounds a lovely day for it. Safe travels tomorrow susan, a difficult time for you. Oh yes, gtannyg, how I’d love a live in chef. Sorry your hospital appointment was unsatisfactory sar, take it easy today. I’m sure your holiday home is tidy enough ash, enjoy your family time.

Take care everyone. Hope Tuesday is kind to us all.

Grammaretto Tue 03-Aug-21 08:11:00

Good morning from the Scottish Borders where it promises to warm up later but a definite chill in the air now.
I have to catch a bus into town to meet an old friend. We'll meet at the Botanic gardens - a favourite place. You have to book in advance but it means it never gets too busy.

Before that I have a "maintenance" appt with the chiropractor for The joys of getting older.

As long as you continue to wear a clean mask on public transport and keep sanitising your hands, Mick, you should avoid infection. I have so far and not had a cold for so long I wonder if my immune system is not getting enough work to do.

Hoping everyone's day goes well.

BlueSapphire Tue 03-Aug-21 08:13:58

Good morning everyone from an overcast Northampton; hoping it stays dry for our health walk this afternoon.

Younger DGD has just arrived to spend the morning with me as DS is on a work jolly and her mum is at work for half a day. It's the first time since before Covid, so I am going to make the most of her company! She has been excitedly greeting the cats, who are rather curious to have someone else in the house!

Must get my skates on and get showered and dressed as Sainsburys are delivering soon.

Have a pleasant day everyone.

Anniebach Tue 03-Aug-21 08:15:20

Good morning Auntyflo and all x