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COVID 19 certificate scam??

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Poppyred Mon 18-Oct-21 14:59:32

I had an email today asking if I wanted the above in order to travel etc. Looks very authentic- but then it asks for bank details??

Jaxjacky Mon 18-Oct-21 15:03:12

Total scam

Jaylou Mon 18-Oct-21 15:03:43

Almost certainly a scam. A covid certificate for travel is free from the NHS.
Even if it isn't a scam, why pay for it?

Happy travels.

NannyJan53 Mon 18-Oct-21 15:12:13

Anyone asking for Bank Details for something that is free of charge is most definitely a scam!

I know of someone who fell for this Covid certificate scam. Their bank account was cleared out and they tried also to take out a loan in her name

Marydoll Mon 18-Oct-21 15:39:05

Vaccine Certificate scams.

Poppyred Mon 18-Oct-21 16:15:55

Thanks everyone, I’ve deleted!

annodomini Mon 18-Oct-21 17:36:01

The only valid Covid Pass is on the NHS web site and you download it on to your phone. Free, of course.