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Good Morning Thursday 21st October 2021

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Michael12 Thu 21-Oct-21 06:00:12

Good Morning Everyone,
From a dark and wet start here in brackley this morning.
My usual day of going on the bus to Bicester , hopefully no situations involving the journey there .
But usual coffee plus in my bakery cafe, then a small shop prior to coming home .
Will be watching the world cycling track championships unfold to see if tam GB get medals .
Take Care,

Kim19 Thu 21-Oct-21 06:08:15

Morning Michael! Your prospective day sounds delightfully calm and straightforward. Sure hope it turns out that way for you. My forecast up here in the north was decidedly bleak but it looks somewhat calm from my window. We'll see later! Have a good one everyone.

grandMattie Thu 21-Oct-21 06:14:16

Good morning from a surprisingly moonlit morning. It is calm and clear after a night of storms and power cuts.
I’m getting the days mixed up - I had decided it was Friday today but, no, it’s Thursday!
So it’s Spanish this morning. We discussed the 007 films last week. Not having seen any since about Goldfinger, it wasn’t easy, except to say how silly and chauvinistic I find them…
Hope harrigran is today as surrounded with love and comfort as we were a few short weeks ago. All my love. ❤️
Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

baubles Thu 21-Oct-21 06:24:00

Good morning Mick, morning all from cool and cloudy South Lanarkshire.

Childminding today and an early start as the children aren’t well so can’t go to nursery. We’ll leave as soon as we drop little pooch off at doggy day care.

Sending love to harri thanks.

Beechnut Thu 21-Oct-21 06:27:23

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s very dark but I managed to see it was dry as I peered out of the window. My neighbours are making an early start to go somewhere.

I’m off for a blood test this morning and I’m feeling anxious about the results, not that there is anything I can do about them. I didn’t get sent for at all last year.

Take care all especially harrigran and her family. I hope that olddudders has arrived safely into your arms Ashcombe 💐

grandMattie Thu 21-Oct-21 06:36:28

Oh, yes. And welcome back to Blighty, olddudders!

BlueSapphire Thu 21-Oct-21 06:43:05

Good morning everyone from a still dark and wet Northampton, but should be dry and sunny later, so I may get to ballet class this afternoon.

Have just put the towels in the washing machine, and a Sainsbury's delivery is expected a bit later.

Apart from that, there is not a lot going on today, so will just see what happens.

Hoping all goes well for everyone.

Ashcombe Thu 21-Oct-21 06:52:22

Good morning to you all from a dry Torbay, following a wet and windy day yesterday after some morning sunshine.

olddudders had an excellent journey until he left London. Trains were restricted to 40 m.p.h. due to severe weather in the S.W! A very frustrating final leg! To save him another change and being even later, I drove to pick him up at Newton Abbot at 9.00p.m. It was wonderful seeing him back in my home after an absence from here of 14 months! Needless to say he is still asleep! 😴

An easy day is planned although I, too, have a blood test today, Beechnut. Try not to worry as I expect it will be a routine check, especially if the pandemic prevented you being seen last year.

Thank so much for all the warm, supportive messages yesterday (and this morning!) about DH’s arrival, especially when some of you have more serious concerns of your own. I do hope harrigran is OK and her DH has settled in his new surroundings.

Enjoy your day, everyone! 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

FannyCornforth Thu 21-Oct-21 07:00:49

Good morning to everyone.
Like others, my thoughts, of course, are with Harrigran thanks ♥️
Wishing you all a peaceful day

Sar53 Thu 21-Oct-21 07:04:09

Good morning from a very blowy Essex by the sea. We had torrential rain late yesterday evening and during the night.
Good to see Olddudders is back with you Ash.
My thoughts are with Harri this morning.
My twelve year old granddaughter has been ill on and off for the past year, not covid, and has missed a lot of school. Her doctor is sending her for blood tests to check for, amongst other things, glandular fever. It will be good to know what the problem is.
DD2 told me last night that a very close friend of theirs has advanced Pancreatic cancer, he is only 44, life is very cruel.
Food shopping this morning and cross stitch this afternoon.
Have the best Thursday you can and stay safe everyone xx

Ashcombe Thu 21-Oct-21 07:13:42

I am so sorry, harrigran. I hadn’t seen your post from yesterday to say that your DH had passed away. How very remiss of me. Please accept my sincere apologies and condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. 💐

Jaxjacky Thu 21-Oct-21 07:15:46

Good morning all from a chillier S Hants. Three voluntary drives today, decorating will be finished.
Pleased ou is back safely Ashcombe even if slightly tortuously.
harrigran x

GrannyGravy13 Thu 21-Oct-21 07:27:00

Morning Mick and all

Well after rain if biblical proportions yesterday evening and into the night it seems to be calmer though chillier.

No plans for today, I did venture into Lakeside on my own yesterday but didn’t really enjoy it (which is unusual as I a an ardent shopper)

Dear harrigran I do hope you had a peaceful night, thinking of you 💐🙏

Good you have olddudders home with you Ashcombe

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Nannytopsy Thu 21-Oct-21 07:27:06

Good morning Mick and all his followers. Suffolk is supposed to be dry - has anyone reminded the weather gods recently?! More torrential rain last night and windy this morning.
We are up early because we are off to Kent for a few nights. It’s meant to be cold and sunny - much better!
Be kind to yourselves today.

brook2704 Thu 21-Oct-21 07:33:18

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s just getting light and seems cloudy but dry
Good to hear olddudders is safely back Ash enjoy your time together
We’ve got the DGC here just now, they arrived yesterday late afternoon for a sleepover as DD2 is back at work today. Not sure what we’re doing yet but they came armed with loads of board games so that should pass the morning at least
Especially thinking of harrigran today 💐
Take care all whatever the day brings

cornergran Thu 21-Oct-21 07:37:31

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark, dry corner of Somerset.

Wandering out for breakfast this morning. Nice spot on the beach. Heard yesterday our Littlest and his minders will be here for a day next week. I’m excited already. Our covid one has two more days and she is out of isolation. Her sister is clear so far, fingers firmly crossed she remains that way.

I’m pleased oldddudders made it safely ash. Thoughts are with harri and all carrying worries and heartache.

Hope Wednesday is gentle with us all.

Grandmajean Thu 21-Oct-21 07:52:38

Good morning from Cheshire.
Thinking of you Harrigran and the difficult days ahead.

Susan56 Thu 21-Oct-21 07:54:43

Good morning from Shropshire.The rain has finally stopped and sun is forecast.

Childcare today.We are going to a playgroup this morning then hopefully H will nap until it’s time to pick big sis up from school.Baubles, hope you’re grandchildren are feeling better soon.

I tried on my dress for my nieces wedding and for once was quite pleased with how it looks.It’s not often I say that!

Welcome back olddudders!


Have as good a day as you can everyone.Take care and stay safe🌻🦩

Grandmadinosaur Thu 21-Oct-21 07:55:30

Good morning all. It’s another damp day in East Yorkshire. Usually around this time we would be on holiday abroad the last few years being Ibiza. Photos keep coming up on my Facebook memories- oh to be there now. 2019 was the last time.
A sad day yesterday - thinking of you * harrigran*

I didn’t venture out yesterday due to the weather so I got my winter clothes out and put away summer things. I also put out a few Halloween bits in the living room. Purely for dgs of course!
No plans for today apart from dgs after school and I will get out the house at some point today.
After DIL hospital appointment she has a date for the C section. It is 4 weeks today 🤞.

Take care all.

kittylester Thu 21-Oct-21 07:55:51

Good morning all from grey North Leicestershire.

Today I will be pootling and faffing while dh is at the gym then we are going out for lunch. I expect that we will then sit down for the afternoon.

We have an enormous Sainsbury's delivery coming this afternoon as DD2 and Co are coming at the weekend for a week. And wine is on offer.

Hoping harri is OK and has her family around her.

Gingster Thu 21-Oct-21 07:57:32

Good morning all and it’s wet and windy here on the Suffolk coast.
We decided to chance the journey up here and the weather was absolutely fine and we had a good run. Good job we don’t always take notice of the forecast.
It’s nice to be back here and we don’t mind one bit about the weather - just lovely to have a different scene. I will probably spend quite a lot of time sitting in the summerhouse reading and listening to ‘my’ music, watching the sea. Bliss!

Harrigran - so sorry to hear the sad news 🥀. Take care of yourself 🙏

Ash - I’m glad OU made the journey. It’s been a long time coming ❤️.

Sar - I hope the blood test for your GD reveals the problem and then it can be fixed 🤞. I remember my DD had glandular fever around that age , which made her poorly for some while.

GG sorry your shopping trip was less than enjoyable. I’ve only been once to Lakeside and that was enough for me. (Not a keen shopper). Always reminds me of that old joke ….
‘What is Essex girls favourite wine’ ? (Whine) ‘I wanna go to Lakeside’. 🤣😂 (Not very funny written down) . 😢

Take care everyone and keep well 🌻🍂🌾🍁

Gwenisgreat1 Thu 21-Oct-21 08:01:04

Good morning all from dry Harrogate we’ve had a wet night but now a promise is wall to wall sunshine!! Not warm, though.
My thoughts are with you Harrigran I hope you have plenty of family support at this sad time
Delighted you Ashcombe and Olddudders are at last reunited.
My main excitement today will be my Sainsburies delivery this morning- might do a bit of baking then it’s a nothingness day!
Maybe I’ll sort what paintings are to be exhibited next month in the art club exhibition in Ripley town Hall.
Have the best day possible folks!

ginny Thu 21-Oct-21 08:04:55

Good morning everyone.
Yesterday we managed to pick a dry and sunny hour for a walk. DGS3 was asleep in his pram by the time we got to the end of our road and slept until we got home.
A morning around the house today and then we will be collecting DGS2 from school. He has a tennis lesson and then is coming to us for a sleepover.
Hope everyone finds a smile somewhere in their day.

farview Thu 21-Oct-21 08:10:43 very sad to hear about your condolences and much love 🌹🌹🌹

Marydoll Thu 21-Oct-21 08:14:17

Good morning Mick and all from a chilly Glasgow, its only 3°C. A special mention to Harri and her family. I was so shocked and saddened to read her news yesterday, just after she had posted it.

I had a very productive day yesterday , doing all my admin. I eventually got my head round the new paperwork, made and received lots of calls, which resulted in MrMDoll having a nag free afternoon. 🤣
My head was birling at the end of it. I hadn't realised how much I missed human contact, albeit only by phone, until I chatted to people yesterday.

We received a hilarious video of Dollie showing off her new pierced ears. I replied, saying I was shocked, that I didn't get mine pierced until I was twenty eight years old ( it's a family joke) and I would be speaking to her daddy about it.
I then received another video, which was an impersonation of me ranting about the earrings. She then pulled off the earrings, which were actually stickers. MrMdoll was in stitches, as he said she had me to a T, right down to the accent, intonation and hand gestures. She is a wicked, little minx!!!

Another day in for me, a small supply of injections has been sourced and is being delivered, so I can stop fretting about that for another few weeks. I need to receive them in person, but it has worked out well, as other parcels are expected.

Good luck with the bloods, Beechnut. It is a worry awaiting results, but better to get them done, than not. I had a gap of eight months between mine, instead of three and had started to catastrophise, thinking something untoward would be missed.

Sar hope the doctors get to the bottom of things with your granddaughter, such a worry for you all.
For those seeing little 'uns today enjoy!
Ash, you must be on cloud nine!

Have the best day you can folks.