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Popular song when your baby was born.

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chicken Sat 27-Nov-21 17:11:38

A song popped into my head today and it brought back such vivid memories of sitting in bed cradling my newborn , tears pouring down my cheeks as I listened to it .I knew that this baby would be my last, no more tiny newborns to cuddle, no more of that enchanting new baby scent, the end of an era.

The song was "Turn". Where are you going, my little one, my little one , little sunsuits and petticoats, all of them gone. Turn around and you're tiny, turn around and you're grown, turn around and you're a young wife with babes of your own.

Zoejory Sat 27-Nov-21 17:15:39

Oh yes, chicken!

Especially with my first child. Hey Little Girl by Icehouse. I'd dance around the house with her. Poor child. But it was lovely. I'd actually forgotten all about it but it popped up on FB in a 1980s song group.

BlueSky Sat 27-Nov-21 17:23:45

When my first child was born I cried buckets over ‘Love Story’. Postnatal depression I guess...sad

Oldnproud Sat 27-Nov-21 17:27:45

Shudduppa your Face.

The song was going around in my head my first night in hospital after the birth.
I eventually realised that the last occupant of the bed had left the radio on at a very low volume!

Calistemon Sat 27-Nov-21 17:28:06

I can't remember. blush

Probably Hark the Herald Angels Sing (it was Christmas).

Jellybaby71011 Sat 27-Nov-21 17:29:01

Blue Eyes by Elton John. January 1982. My first born blue eyed son now nearly 40. And still just as lovely and loved!

Juliet27 Sat 27-Nov-21 17:29:33

Bright Eyes

Blinko Sat 27-Nov-21 17:37:16

Annie’s Song and Your Having My Baby - can’t remember who sang it though. Might have been Paul Anka…

Blinko Sat 27-Nov-21 17:37:54

Oops, grammar alert…you’re…having my baby.

Framilode Sat 27-Nov-21 21:10:45

On the night I was in labour with my first I watched Top of the Pops and Satisfaction - The Stones was number one.

Urmstongran Sat 27-Nov-21 21:12:52

Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty.
The biggest selling single in 1978. 😊

Grannybags Sat 27-Nov-21 22:03:06

Isn't she lovely Stevie Wonder. Made me cry even though I had a boy!

FlexibleFriend Sat 27-Nov-21 22:37:58

First child going underground the Jam and second child was Man in the mirror Michael Jackson

dragonfly46 Sat 27-Nov-21 22:51:44

I used to sing ‘Mull of Kintyre’ to mine to get her to sleep.

Calistemon Sat 27-Nov-21 22:55:59


I can't remember. blush

Probably Hark the Herald Angels Sing (it was Christmas).

It was Merry Christmas Everyone by Slade 🎄

Ah well, nothing nostalgic then 😄

pinkprincess Sat 27-Nov-21 23:13:53

Little drummer boy.I would sing this to my newly born first son
I cannot remember what was the top song when my second son was born.

harrigran Sat 27-Nov-21 23:38:07

I heard it through the grape vine by Marvin Gaye when DD was born in 1969. When DS was born it was Ernie the fastest milkman in the west by Benny Hill.

Namsnanny Sat 27-Nov-21 23:52:09

Pie Jesu, I played or sang it (badlygrin) to my new born.
I was besotted (hormones)
I dont have contact now.

MissAdventure Sat 27-Nov-21 23:59:44

I think it was some ridiculous "song" that was number one.
Dee da da da...
Something like that anyway.

Calendargirl Sun 28-Nov-21 04:50:44

“Annie’s Song” when DD was born. This was back in the day when you stayed in hospital for a week after giving birth. Another new mum had a guitar with her, (as you do) and she played and sang this to the rest of us one evening. Can still picture the scene.

“When A Child Is Born” was number one the first Christmas I had our son, it reduced me to tears as I felt it was just for me and him.

CanadianGran Sun 28-Nov-21 05:47:51

I don't really remember any particular songs, but when I was up with late night feedings with my youngest one, I would watch music videos on tv. I wouldn't be up long enough for the late night movies, and for some reason at 2 am the music videos were mostly rap. Coincidence or not, he likes rap music.

BigBertha1 Sun 28-Nov-21 07:40:39

Annie's Song.

Juliet27 Sun 28-Nov-21 07:50:24

flowers namsnanny

Granmarderby10 Sun 28-Nov-21 08:04:52

Video Killed The Radio Star- by The Buggles 😊 Thin Lizzy - Sarah, Pink Floyd - The Wall

Nell8 Sun 28-Nov-21 08:22:08

When I came round after my emergency caesarean I felt a huge rush of pleasure and could hear fabulous heavenly music playing. I looked round the single room but there was no radio. It was all in my head courtesy of hormones and anaesthetic! smile