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Popular song when your baby was born.

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chicken Sat 27-Nov-21 17:11:38

A song popped into my head today and it brought back such vivid memories of sitting in bed cradling my newborn , tears pouring down my cheeks as I listened to it .I knew that this baby would be my last, no more tiny newborns to cuddle, no more of that enchanting new baby scent, the end of an era.

The song was "Turn". Where are you going, my little one, my little one , little sunsuits and petticoats, all of them gone. Turn around and you're tiny, turn around and you're grown, turn around and you're a young wife with babes of your own.

Scribbles Sun 28-Nov-21 08:38:29

Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks.

MrsJeeves Sun 28-Nov-21 08:52:06

Isn't She Lovely by Andy Williams - she was, and still is!

DanniRae Sun 28-Nov-21 10:20:23

When I was pregnant with my third child I found out that he was a boy from a scan but Mr R had said he didn't want to know what we were having, therefore no one knew. During this time a song called "Let's Hear it for the Boy" was released. This became a very special song to me.......especially as I had wanted a boy. Even now when I hear this song it brings back all the memories of having my precious son, who is 37 now and still my precious son smile

tiredoldwoman Sun 28-Nov-21 11:09:59

Mull of Kintyre - 1977 !

Namsnanny Sun 28-Nov-21 12:53:10


flowers namsnanny

Your flowers cheered me, Thank you