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Imperial leather talcum powder

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travelsafar Sat 22-Jan-22 11:25:31

I always use to buy from a couple of local shops for 1.00 per drum. Now i cant find it anywhere in local shops or supermarkets. I checked on the big selling site beginning with A and the price is 9.00 per drum!!! Is there a shortage of talcum powder does anyone know. This product will now be on my birthday and christmas wish lists at that price.

BlueBelle Sat 22-Jan-22 11:39:00

I haven’t used talcum powder for so long and then there was the publicity of possible breast cancer connections don’t remember how long ago that was but it seems a very long time
Perhaps there is a shortage and it’s become a prime commodity

Ali08 Sat 22-Jan-22 11:40:25

I think it's not as popular now after the problem Johnson & Johnson had with people suing them over cancer caused by talcum powder!
But I could be wrong. Have you tried eBay, or direct from the manufacturer?

JaneJudge Sat 22-Jan-22 11:42:20

Have you got a poundland? as it always seems to be in stock

rafichagran Sat 22-Jan-22 11:43:35

I dont use talcum powder, I never liked it. I always felt it blocked the pores.

Ali08 Sat 22-Jan-22 11:45:55

Definitely try eBay, if none in your £ shops, I've just had a quick look and they do it but look around in there as lots of varying prices, @travelsafar.

Jaxjacky Sat 22-Jan-22 11:46:20

It is scarce travelsafar and MrJ’s favourite. I bought him a pack of 6 from Amazon as a joke birthday present last year, £28.

Grannmarie Sat 22-Jan-22 11:46:48

I use Cuticura medicated talc, I have it on repeat order from Amazon. I find it wonderful for treating/ preventing soreness under my breasts. Sometimes there is a delay in delivery, so perhaps there are sourcing issues. I sometimes find the small travel size in my local pharmacy. It has gone up in price recently.
I think I've seen Imperial Leather talc in shops like wilko and Home Bargains. I hope you can find some, travelsafar.

silverlining48 Sat 22-Jan-22 11:50:00

Talc us an excellent way to clean and dry sandy feet at the beach. I am still using an old one as it’s hard to find talc in shops now,

MayBeMaw Sat 22-Jan-22 11:56:39

I remember Imperial Leather soap so well from my childhood.
For some reason my Scottish grandparents used to buy it in industrial quantities -also Apple Blossom soap and we used to have a big box of them in the “glory hole” (cupboard under the stairs)
I wonder if the smell would have that Proustian effect on me?

Blossoming Sat 22-Jan-22 11:59:53

Granmarie and any other well endowed grans, a small amount of Sudocrem applied with the tip of the finger solves the problem.

Grannmarie Sat 22-Jan-22 12:02:43

Thanks, Blossoming 🌸

wendyann23 Sat 22-Jan-22 12:27:32

My mother uses it. I tried to get some for her, couldn’t find it anywhere. 1 checked on line and apparently it has been discontinued.

eazybee Sat 22-Jan-22 12:35:21

I cannot bear the smell of Imperial Leather. My sewing teacher (unfortunate woman) always used it and the smell brings back endless Monday afternoons spoiling pieces of hessian with knotted silks and endless unpicking.

Teacheranne Sat 22-Jan-22 13:53:36


Granmarie and any other well endowed grans, a small amount of Sudocrem applied with the tip of the finger solves the problem.

Also aqueous calamine cream, which I buy from my local chemist, works a treat.

Aldom Sat 22-Jan-22 13:57:21

Athletes Foot Powder is readily available and excellent for prevention and cure of under breast soreness.

EllanVannin Sat 22-Jan-22 14:06:21

Which reminds me, I like Cuticura talc on my feet after a shower or foot-soak and it needs replenishing. I get it on Ebay.

Esspee Sat 22-Jan-22 14:10:04

Most “talcum powder” doesn’t contain talc anymore as talc is a tiny step away from asbestos mineralogically speaking and therefore carcinogenic (probably more due to impurities of asbestos).
Swan Brand Prickly heat powder is wonderful for folds in the skin such as under breasts. About 30 secs after you apply it you suddenly feel as though you are standing under a cooling fan.

geekesse Sat 22-Jan-22 14:12:32

Grannmarie, your post reminded me of growing up in the Middle East long before air conditioning was normal, and cuticura talc was our first line of defence against prickly heat. The very smell of it instantly transports me back.

(Other essentials in our kit were kaolin-and-morphine for gippy tummies, salt tablets, and red iodine paint for any injury that broke the skin.)

geekesse Sat 22-Jan-22 14:13:28

Ordinary kitchen cornflour is a good substitute for talc.

Grannmarie Sat 22-Jan-22 14:47:59

Lots of interesting posts with useful recommendations, I'll take a screenshot before I forget 😀
Thank you, ladies.

Grannmarie Sat 22-Jan-22 14:52:08

Esspee, I googled Swan brand and it come up with Snake brand, is that the same stuff?

Pepper59 Sat 22-Jan-22 14:54:53

Imperial Leather talc is usually sold in Superdrug.

MerylStreep Sat 22-Jan-22 14:56:17

A few seconds on AMAZON got this.

Cold Sat 22-Jan-22 14:59:10


A few seconds on AMAZON got this.


... but it says "currently unavailable"