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Do not seem to be on the right wavelength .......!

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Luckygirl3 Fri 24-Jun-22 22:16:29

I just went to a fashion show on the community hall in aid of the local school and sponsored by a posh shop in the nearby town.

The talk was all of make-up. hairdos and getting measured for bras. I do not possess any make-up at all (fairly dark-skinned with black eyelashes), I cut my own shoulder length dark brown hair and I do not possess a bra - I buy crop tops from ebay. I felt like a lost soul!! smile

Is it just me????

Callistemon21 Fri 24-Jun-22 22:28:46

Any nice clothes?

fairly dark-skinned with black eyelashes lucky you, Luckygirl, my eyelashes have shrunk and I look washed out without makeup.

And ... oh I won't go on 🙂

maddyone Fri 24-Jun-22 22:52:16

I used to wear makeup every day when I was working. Now I wear makeup maybe two or three times a week. I can’t be bothered with it if I’m not going out or just going to the supermarket or to visit my elderly mother in her care home. I make the effort when meeting up with friends or am going to be engaged in any social activities with family.
However, I go every few weeks to the hairdresser to get my hair colour put on, and a cut and blow dry.
I wear comfortable clothes at home (joggers and tee shirts) but wear nicer clothes out of the house.

ElaineI Fri 24-Jun-22 23:23:05

Not at all! I have diminishing eyebrows, fair skinned with rosacea and sun damage (mostly UK - Scotland even!!!) no make up! Wear lycra vests from Next instead of bras, or night bras from M&S, grey jaw length hair - thick, currently in knee length denim shorts & Clarks sandals, stopped waxing legs as hair diminishing apart from very hairy knees!!! If I'm going anywhere I use a touch of make up and mascara and nice top and trousers but we are totally out of the habit of going anywhere apart from Dobbies though I was at a funeral with DM last week then got Covid! Not alone Luckygirl.

Kim19 Fri 24-Jun-22 23:25:44

I still do hairdos and bras. Minimum make-up

JenniferEccles Sat 25-Jun-22 00:10:24

‘Cropped tops”?

SueDonim Sat 25-Jun-22 00:18:14

I’d terrify the horses and give small children nightmares if I didn’t do something about myself! My hair has a mind of its own and needs regular taming and if I don’t wear make up I frighten myself in the mirror. grin

Esspee Sat 25-Jun-22 06:03:44

I don’t wear make up either and only wear bras when absolutely necessary maybe once a fortnight. I do colour my hair myself and have it cut locally about every 6 weeks.

I wouldn’t feel like a lost soul though. I’d be feeling proudly liberated.

Grammaretto Sat 25-Jun-22 06:31:32

You are definitely rightly named Lucky girl!
I can't be bothered with makeup but try to get my grey mop cut nicely expensively and have to wear a bra.

Calendargirl Sat 25-Jun-22 06:39:02

If I went to a fashion show held locally, with a posh shop supplying the clothes, I would expect to see an assortment of local ladies, of varying sizes, parading up and down the catwalk, displaying the latest season’s offerings, obviously nicely made up and coiffed.

The hair and make up would be mentioned, and perhaps the wearing of a well fitting bra would be encouraged, but otherwise I would expect it to be all about the fashions.

Having said that, I haven’t been to a fashion show for decades, and have no intention of going to one, but just throwing in my opinion….


Jaxjacky Sat 25-Jun-22 06:59:29

I’d have made a donation and scarpered, not for me with my ‘unmade’ face and fallen out of bed hair.

Ali23 Sat 25-Jun-22 07:22:29

The talk was all of make-up. hairdos and getting measured for bras. I do not possess any make-up at all (fairly dark-skinned with black eyelashes), I cut my own shoulder length dark brown hair and I do not possess a bra - I buy crop tops from eBay

Lucky girl, we live the same life 😊 You are not alone.

Stephanie48 Sat 25-Jun-22 07:32:25

I guess you knew what the event would be like though? And presumably a fund raising show, so hopefully beneficial to your community.
I went to something similar pre Covid. The clothes were not to my taste - not ‘everyday’ wear, but ‘occasion wear’ - and I too rarely wear make up, but it was a jolly occasion which raised a good amount of money (entrance fee / raffle / refreshments).

Katie59 Sat 25-Jun-22 07:37:32

Because I work 3/4 days a week I do have to spend time making myself presentable with light makeup, I do need a good bra and my mane of hair needs taming. All that aside I’m a casual dresser, jeans and a pretty top is normal.

Lucca Sat 25-Jun-22 07:44:07

Not being rude but as it was a fashion show I’m not sure why you were surprised by talk of fashion make up etc ?

Each to their own…no shame in not being interested in those things but equally no shame in liking them.

Riverwalk Sat 25-Jun-22 07:44:12

I'm pretty low-maintenance I think - haircut & roots, pedicure and eyebrow wax every few months.

Lipstick and a spray of perfume every day and I do wear a bra.

I don't have wardrobes full of clothes - wear chinos, linen trousers, tops, summer dresses, Skechers, Ecco, etc. In fact I could do with a few more things but am resisting and aiming to wear more of the items that don't get much of an outing!

Blinko Sat 25-Jun-22 07:57:25

Going braless if you're a G cup isn't really an option.

I have drawers full of make up which I don't wear plus a wardrobe of 'occasional wear' also rarely seeing the light of day.

I need a clear out....

Joseanne Sat 25-Jun-22 08:15:50

I'm guessing as the event was run by a posh fashion shop that they had some incentive to talk about accompanying make up and hairstyles etc. I see it as an integral part of dressing when meeting friends or going to a restaurant. For me less is more, so just subtle colours as my skin is fair. (Mud packs often applied when walking the dogs on the moor though!)

RichmondPark Sat 25-Jun-22 08:48:32

Your fashion show reminded me of the House of Mary fashion show in Jam and Jerusalem!

Not it's not just you. I used to be very groomed and fashion conscious but now I cycle, swim and walk my dog daily and look like haystack natural. No make up, cut my own hair, wear comfortable, casual things and flat shoes. The odd Seasalt dress for when I have to look human.

I don't feel I have to impress anyone and feel liberated and more myself than ever.

Georgesgran Sat 25-Jun-22 09:26:46

I’m similar to Riverwalk - but I’ve worn makeup every day for decades - I’ve got it down to a fine art - 2 minutes. Hair is seen to a couple or 3 times a year, but I enjoy a manicure and have chiropody every 8 weeks. I want to look ‘tidy’ for me, although I dress comfortably these days rather than fashionably. Those were the days!

lixy Sat 25-Jun-22 09:42:38

No make-up for me. I've never used it, just hasn't suited my lifestyle. Wireless bra if I have to for a rare occasion. Mr L cuts my hair. 'Fraid my shoes are practical too, no towering heels for me. So no, you are not alone.
I look at people on the TV sometimes and wonder where they find the time for all the self-maintenance, and I'm in awe of their ability to balance on 6" stilettos!

It's nice sometimes though to go to something out of the ordinary and find out how other people live.

timetogo2016 Sat 25-Jun-22 09:48:02

No makeup,no bra,no hairdo,just plain old simple me.

Redhead56 Sat 25-Jun-22 09:56:24

I wear a bra always summer dresses or jeggins with a nice top and comfy footwear. A sweep of lipstick and pencilled brows necessary I have none. My hair is ear length and nothing like it used to be anymore but wavy and white.
I spend a lot of time in Dobbies I am a fan of garden centres I am more interested in gardening than make up and fashion. A fashion icon I will never be what I wear is coordinated I am on my own wavelength so that’s ok.

Casdon Sat 25-Jun-22 10:14:09

I like a fashion show I must admit, it’s nice to get new ideas and if it supports a good cause even better.
I don’t get why a lot of you don’t wear bras, as long as you have the right size they are comfortable, and they make me look and feel better, I’m surprised so many don’t feel the same?
Makeup is for going out these days, but I wear spf50 CC cream in the summer, it kills two birds with one stone because it protects my skin when I’m out in the garden, and evens out my skin tone, it’s no effort at all to use, just like using any moisturiser.

Luckygirl3 Sat 25-Jun-22 13:18:14

Glad I am not alone in my slovenly ways!

It was a jolly event and will have made lots of much needed dosh for the school. It just felt like a different world - I have never been to an event where women were sitting at tables with glasses of prosecco, whooping and yelling at women marching up and down in underwear!

We all got given a goody bag: a nail file, 2 bags advertising fashion houses (that I had never heard of!), a pair of knickers, two tiny candles, a sachet of laundry liquid especially designed for lingerie (must remember to wash my granny knickers in it!); and a voucher for 25% off their garments for the next week - still out of my reach financially!

There was a lot of emphasis on underwear and getting fitted - this lady is wearing a 38 DD and should be in a 32 GG - wow!!!

It was an experience, but one that brought home how very different my life is from theirs. Comfort beats all in my book!