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Should i go on holiday on my own

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LyndaJane Wed 13-Jul-22 16:00:56

Ive not had a holiday for several years as ive no one to go with and dont really want to admit to my children how lonely i am. Should i take the plunge and book a holiday alone next year.

martinthebandit Wed 13-Jul-22 16:02:31

Yes, If you want suggestions what’s your budget and what do you like doing?

midgey Wed 13-Jul-22 16:03:35

Do it! What can you lose? My mother used to say …well even if you hate something at least you have something new to moan about!

Esspee Wed 13-Jul-22 16:04:46

Yes of course. Do make it a holiday for singles though then you would be with lots of people wanting to be sociable. It wouldn’t be as much fun if everyone else was paired up.

LyndaJane Wed 13-Jul-22 16:08:56

I really want to go to sorrento. I was wondering about a cruise but not sure if i would be surrounded by couples

westendgirl Wed 13-Jul-22 16:11:45

You might feel better doing a guided tour. Companies such as Jules Verne are very good and dont usually have such big groups.
Cruises ,river or sea are good too as long as you avoid the huge ships where you could feel lost.If you look carefully the smaller ships usually have excursions, tips and drinks with your meal included so although they might look expensive initially they work out the same . All the best choosing.

martinthebandit Wed 13-Jul-22 16:18:55

Cruises are great for singles, if you have the right attitude for it

Daisend1 Wed 13-Jul-22 16:43:27

Why not.?One of my most enjoyable holidays were just myself with my dog having a long weekend in North Devon. Well the dog didn't complain grin

geekesse Wed 13-Jul-22 16:51:07

Of course! I’ve had holidays on my own for years. It’s much nicer than going with someone else - you can only do the things you want to do, and you can be as lazy or selfish as you like without any criticism. It costs a bit more per person, but it’s still cheaper than the full cost of a holiday for two.

Chrissyoh Wed 13-Jul-22 16:52:17

Same as some other Posters I’d say try a Cruise on one of the smaller ships, & depending where you live try & get Cruise only. That way you can avoid airports .
Good luck ! ?

Shandy57 Wed 13-Jul-22 16:53:03

There are several companies for singles, friends always recommend 'Just You'. Do some googling and have a good look at the recent reviews.

rjack Wed 13-Jul-22 16:54:05

Of course go for it. Walking visiting the places you want to see. A good book for company with coffee along the way. What other activities do you want to have a bash at, the list is endless. Good luck let us know where you end up.

biglouis Wed 13-Jul-22 16:57:10

Ive always preferred going solo since I have seldom found a companion with the same enthusiasm as myself for things such as antique markets, art galleries, museums, stately homes and what can generally be called "cultural" things. This as opposed to lying on a beach, drinking too much and "copping off" with the local men!

Ive never been on a commercial singles holiday but they are one option if you prefer to be with a group. You can always go off on your own if you find you need some head space. Personally I would hate to be herded around by a guide but thats just me.

JenniferEccles Wed 13-Jul-22 17:14:59

I would definitely recommend a cruise. We have had quite a few over the years and there have always been plenty of single folk on every one.
I think you would feel far less alone compared with being in a hotel.
You mentioned Sorrento. The smaller ships anchor off and passengers are tendered in, but larger ships dock in Naples where there are always ship’s tours taking in Sorrento.

I remember we did one of those where we spent the morning in Sorrento and then were taken up to a farm where we were fed with the produce!

Beautful Wed 13-Jul-22 17:39:37

I have thought about this myself, before now , although to start off if I went away on my own would consider 2 3 or 4 nights ... but not too far away in the country you live in ... my elderly neighbour he is always going away on his own , yes he enjoys it

Charleygirl5 Wed 13-Jul-22 17:48:15

The only thing I do not like about solo holidays is dining on my own in the evening. I feel I look like Billynomates.

Soozikinzi Wed 13-Jul-22 17:50:46

We have also done many cruises but only with Marella. They have a singles host or hostess who organises a meet up in the evening where they eat the meal or watch the show and chat about what they've done that day . Only if you want to of course ! I hope you do find something that suits you .

Calendargirl Wed 13-Jul-22 17:54:47

How about a coach tour?

Leger or Shearings to name but two.

Titan Tours if you want to fly there.

Often a mix of couples and solo travellers.

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 13-Jul-22 17:57:02

I have a friend (the annoying one who has scenes in restaurants) and she has always taken holidays on her own, even when her OH was still alive. She has been all over the world.

Septimia Wed 13-Jul-22 18:15:56

My aunt by marriage often goes on cruises. She used to go with her husband and, when he died, she plucked up the courage to continue to go. She tends towards the smaller liners.

My friend has just been on a walking holiday, joining up with a group of other singles, and seems to found it friendly and to have enjoyed it.

We recently went to Shetland and came across several women travelling alone in campervans. The small campsites are quite friendly, so they had that support if they needed it.

So - have a look and see what you fancy doing and give it a go. Make it a short break first, if you're nervous, to see how you feel about it.

geekesse Wed 13-Jul-22 20:31:11


The only thing I do not like about solo holidays is dining on my own in the evening. I feel I look like Billynomates.

Oh, no! It’s one of the best things. I sit at a table with a good book and covertly watch those at adjoining tables. I’ve overheard family tragedies and joys, earwigged on the start and end of relationships, and heard the most juicy gossip. If everyone around me is boring, which is rare, I always have my book to fall back on.

Chrissyoh Wed 13-Jul-22 20:31:56


The only thing I do not like about solo holidays is dining on my own in the evening. I feel I look like Billynomates.

That’s why a Cruise can be so good - lots of solo travellers can choose to dine together .

Iam64 Wed 13-Jul-22 20:46:57

Go for it. I’ve had several solo holidays. Self catering in safe, small Greek villages or half board in excellent hotels on a canary island.

Redhead56 Wed 13-Jul-22 20:47:22

We recently went on a tour of Southern Ireland there were a few ladies travelling on their own. They just mingled with everyone and made friends actually we are meeting up with one lady for a day out soon. She was recently widowed and hated being on her own at home so has taken up travelling.

Dustyhen2010 Wed 13-Jul-22 22:01:24

I have had many wonderful solo holidays with "One Traveller" (for mature travellers). They really look after you well and go to locations in the uk and abroad.